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Default AUCET Computers Previous Papers

Sir I am going to appear in Andhra University Common Entrance Test (AUCET) and I am fully prepared for Computer paper . Would you please provide me Previous Year AUCET Computer Papers so I will check that my preparation is upto the mark or not ? I will check paper pattern also .
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Old February 11th, 2017, 06:39 PM
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Default Re: AUCET Computers Previous Papers

I want the previous year question paper of Computer of Andhra University Common Entrance Test AUCET Exam so can you provide me?
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Default Re: AUCET Computers Previous Papers

I am providing you the previous year question paper of Computer of Andhra University Common Entrance Test AUCET Exam

AUCET Exam Computer question Paper

Q.1.The metal or plastic case that holds all the physical parts of the computer is the:
• System Unit. (correct)
• CPU.
• Mainframe.
• Platform.

Q.2.------------- controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.

• The Platform • The Operating System (correct) • Application Software • The Motherboard

Q.3.--------------is the science revolving around the use of Nano Structures to build devices on an extremely small scale.

• Nanotechnology (correct) • Micro-technology • Computer forensics • Artificial intelligence

Q.4.Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a

• Network. (correct) • Mainframe. • Super Computer. • Client.

Q.5.Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing are examples of:

• Application software. (correct) • System software. • Operating system software. • Platform software. Q.6.Which one is not an examples of input devices : • Scanner. • Mouse. • Keyboard. • Printer. (correct)

Q.7.A string of eight 0's Or 1's is called a:

• Megabyte. • Byte. (correct) • Kilobyte. • Gigabyte. Q.8.After a picture has been taken with a digital camera and processed appropriately, the actual print of the picture is considered • Data. • Output (correct) • Input. • Process

Q.9.-------- is the study of molecules & structures whose size ranges from 1 to 100 Nanometers

• Nanoscience (correct) • Microelectrodes • Computer forensics • Artificial intelligence

Q.10.The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal’s computer is an example of a law enforcement specialty called:

• Robotics. • Simulation. • Computer forensics (correct) • Animation.

Q.11.The _______states that a foreign key must either match a primary key value in another relation or it must be null.

• Entity integrity rule (correct) • Referential integrity constraint • Action assertion • Composite attribute

Q.12.An applet _______

• Is an interpreted program that runs on the client • Tracks the number of visitors to a Website (correct)

Q.13.A ________sometimes called a boot sector virus, executes when a computer boots up because it resides in the boot sector of a floppy disk orthe master boot record of a hard disk.

• System virus • Trojan horse virus • File virus • None of these (correct)

Q.14.Which error detection method uses one's complement arithmetic?

• Simply parity check • Check sum (correct) • Two-dimensional parity check • CRC

Q.15.A result of a computer virus can NOT lead to ________ .

• Disk Crash • Mother Board Crash (correct) • Corruption of program • Deletion of files

Q.16.The network interface card of LAN is related to following layer of OSIModel

• Transport • Network • Data Link & Physical • All of these (correct)

Q.17.Which of the following does NOT describe a data warehouse?

• Subject-oriented • Integrated • Time-variant • Updateable (correct)

Q.18.Which of the following is TRUE ?

• Logical design is software-dependent (correct) • In a distributed database, database is stored in one physical location • Conceptual design translates the logical design into internal model • Logical design is software independent

Q.19.A range check ________

• Ensures that only the correct data type is entered into a field • Verifies that all required data is present • Determines whether a number is within a specified limit (correct) • Tests if the data in two or more associated fields is logical

Q.20.The total set of interlinked hypertext documents worldwide is-

• HTTP (correct) • Browser • WWW • B2B
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