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Default Cat Exam Trial

Hello sir once I want to take Trial of Cat Exam so I require the Question Papers will you please provide me ??
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Default Re: Cat Exam Trial

For taking Trial of Cat Exam here is Question Papers


CAT is conducted every year by one of the IIMs on a rotational policy.

CAT Sample Papers

Q.1) The total cost of 2 pencils, 5 erasers and 7 sharpeners is Rs.30, while 3 pencils and 5 sharpeners cost Rs.15 more than 6 erasers. By what amount (in Rs.) does the cost of 39 erasers and 1 sharpener exceed the cost of 6 pencils?

(1) 20
(2) 30
(3) It does not exceed
(4) Cannot be determined

Q.2) What is the remainder when 7700 is divided by 100?

(1) 1
(2) 61
(3) 41
(4) 21

Q.3) Balram, the local shoe shop owner, sells four types of footwear – Slippers (S), Canvas Shoes (C), Leather Shoes (L) and Joggers (J). The following information is known regarding the cost prices andselling prices of these four types of footwear:

(i) L sells for Rs.500 less than J, which costs Rs.300 more than S, Which , in turn, sells for Rs.200 more than L.

(ii) L costs Rs.300 less than C, which sells for Rs.100 more than S, Which , in turn, costs Rs.100 less than C. If it is known that Balram never sells any item at a loss, then which of the following is true regarding the profit percentages earned by Balram on the items L, S, C and J represented by l, s, c and j respectively?

(1) l ≥ c ≥ s ≥ j
(2) c ≥ s ≥ l ≥ j
(3) l ≥ s ≥ c ≥ j
(4) s ≥ l ≥ j ≥ c

Q.4) Some friends planned to contribute equally to jointly buy a CD player. However, two of them decided to withdraw at the last minute. As a result, each of the others had to shell out one rupee more than what they had planned for. If the price (in Rs.) of the CD player is an integer between 1000 and 1100, find the number of friends who actually contributed?

(1) 21
(2) 23
(3) 44
(4) 46

Q.5) What is the minimum value of the expression 2Χ2 + 3y2 – 4x – 12y+ 18?

(1) 18
(2) 10
(3) 4
(4) 0

Q.6) Thirty-six equally spaced points – P1 through P36 – are plotted on a circle, and some of these points are joined successively to form a regular polygon. How many distinct such regular polygons are possible?

(1) 7
(2) 23
(3) 37
(4) 27
(5) None of these

Q.7) The function f(x) = | x – 1 | + | 2.8 – x | + | x – 3 |, where x is a real number, can attain a minimum value of

(1) 1
(2) 2
(3) 3
(4) 2.8

Q.8) If [log101] + [log102] + [log103] + [log104] + …… + [log10n] = n, where [x] denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to x, then

(1) 96 ≤ n < 104
(2) 104 ≤ n < 107
(3) 107 ≤ n < 111
(4) 111 ≤ n < 116

Q.9) A tank can be filled by two taps – Tap I and Tap II. The volume of the tank is 5000 liters. Tap I fills the tank at a rate of 1 litre /second. Tap II fills the tank at a rate of 3 litres in 2 seconds. On a particular day, Tap II is opened minutes after the time at which Tap I is opened. If after 45 minutes from the time when Tap I was opened, the tank develops a hole which empties the tank at the rate of 2.5 liters/second, how full is the tank in 2 hours from the time when Tap I opened?

(1) 1/10
(2) Full
(3) 3/4
(4) 4218/5000

Q.10) A mathematics teacher asked each of her students to think of a natural number which was a perfect square and then converts it to a number system to the base of any natural number of their choice, where the base is not more than 9. The teacher later observed that though no two students took the same base, all the students in the class ended up with the same result of 12321. Find the maximum, possible number of students in the class.

(2) 8
(3) 7
(4) 6
(5) 5

CAT Previous Year Question Papers
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File Type: pdf CAT Previous Year Question Papers.pdf (859.0 KB, 37 views)
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Default Re: Cat Exam Trial

Ba-1 roll 160390013001 sub 1- hindi 2- histry 3-economics 4- political s rd mw
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