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Default Civil Engineering Syllabus VTU

I have passed 3rd Semester of B.E Civil Engineering Program of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) recently. Now I have taken admission in 4th Semester. I need syllabus of this semester, so will you provide detailed syllabus of B.E Civil Engineering 4th Semester Course of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)?
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Default Re: Civil Engineering Syllabus VTU

As you want syllabus of B.E Civil Engineering 4th Semester Program of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), so here I am providing complete syllabus:

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) BE Civil Engineering 4th Semester Syllabus

Course Title: Analysis of Determinate Structures

Module -1
Introduction and Analysis of Plane TrussesStructural forms, Conditions of equilibrium, Compatibilityconditions, Degree of freedom, Linear and non linear analysis,Static and kinematic indeterminacies of structural systems,Types of trusses, Assumptions in analysis, Analysis ofdeterminate trusses by method of joints and method of sections.

Module -2
Deflection of Beams
Definition of slope, Deflection and curvature, Sign conventions,Derivation of moment-curvature equation.Double integration method and Macaulay’s method: Slope and
deflection for standard loading cases and for determinateprismatic beams subjected to point loads, UDL, UVL and couple.Moment area method: Derivation, Mohr’s theorems, Sign
conventions, Application of moment area method for determinateprismatic beams, Beams of varying section, Use of momentdiagram by parts.
Conjugate beam method: Real beam and conjugate beam,conjugate beam theorems, Application of conjugate beam methodof determinate beams of variable cross sections.

Module -3

Energy Principles and Energy Theorems
Principle of virtual displacements, Principle of virtual forces,Strain energy and complimentary energy, Strain energy due toaxial force, bending, shear and torsion, Deflection of determinatebeams and trusses using total strain energy, Deflection at thepoint of application of single load, Castigliano’s theorems and itsapplication to estimate the deflections of trusses, bent frames,Special applications-Dummy unit load method.

Module -4

Arches and Cable Structures
Three hinged parabolic arches with supports at the same anddifferent levels. Determination of normal thrust, radial shear andbending moment.
Analysis of cables under point loads and UDL. Length of cablesfor supports at same and at different levels- Stiffening trusses forsuspension cables.

Module -5
Influence Lines and Moving Loads
Concepts of influence lines-ILD for reactions, SF and BM fordeterminate beams-ILD for axial forces in determinate trussesReactions,BM and SF in determinate beams using rolling loadsconcepts.

Course outcomes: After studying this course, students will be able to:
1. Evaluate the forces in determinate trusses by method of joints and sections.
2. Evaluate the deflection of cantilever, simply supported and overhanging beams by differentmethods
3. Understand the energy principles and energy theorems and its applications to determine the deflections of trusses and bent frames.
4. Determine the stress resultants in arches and cables.
5. Understand the concept of influence lines and construct the ILD diagram for the moving

Program Objectives (as per NBA)
Engineering Knowledge.
Problem Analysis.
Interpretation of Data.

Course Title: Applied Hydraulics

Module 1: Dimensional and Model analysis
Dimensional analysis
Dimensional analysis and similitude: Dimensionalhomogeneity, Non Dimensional parameter, Rayleigh methodsand Buckingham π theorem, dimensional analysis, choice ofvariables, examples on various applications.

Model analysis: Model analysis, similitude, types ofsimilarities, force ratios, similarity laws, model classification,Reynolds model, Froude’s model, Euler’s Model, Webber’smodel, Mach model, scale effects, Distorted models.Numerical problems on Reynold’s, and Froude’s Model

Buoyancy and Flotation
Buoyancy, Force and Centre of Buoyancy, Metacentre andMetacentric height, Stability of submerged and floating bodies,Determination of Metacentric height, Experimental andtheoretical method, Numerical problems

Module 2: Open Channel Flow Hydraulics
Uniform Flow
Introduction, Classification of flow through channels, Chezy’sand Manning’s equation for flow through open channel, Mosteconomical channel sections, Uniform flow through Open channels, Numerical Problems.

Specific Energy and Specific energy curve, Critical flow andcorresponding critical parameters, Metering flumes, NumericalProblems

Module 3: Non-Uniform Flow
Hydraulic Jump, Expressions for conjugate depths and Energyloss, Numerical Problems

Gradually varied flow, Equation, Back water curve and afflux,Description of water curves or profiles, Mild, steep, critical, horizontal and adverse slope profiles, Numerical problems,
Control sections

Module 4: Hydraulic Machines
Introduction, Impulse-Momentum equation. Direct impact of a jet on a stationary and moving curved vanes, Introduction toconcept of velocity triangles, impact of jet on a series of curved vanes- Problems

Turbines – Impulse Turbines
Introduction to turbines, General lay out of a hydro-electricplant, Heads and Efficiencies, classification of turbines. Peltonwheel-components, working principle and velocity triangles.Maximum power, efficiency, working proportions – NumericalProblems

Module 5: Reaction Turbines and Pumps
Radial flow reaction turbines: (i) Francis turbine- Descriptions,working proportions and design, Numerical problems. (ii)Kaplan turbine- Descriptions, working proportions and design,Numerical problems. Draft tube theory and unit quantities. (Noproblems)
Centrifugal pumps: Components and Working of centrifugalpumps, Types of centrifugal pumps, Work done by the impeller,Heads and Efficiencies, Minimum starting speed of centrifugalpump, Numerical problems, Multi-stage pumps.
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