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Default General Aptitude IOCL

I want the General Aptitude question paper of Indian Oil Corporation limited IOCL so will you please provide me?
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Default Re: General Aptitude IOCL

Ok, I am providing you the General Aptitude question paper of Indian Oil Corporation limited IOCL

IOCL General Aptitude question paper

1. They were requested not to quarrel with others.Which one of the following options is the closest in meaning to the word quarrel?
(A) make out
(B) call out
(C) dig out
(D) fall out

2. In the summer of 2012, in New Delhi, the mean temperature of Monday to Wednesday was 41C and of Tuesday to Thursday was 43C. If the temperature on Thursday was 15% higher than that of
Monday, then the temperature in C on Thursday was
(A) 40
(B) 43
(C) 46
(D) 49

3. Complete the sentenceare _______________ mistakes.
(A) commit
(B) to commit
(C) committed
(D) committing

4. Choose the grammatically CORRECT sentence:
(A) Two and two add four.
(B) Two and two become four.
(C) Two and two are four.
(D) Two and two make four.

5. Statement: You can always give me a ring whenever you need. Which one of the following is the best inference from the above statement?
(A) Because I have a nice caller tune.
(B) Because I have a better telephone facility.
(C) Because a friend in need is a friend indeed.
(D) Because you need not pay towards the telephone bills when you give me a ring.

6. What is the chance that a leap year, selected at random, will contain 53 Saturdays?
(A) 2/7
(B) 3/7
(C) 1/7
(D) 5/7

7. Statement: There were different streams of freedom movements in colonial India carried out by the moderates, liberals, radicals, socialists, and so on.Which one of the following is the best inference from the above statement?
(A) The emergence of nationalism in colonial India led to our Independence. (B) Nationalism in India emerged in the context of colonialism.
(C) Nationalism in India is homogeneous.
(D) Nationalism in India is heterogeneous.

8. 25 persons are in a room. 15 of them play hockey, 17 of them play football and10 of them play both hockey and football. Then the number of persons playingneither hockey nor football is
(A) 2
(D) 3

9. 5 skilled workers can build a wall in 20days; 8 semi-skilled workers can build a wallin 25 days; 10 unskilled workers can build a wall in 30days. If a team has 2 skilled,6 semi-skilled and 5 unskilled workers, how long will it take to build the wall?
(A) 20
(B) 18
(C) 16
(D) 15

10. A box contains 4 white balls and 3 red balls. In succession, two balls are randomly selected and removed from the box. Given that the first removed ball is white, the probability that the second removed ball is red is
(A) 1/3
(B) 3/7
(C) 1/2
(D) 4/7

11. 3 mangoes and 4 apples costs Rs.85. 5 apples and 6 peaches costs 122. 6 mangoes and 2 peaches costs Rs.144. What is the combined price of 1 apple, 1 peach, and 1 mango.
a) 37
b) 39
c) 35
d) 36

12. An organisation has 3 committees, only 2 persons are members of all 3 committee but every pair of committee has 3 members in common. what is the least possible number of members on any one committee?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 1

13. Value of a scooter depriciates in such a way that its value at the end of each year is 3/4th of its value at the beginning of the same year. If the initial value of scooter is 40,000, what is the value of the scooter at the end of 3 years.
a) 23125
b) 19000
c) 13435
d) 16875

14. At the end of 1994, R was half as old as his grandmother. The sum of the years in which they were born is 3844. How old R was at the end of 1999
a) 48
b) 55
c) 49
d) 53

15. When numbers are written in base b, we have 12 x 25 = 333, the value of b is?
a) 8
b) 6
c) None
d) 7

16. The marked price of a coat was 40% less than the suggested retail price. Eesha purchased the coat for half the marked price at the fiftieth anniversary sale. What percentage less than the suggested retail price did Eesha pay?
a) 60
b) 20
c) 70
d) 30

17. Ray writes a two digit number. He sees that the number exceeds 4 times the sum of its digits by 3. If the number is increased by 18, the result is the same as the number formed by reversing the digits. Find the number.
a) 35
b) 42
c) 49
d) 57

18. a, b, c are non negitive integers such that 28a+30b+31c = 365. a + b + c = ?
a) Greater than 14
b) less than or equal to 11
c) 13
d) 12

19. George can do a piece of work in 8 hours. Paul can do the same work in 10 hours, Hari can do the same work in 12 hours. George, paul and hari start the same work at 9 am, while george stops at 11 am, the remaining two complete the work. What time will the work complete?
a) 11.30 am
b) 12 noon
c) 12.30 pm
d) 1 pm

20. In how many ways a team of 11 must be selected from 5 men and 11 women such that the team must comprise of not more than 3 men?
a. 1565
b. 1243
c. 2256
d. 2456

21. Eesha bought 18 sharpeners for Rs.100. She paid 1 rupee more for each white sharpener than for each brown sharpener. What is the price of a white sharpener and how many white sharpener did she buy ?
a. Rs.5, 10
b. Rs.6, 10
c. Rs.5, 8
d. Rs.6, 8

22. Four people each roll a four die once. Find the probability that at least two people will roll the same number ?
a. 5/18
b. 13/18
c. None of the given choices
d. 1295/1296

23. The sum of the digits of a three digit number is 17, and the sum of the squares of its digits is 109. If we subtract 495 from the number, we shall get a number consisting of the same digits written in the reverse order. Find the number.
a. 773
b. 683
c. 944
d. 863

24. Mark told John "If you give me half your money I will have Rs.75. John said, "if you give me one third of your money, I will have Rs.75/- How much money did John have ?
a. 45
b. 60
c. 48
d. 37.5

25. The value of a scooter depreciates in such a way that its value of the end of each year is 3/4 of its value of the beginning of the same year. If the initial value of the scooter is Rs.40,000, what is the value at the end of 3 years ?
a. Rs.13435
b. Rs.23125
c. Rs.19000
d. Rs.16875
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