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Default IIT Robotics

Hello every one. I have interest in Robotics and I heard about the Robotics lab at IIT. Will you please share some info about the Robotics lab at IIT?
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Default Re: IIT Robotics

Robotics lab at IIT offers the research in area of robotics with attention on mobility in challenging environments.

Members of Robotics lab at IIT

Prof. Matthew Spenko
Mohammad Dadkhah Tehrani
Chenghui Nie
Donald Ruffatto III
Arash Kalantari
Karan Mahajan
Joaquin Lares
Gareth Meirion-Griffith
Marin Assaliyski
Dzenis Begonovic
Agata Ciesielski
Raul Obis
Pilar Lopez Beneyto
Guillaume Hauschka
Imad Khan
Xavi Pacheco Corcho
Bart Partzalek
Efann Saung

Research topics

Multi-modal Locomotion
Agility and Maneuverability in Mobile Ground Vehicles
Electrostatic Gecko-Like Adhesives for Climbing, Perching, and Manipulation
Vehicle Terrain Interaction Modeling

Robotics lab at IIT 2014 Publications

Kalantari, A. and Spenko, M. "Modeling and Performance Assessment of the HyTAQ, a Hybrid Terrestrial/Aerial Quadrotor" IEEE Transactions on Robotics,
Nie, C. and Spenko, M. "Design and Experimental Characterization of an Omnidirectional Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Unstructured Terrain" Robotica, available on CJO2014. doi:10.1017/S0263574714001180.
Snyder, M. and Spenko, M., "Assessment of Students’ Changed Spatial Ability Using Two Different Curriculum Approaches; Technical Drawing Compared to Innovative Product Design" ASEE Annual Conference (2014)
Ruffatto III, D., Nie, C., and Spenko, M., "The VIV: A Mobile Ground Robot with Variable Inertial Properties." Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan. 32.4 (2014).
Yu-Cheng Pei, Tsung-Chi Lee, Ting-Yu Chang, Matthew Spenko, Donald Ruffatto III, and Sliman Bensmaia, "Multi-digit Tactile Motion Stimulator," Journal of Neuroscience Methods
Ruffatto III, D., Beganovic, D., Parness, A., and Spenko, M. "Experimental Evaluation of Adhesive Technologies for Robotic Grippers on Micro-Rough Surfaces." ICRA 2014.
Ruffatto, D., Shah, J., and Spenko, M. "Increasing the Adhesion Force of Electrostatic Adhesives Using Optimized Electrode Geometry and a Novel Manufacturing Process." Journal of Electrostatics. 72.2 (2014): 147-155.
Ruffatto, D., Parness, A., and Spenko, M. "Improving Controllable Adhesion on Both Rough and Smooth Surfaces with a Hybrid Electrostatic/Gecko-Like Adhesive," The Royal Society of Interface. 11.93 (2014).
Ruffatto III, D., Beganovic, D., Parness, A., and Spenko, M. "Experimental Results of a Controllable Electrostatic/Gecko-like Adhesive on Space Materials." IEEE Aerospace Conference 2014.
Meirion-Griffith, G., Nie, C., Spenko, M., "Development and experimental validation of an improved pressure-sinkage model for small-wheeled vehicles on dilative, deformable terrain," Journal of Terramechanics 51 (2014):19–29.
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