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Default Macmillan Academy Admission Zone

I want to get arrangements information for the admission of students to The Macmillan Academy so will you please provide me that ?
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Default Re: Macmillan Academy Admission Zone

As you want to get arrangements information for the admission of students to The Macmillan Academy so here I am giving you process of getting information about that:

Firstly go on official website of Macmillan Academy.

On that page you have to go on About Us section which is in the upper of page.

In that section you have to do click on admission procedure option.

On new page in the front you will get one option of Admissions Arrangements.

You have to do click on that option.

And then you will get a PDF file in which you will get all information about that.

Here is the image of that page:
1. This document sets out the admission arrangements for Macmillan Academy. The
document forms an Annex to the Funding Agreement between the Macmillan
Academy and the Secretary of State. Any changes to the arrangements set out in
this document for a specific year, must be approved in advance by the Secretary of
2. The Academy will comply with all relevant provisions of the statutory codes of
practice (The School Admissions Code of Practice and the School Admission Appeals
Code of Practice) as they apply at any given time to maintained schools and with the
law on admissions as it applies to maintained schools. References in the codes to
admission authorities shall be deemed to be references to the Board of Governors of
the Macmillan Academy. The Macmillan Academy will take part in the Admissions
Forum set up by Middlesbrough Local Education Authority (LEA) and have regard to
its advice as for any student from an adjoining local education authority; and will
participate in the co-ordinated admission arrangements operated by Middlesbrough
3. Notwithstanding these arrangements, the Secretary of State may direct the
Macmillan Academy to admit a named student to the Macmillan Academy on
application from an LEA. Before doing so the Secretary of State will consult the
4. The admission arrangements for the Macmillan Academy for the year 2014/2015
and, subject to any changes approved by the Secretary of State, for subsequent
years are:
a) The Macmillan Academy may set a higher admission number than its
Published Admission Number (PAN) for any specific year. Before setting an
admission number higher than its agreed admission number, the Macmillan
Academy will follow a consultation process. Students will not be admitted
above the PAN unless exceptional circumstances apply and such
circumstances shall be reported to the Secretary of State;
Process of application
5. The Macmillan Academy will participate in Middlesbrough LEA’s co-ordinated
admissions scheme and will adhere to their timetable for admissions. Applicants
should apply for a place at Macmillan Academy by completing the LEA common
admissions form which will be issued by the LEA to parents in September. Also
included in the academy’s prospectus is a ‘Confirmation of application’ form which all
students are encouraged to complete and return to the academy by the end of
October. Forms will be available at the academy and will also be available on the
open evening.
Consideration of applications
6. The Macmillan Academy will consider all applications for places. Where fewer than
230 applications are received, the Macmillan Academy will offer places to all those
who have applied.
Procedures where the Macmillan Academy is oversubscribed
7. Students applying will be assessed using a non verbal reasoning test and will be
placed into equal ability bands and in direct proportion to the range of applicants.
8. Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published
admissions number, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below.
After the admission of students with Statements of Special Educational Needs where
the Macmillan Academy is named on the statement and ‘children looked after’ (in
public care) and children previously ‘looked after’ but ceased to be so because they
became adopted or became subject to a residence or special guardianship order
immediately following having been looked after, the criteria will be applied in the
order in which they are set out below.
a) Those applicants who on the date of admission will have a sibling i.e. a natural
brother or sister, or a half brother or sister, or a legally adopted half brother or
sister or any relative that has proof of receiving child benefit who will be living
with them at the same address at the date of their entry to the academy.
b) Admission of applicants for whom it is essential to be admitted to a specific
school because of special circumstances to do with significant medical need
substantiated on medical advice and acceptable to the academy.
c) Of the remaining places:
51% will be offered to students living within the inner catchment area (see
Appendix 1 for details), on the basis of proximity; i.e. students who live the
shortest safe walking distance to the academy on the close of the admission
application date. Where a student lives for a part of each week at different
addresses, the “home” address shall be that given on the application form as the
address of the parent to which all communications from the academy are to be
The remaining 49% will be offered to students living within the outer catchment
area (see Appendix 1) on the basis of an independently operated random
d) For children living outside the catchment area an allocation based on distance
from the academy, as the crow flies from home address to the academy’s main
Operation of waiting lists
9. Subject to any provisions regarding waiting lists in the LEA’s co-ordinated admission
scheme the academy will operate a waiting list.
Where in any year the Macmillan Academy receives more applications for places than
there are places available, a waiting list will operate until the last day of the autumn
term. This will be maintained by the Macmillan Academy and it will be open to any
parent to ask for his or her child’s name to be placed on the waiting list, following an
unsuccessful application.
10. Children’s position on the waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with
the oversubscription criteria. Where places become vacant they will be allocated to
children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.
Arrangements for appeals panels
11. Parents will have the right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel if they are
dissatisfied with an admission decision of the Macmillan Academy. The Appeal Panel
will be independent of the academy. The arrangements for appeals will be in line
with the Code of Practice on School Admissions Appeals published by the
Department for Education as it applies to Foundation and Voluntary Aided Schools.
The determination of the appeal panel will be made in accordance with the Code of
Practice on School Admissions Appeals and it is binding on all parties.
The Academy should prepare guidance about how the appeals process will work and
provide parents with a named contact (the Admissions Officer) who can answer any
enquiries may have about the process. The model for Admissions Appeal Panel is
included as Appendix II.
Arrangements for admission to Years 8 – 11
12. Subject to any provisions in the LEA’s co-ordinated admission arrangements relating
to applications submitted for years other than the normal year of entry the academy
must consider all such applications and if the year group applied for has a place
available, admit the student. If more applications are received than there are places
available, the oversubscription criteria shall apply. Parents whose applications are
turned down are entitled to a right of appeal.
The northern and western boundary is the River Tees, the southern boundary
commences where the Tees meets Bassleton Beck and follows the Beck to the A1045.
The boundary continues east along the A174 to meet the Middlesbrough Borough
Council boundary and then turns south then east to join the B1365 north of Cherry Hill
The boundary continues along the B1365 to the Blue Bell roundabout and then goes
easterly along the B1380 to meet Spencerbeck, continues north along Spencerbeck to its
junction with Greystone Road but makes a detour to include St Patrick’s Road, St
George’s Road and including St David’s Road in Grangetown. Thereafter, north along
Teesdock Road and to the River at Tees Dock.
The Inner Catchment Area
The existing boundary on the west. The southern boundary continuing on the A174
from Parkway junction until it meets the A172 (Marton Road). The eastern boundary
A174 north until it meets A66 which returns to the Newport Bridge approach the existing
north west boundary.
The centre of the roads and waterways are deemed to be the boundary.
An applicant refused a place at a maintained school or an academy has a right of appeal
to an independent appeal panel. The admission authority for the school will establish a
panel. An academy is its own admission authority and so you should contact the
academy in order to lodge your admission appeal. The academy will give you the
information you need.
Offers will be made on National Offer day of 2 March.
Requests for appeal should be made 27 March 2015 and appeals will begin on 20 April
An independent Admissions Appeals Panel, set up by the Board of Governors in
accordance with the relevant Code of Practice for such appeals will hear all cases
submitted in writing by parents to the academy. Parents will have the right of appeal if
they are dissatisfied with the admissions decision of the academy. Any such appeal will
be processed in accordance with the requirements of the same code of practice. The
Appeals Panel will be independent of the academy and will be composed of at least
three members who will include at least one person who has no personal experience of
the academy defined as a ‘lay member’ and at least one person with experience in
The academy has to ensure that the independent appeal panel is trained to act in
accordance with all relevant provision of the School Admissions Appeals Code (‘the
Code’) published by the Department for Education.
The arrangements for appeals will be in line with the Code of Practice on School
Admission Appeals published by the Department for Education as it applies to
Foundation Voluntary Aided schools and Academies.
Parents will normally have 14 days after notification of a place not being offered at the
Macmillan Academy to lodge an appeal. The notification will indicate the reasons for
refusal of a place and of the right of appeal.
Parents wishing to appeal against an admission decision by the Macmillan Academy
should send a completed appeal form to the Clerk to the Appeal Panel at the address
given on the appeal form. Other documents may be submitted in support of an appeal
and should be lodged with the Clerk to the Appeal Panel not less than 7 days before the
appeal hearing.
Parents will be given 14 days notice of the appeal hearing, unless they agree to a
shorter period of notice. At least 7 days before the hearing the Macmillan Academy will
provide the parent with a written statement detailing the reasons why it has not been
possible to allow the child to attend the Macmillan Academy. The Appeals Panel will
have the discretion to refuse to admit late evidence.
The Clerk to the Appeals Panel will, if possible, inform parents of the Appeal Panel’s
decision on the day of the hearing. In the case of the appeal hearings taking in excess
of one day the Clerk to the Appeal Panel will contact parents with the decision in writing
within 3 working days of the final day of the hearings. In the case of unsuccessful
appeals the Appeals Panel will give the parents their reasons for not upholding the
If, after the appeal, you are concerned the appeal did not comply with the Code or was
set up incorrectly, and this affected the outcome of the appeal, you can complain to the
Education Funding Agency (EFA) within 6 months of eh date of the appeal hearing.
The EFA will investigate the complaint on behalf of the Secretary of State if it considers
there are sufficient grounds to do so.
If the EFA finds the appeal arrangements have breached the Code and the breach may
have affected the outcome of the appeal, the academy may be required to establish a
fresh appeal panel to hear the case. However, the Secretary of state, and the EFA who
acts on his behalf, cannot overturn the decision of an Independent Appeal Panel. This
may only be challenged through the Courts through a Judicial Review. Complainants
should take their own legal advice in relation to this.
The EFA’s Procedure for dealing with complaints about maladministration of independent
appeals panels for admission to academies is available to download from their website.
Included in the procedure is a complaint form, which asks for some key information to
help the EFA handle your complaint accurately.
You can submit you completed complaint form by email to:
academyquestions@efa.education.gov.uk or by post to the following address:
Contact details
Academy Admission Appeals Complaints
Academies Central Unit, Education Funding Agency
8th floor, Earlsdon Park
Butts Road, Coventry

Courses Department:
Critical Thinking
Design Technology
Extended Project
Food Technology
Government & Politics
Health & Social Care
Modern Foreign Languages
Outdoor Learning
Physical Education
Religious Studies

Macmillan Academy
Stockton Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland TS5 4AG, United Kingdom ‎
+44 1642 800800

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