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Default Sample Paper for NTSE Exam

Could you please provide me with the previous year question paper of NTSE Exam if possible which I require for reference purpose?
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Default Re: Sample Paper for NTSE Exam

The previous year question paper of NTSE Examination is as given below:

(Q. Nos. 1-15) Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions that follow.
The functional declines of advancing age are depressing. The heart’s ability to pump blood drops about one per cent, blood flow to arms and legs decreases by thirty to forty per cent in old age. The amount of air a person can exhale after a deep breath lessens and the chest wall stiffens with age. However, recent studies have shown that most of these age-associated declines can be delayed by exercise. Exercise lowers the resting heart-rate and increases the amount of blood pumped with each beat in older people. When stress is placed on bones through exercise, calcium content rises,
with the result that resistance to fracture is improved.

1. Old age is generally a depressing period, because
(a)old people worry more than others
(b)old people tend to regret their past
(c)various organs of the body function less efficiently
(d)old people do very little work

2. The strength of bones can be increased by exercise, because it
(a)increases the amount of blood pumped by the heart
(b)increases calcium content in bones
(c)increases the amount of air exhaled by a person
(d)lessens the stiffness of the chest wall

3. The word 'exhale' means
(a)breath in
(b)breath out
(c)breath slowly
(d)breath fast

4. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(a)Exercise delays natural decay of age
(b)Old age problems increase due to exercise
(c)Exercise increases the heart-rate which is dangerous
(d)Exercise creates stress which is harmful to bones

5.The chest wall becomes stiff in old age, because
(a)the heart's ability to pump blood to drop about one per cent
(b)the blood flow to various organs decreases
(c)the resting heart-rate becomes high
(d)the person's ability to exhale sufficient air lessens P

We should preserve nature to preserve life and beauty. A beautiful landscape, full of green vegetation, will not just attract our attention but will fill us with infinite satisfaction. Unfortunately, because of modernisation, much of nature is now yielding to towns, roads and industrial areas. In a few places some natural reserves are now being carved out to avert the danger of destroying nature completely. Man will perish without nature, so modern man should continue this struggle to save plants, which give us oxygen, from extinction. Moreover, nature is essential to man's health.

6. What does 'nature' in the passage mean?
(a)Countryside covered with plants and trees
(b)Physical power that created the world
(c)Inherent things that determine character
(d)Practical study of plants and animals

7. Which one of the following is the correct statement? According to the passage
(a)beauty is only skin-deep
(b)everything is beautiful in its natural state
(c)there is beauty in nature
(d)nature is a moral teacher

8. What does the writer suggest?
(a)We should not modernise, so that nature can be preserved
(b)While modernising we should be careful not to destroy nature completely
(c)All nature has been destroyed by modern living
(d)Carving out natural reserves will hamper the growth of industries

9. What does 'struggle' in the passage mean?
(a)Man's struggle to exist in the world
(b)Man's struggle to save nature
(c)Man's struggle to catch up with modern trends
(d)Man's struggle to conserve oxygen

10. Why a beautiful landscape 'will fill us infinite satisfaction'?
(a)We love beauty
(b)It is full of green vegetation
(c)It will ensure our future existence
(d)It will show our command over nature
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