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September 9th, 2016, 11:39 AM
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Advanced Java Technology As Per Gujarat Technological University Syllabus

Hello sir, I’m a student of Gujarat Technological University. I want syllabus for advanced java technology as per Gujarat Technological University so please provide me?

The Gujarat Technological University is provides syllabus for candidates who want to get advanced java technology syllabus.

Java Course is now divided into 3 parts,

Core Java, Advanced Java, J2EE, junit, rcp, Design Patterns, Agile, html5, css3, cms, git/svn, maven, Linux commands and Linux architecture, projects development using advanced API including Mail API, XML Parser, JAVA Excel API etc

The Core Java technologies and application programming interfaces (APIs) are the foundation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE). They are used in all classes of Java programming, from desktop applications to J2EE applications.

After completing this module you are ready to:

Appear in exams on java under any technical university of India.

Develop Desktop applications, Networking & Multi-threaded programs in java.

Appear in SCJP exams

Update yourself with Advance frameworks of java.

Syllabus for advanced java technology as per Gujarat Technological University

Advance JAVA Syllabus

1. Collections : Collection Interfaces, Concrete Collections, The Collections Framework

2. Multithreading : Creating thread and running it, Multiple Thread acting on single object,

Synchronization, Thread communication, Thread group, Thread priorities, Daemon Thread, Life Cycle of


3. Networking : Internet Addressing, InetAddress, Factory Methods, Instance Methods, TCP/IP Client Sockets, URL, URL Connection, TCP/IP Server Sockets, Datagrams

4. Enterprise Java Bean: Preparing a Class to be a JavaBean, Creating a JavaBean, JavaBean Properties,

Types of beans, Stateful Session bean, Stateless Session bean, Entity bean

5. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC): Merging Data from Multiple Tables: Joining, Manipulating

Databases with JDBC, Prepared Statements, Transaction Processing, Stored Procedures C

6. Servlets: Servlet Overview and Architecture, Interface Servlet and the Servlet Life Cycle, Handling HTTP get Requests, Handling HTTP post Requests, Redirecting Requests to Other Resources, Session Tracking, Cookies, Session Tracking with HttpSession

7. JavaServer Pages (JSP): Introduction, JavaServer Pages Overview, A First JavaServer Page Example, Implicit Objects, Scripting, Standard Actions, Directives, Custom Tag Libraries

8. Remote Method Invocation: Defining the Remote Interface, Implementing the Remote Interface, Compiling and Executing the Server and the Client

9. Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA): Technical/Architectural Overview, CORBA

Basics, CORBA services

10. Introduction Smart Phone Application Development: Introduction to android platform, Creating application template, adding activity, intent, services to application, using Google map API

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