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Default AIIMS Physiology MCQS

I am searching for the AIIMS Physiology MCQS? Can you please tell me about the AIIMS Physiology MCQS?
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Default Re: AIIMS Physiology MCQS

You are asking for the AIIMS Physiology MCQS. Here I am provide you some of AIIMS Physiology MCQS. These are as follows:

1q. use of nitrous oxide is contraindicated in?

a. cochlear implant
b. microlaryngeal surgery
c. vitreoretinal surgery
d. exentration operation

2q. all are true about nasolabial cyst except?

a. arises from odontoid epithelium
b. usually bilateral
c. presents submucosally in anterior nasal floor
d. usually presents in adulthood

3q. microwick microcatheter sustained release preparation is used in?

a. medication to round window
b. control of epistxis
c. freis syndrome
d. drooling of saliva

4q. Internal carotid ligation below the carotid sinus results in ?
A) Increase in vasomotor center activity
B) Increase in discharge of carotid sinus afferent nerves
C) Increase in vagal parasympathetic activity

5q. The velocity of blood is maximum in the ?
A) Large veins
B) Small veins
C) Venules
D) Capillaries

6q Which of the following methods is not used for measurement of body fluid volumes ?
A) Antipyrine for total body water
B) Inulin for extracellular fluid
C) Evans blue for plasma volume
D) I-albumin for blood volume

7q. There is mutation of gene coding for the ryanodine receptors in malignant hyperthermia. Which of the following statements best explains the increased heat production in malignant hyperthemia ?
A) Increased muscle metabolism by excess of calcium ions
B) Thermic effect of blood
C) Increased sympathetic discharge
D) Mitochondiral thermogenesis

8q. According to myogenic hypothesis of renal autoregulation, the afferent arterioles contract in response to stretch induced by ?
A) NO release
B) Noradrenaline release
C) Opening of Ca2+ channels
D) Adenosine release

9q. An anterolateral cordotomy relieving pain in right leg is effective because it interrupts the ?
A) Left dorsal column
B) Left ventral spinothalmic tract
C) Left lateral spinothalmic tract
D) Right lateral spinothalmic tract

10q. Beta waveforms in electroencephalogram designate which of the following states of the patient ?
A) Deep Anaesthesia
B) Surgical Anaesthesia
C) Light Anaesthesia, eyes closed, relaxed
D) Awake / alert state
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