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July 2nd, 2014, 11:09 AM
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Re: Anna University 5th semester past year question papers of BE ECE

As you want to get the Anna University 5th semester past year question papers of BE ECE so here is the information of the same for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:

PART A-(2*20=40)
1. What are the streams related to Neo-classical theory.
2. What is a system.
3. Who are all the major contributors to contingency approach of management.
4. What are the functions of management.
5. What are two views on strategy.
6. What are various types of plans based on time.
7. Define policy.
8. What is meant by good alternative.
9. What is meant by formal organization.
10. What are the benefits of staff authority.
11. What is meant by delegation of authority.
12. Define staffing.
13. Define leadership.
14. Define creativity.
15. What is meant by job enrichment.
16. What are the barriers of communication.
17. State few control techniques.
18. What are the types of managerial control.
19. Define productivity.
20. Define budget.

PART B-(5*12=60)

21. A) Explain the challenges that are faced by the management. (4)
B) Describe Henry Fayol’s principles of Management. (8)
22. A) Explain the various steps involved in planning. (8)
B) Explain the elements of most effective MBO systems.
23. A) Explain the common problems and difficulties faced in decision making process. (6)
B) Describe the four approaches of selection process. (6)
24. A) Describe the basis for departmentation. (8)
B) Explain the significance of selection process (4)
25. A) Explain the significance of staffing function. (6)
B) Describe various style of leadership. (6)
26. A) Explain the role of Non-Financial incentives in Motivation (8)
B) What are the advantages of job enrichment.
27. A) What are the characteristics features of controlling. Explain. (4)
B) Explain the process f communication.
28. A) Explain the essential elements of control system (4)
B) Describe the essential requirements for good control system. (8).

1.What is propagation constant ? Which are its two components?
2.State the condition for distortionless line.
3.If the reflection co-efficient of a line is 0.3 ?_?-66?^° ¦ ,calculate the standing wave ratio.
4.What is the value of Z_° for the dissipationless line?
5.What are the characteristics of TEM wave?
6.Write Maxwell’s equations in point form.
7.A rectangular waveguide with dimensions a=8.5cm and b=4.3cm .Determine the cut-off frequency for ?TM?_10 mode of propagation.
8.What is meant by dominant mode of the wave?
9.What is meant by cavity resonator?
10.What is the dominant mode in circular waveguide ? Why ?

PART B-[5 x 16 = 80]
(a)(i) Derive the expression for voltage and current at any point on a transmission line in terms of receiving end voltage and current.[Marks 10]
11.(a)(ii) A line has the following primary constants
R=100 ?/km L=0.001 H/km
G=1.5 µv/km C=0.062 µF/km.
Find the characteristic impedance and the propagation constant .[Marks 6]
11(b)(i) Derive Campbell’s equation.[Marks 8]
11.(b)(ii) A generator of 1V,1kHz supplies power to a 100km transmission line terminated in 200 ? resistance. The line parameters are R=10?/km, L=3.8 mH/km, G=1µv/km, C=0.0085 µF/km Calculate the input impedance and reflection coefficient.[Marks 8]
12(a)(i)Define standing wave ratio and obtain the expression of VSWR in terms of reflection coefficient.[Marks 8]
12.(a)(ii) Derive the input impedance of a quarter wave line and discuss its applications.[Marks 8]
12.(b)(i) Obtain the length and the location of a short circuited stub for impedance
matching on a transmission line.[Marks 10]
12.(b)(ii) A load (50-j100)? is connected to a 50? line. Design a short circuited stub to provide matching between the two at signal frequency of 30Mhz using Smith Chart.[Marks 6]
13.(a)(i) Obtain the solution of field components of a TE wave between parallel plate , propagating in Z direction.[Marks 10]
13.(a)(ii)A pair of perfectly conducting planes are separated by 3.6cm in air. For ?TM?_10 mode determine the cut-off frequency and cut-off wavelength, if the operating frequency is 5Ghz.[Marks 6]
13.(b)(i) Derive the expressions for the field components of TEM waves between parallel conducting planes. Discuss the properties of TEM waves.[Marks 10]
13.(b)(ii)For a frequency of 10 GHz and plane separation of 5cm in air, find the cut-off wavelength, phase velocity and group velocity of the wave.[Marks 6]
14(a) Deduce the expressions for the field components of TM waves guided along rectangular waveguide. [Marks 16]
14.Derive the expression of wave impedance for TE and TM waves guided along rectangular waveguide.[Marks 8]
14.(b)(ii) A ?TE?_10 mode is propagated through a waveguide with a=10cm at a frequency of 2.5Ghz.Find the cut-off wavelength, phase velocity, group velocity and wave impedance.[Marks 8]
15.(a)(i) Derive the expressions for the field components of TE waves guided along circular waveguide.[Marks 10]
15.(a)(ii) A circular waveguide has an internal diameter of 6cm.For a 9GHz signal propagated in the ?TE?_11mode,calculate the cut-off frequency and the characteristic impedance [?(ha)?_11^1=1.84].[Marks 6]
15.(b)(i)Obtain the expression for the resonant frequency of a rectangular cavity resonator.[Marks 8]
15.(b)(ii) Calculate the lowest resonant frequency of a rectangular cavity resonator of dimension a=2cm, b=1cm and d=3cm.[Marks 8]

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