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December 5th, 2012, 03:01 PM
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Re: Anna University Tirunelveli Syllabus For Cse In BE

You are doing Cse (computer science engineering) in BE. And you require its syllabus. Here I am providing you with the syllabus of the Anna University Tirunelveli. With this you can prepare for your exams in a better way.

Chemical Thermodynamics
Definition of free energy and spontaneity - Maxwell relations - Gibbs-Helmholtz equation - Van't hoff equations
Stoichiometry and energy balances in Chemical reactions.
Basic concepts - composite reactions (opposing, parallel and consecutive reactions) - Collision theory

Dynamics Of Chemical Processes
Thermodynamic formulation of reaction rates - unimolecular reactions - Chain reactions (Stationary and nonstationary)

- Enzyme Kinetics - Michaelis - Menten Equation.
Types of electrodes and cells - Nernst Equation - emf measurement and its applications - Principles of chemical
and electrochemical corrosion - corrosion control (Sacrificial anode and impressed current methods).
Water quality parameters - Definition and expression

- Estimation of hardness (EDTA method) - Alkalinity
Titrimetry) - Water softening (zeolite) - Demineralisation (Ion- exchangers) and desalination (RO) - Domestic
water treatment.

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