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August 14th, 2014, 12:44 PM
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ARS/ NET Exam JRF Agronomy Question Paper

Will you plesae provide the ARS/ NET Exam JRF Agronomy exam qusetion paper?

Here I am providing the list of few questions of JRF agronomy examination organized by Indian Council of Agricultural Research which you are looking for .

Some question are given below :
The average concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is :
(A) 0.03 ppm (B) 30 ppm
(C)0.3 ppm (D) 300 ppm

Atmospheric layer nearest to earth Surface is
(A) Biosphere (C) Exosphere
(B) Thermosphere (D) Troposphere

Agrostology is the study of:
(A) Root (B) Grasses
(C) Flower (D) Fruit

Ground water table is measured by :
(A) Tensiometer (B) Piezometer
(C) Pressure plate (D) Neutron probe

Plant that grow on extremely dry soil are classified under :
(A)Thalophytes (B) Hydrophytes
(C)Xerophytes (D) Hydroponics

Mycorrhiza is associated with what part of plants?
(A) Roots (B) Leaf
(C) Stem (D) Fruits

Which food is designated as “Boneless meat”?
(A)Banana (B) Potato
(C)Soybean (D) Tapioca

The most Suited N fertilizer for tea is:
(A) Urea (B) Calcium nitrate
(C) Ammonium chloride (D) Ammonium sulphate

Which of the following control the root initiation, cell elongation and apical dominance?
(A)Auxins (B) ABA
(C) Gibberellins (D) Ethylene

Study of soil from the stand point of higher plant is known as :
(A) Pedology (B) Physiology
(C)Edaphology (D) Geo physics

The progeny of breeder seed is:
(A)Formation seed (B) Nucleus seed
(C) True seed (D) Certified seed

Pruning is most essential for:
(A)Cauliflower (B) Rubber
(C)Tea (D) Chinchona

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