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April 16th, 2015, 09:28 AM
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Re: Birla Soft previous year placement question papers free download

Here I am providing the list of few questions of Birlasoft Placement exam question paper which you are looking for .

1.What is stub in software testing ?

A dummy sub program

A test case,which fails regularly

A defect log report

A defect ,which is not closed

2. What does 100% code coverage mean while testing software ?

Basic flow of software is tested

All critical test cases are tested

Each line of code is executed at least once while testing .

No while and If loops are tested

3. What does GPF in Windows95 stands for ?

Great Performance Format

General Performance Error

General Protection Fault

Group Performance Frequency

4. Which of the following best fits for testing boundary values ?

Age test box accepts age between 10-20 (both inclusive)

Name text box can have any value

Date text box should have data in dd/mm/yyyy format

Employee Grade text box can have one of the following values L1,M1,E1

5. string somestring;

Which of the following choices will convert a standard C++ string object “somestring” to a C string





6. Which of the following best suites load scenario ?

100 users chatting in a chat application

Testing for compulsory fields in a employee details form

Checking for date format in date of birth field

7. What is the function of the modulus operator in most languages ?

Sets a system environmental value to either base 10 ,base 8 or base 16

Returns the remainder after dividing one number by another

Returns the first argument raised to the second argument power

Prints out the actual code written to standard output rather than executing the code

8. class professor{}

class teacher: public virtual professor{};

class researcher: public virtual professor {}

class myprofessor ublic teacher,public researcher {};

Referring to the sample code above ,if an object of class “myprofessor” were created ,how many instances of professor will it contain?





9. What function will read a specified number of elements from a file ?





10. What is the largest value an integer can hold in a Standard C compiler ?





11. With every use of memory allocation function should be used to release allocated memory which is no longer needed ?





12. Modern RDBMS’s perfom the following the following functionc except ______________.

Force column values in one table to match any of the values in a column of another table

Automatically replicate data on another server

Automatically create new indexes based on query history

Prevent unauthorized users from accessing data at the firls level

13. Which is not the characteristics of a view ?

Consumes Disk space for data

Multiple tables

Multiple rows


14. RDBMS triggers are typically bound to a _____________and one or more _____________

Table,SQL statement types

SQL statement type,user


User, tables

15. What relationship is resolved by an “intersecting” or “associative” entity ?


Mandatory one to one

Many to Many

One to One

16. Select a,b,c,d from vtable where b>2 and c<4 Assuming you will execute the above query often ,changing only the values in the where clause ,what could you do to improve efficiency ?

Create a database stored procedure with parameters to execute this statement

Create an index on columns a&b

Create a temporary table that contains the data and use triggers to maintain it

Create a trigger that executes this statement and execute the trigger

17. Make a copy of file “upper” in the directory two levels up .

jump –2 upper

cp upper ../..

cp upper –2/

None of the above

18. Change the current directory to /usr/local/bin

mv /usr/local/bin

cd /usr/local/bin

setdir /usr/local/bin


19. How do you change the access permission (add group read/write) to all the files in the current directory containing the word “ cali ” in their names ?

chmod g+rw * cali *
setperm r+w * cali *

chmod 0660 * cali *

Both A and C

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