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May 5th, 2016, 01:16 PM
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Business Analysis

Hello sir I had applied for Business Analyst job and tomorrow I am having an interview and I am here as I want to get to know which type of questions are asked in the interview for this Post so will you please provide me the question???

A business analyst is someone who analyzes an organization or business domain (real or hypothetical) and documents its business or processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology.

As per your demand here I am providing you question that may be asked during your interview Process:

1) What is a flowchart and why it is important?
2) Define Use Case Model?
3) What does UML stand for?
4) Do you think Activity Diagram is important and how?
5) Can you name the two types of diagrams heavily used in your field?
6) Do you know what is meant by an alternate flow in a use case?
7) What are exceptions?
8) What are extends?
9) Name the two documents related to a use case?
10) What is the difference between Business Analyst and Business Analysis?
11) As a business analyst, what tools, you think are more helpful?
12) In your previous experience, what kind of documents you have created?
13) What INVEST stands for?
14) Define SaaS?
15) What steps are required to develop a product from an idea?
16) What do you think is better, the Waterfall Model or Spiral Model?
17) How can you explain the user centered design methodology?
18) How do you define Personas?
19) Define Application Usability?
20) Explain in your words, what is database transaction?
21) Define OLTP Systems?
22) Do you have any idea about Pugh Matrix?
23) What FMEA stands for?
24) What is a 100-point method?
25) Do you know what 8-omega is?
26) Can you define mis-use case?
27) What is SQUARE stands for?
28) What is Pareto Analysis?
29) Do you have any idea about Agile Manifesto?
30) What BPMN stands for?
31) Define BPMN Gateway?
32) Name the five basic elements’ categories in BPMN?
33) Have you ever used Kano Analysis in your previous jobs and how do you define it?
34) How many key areas are there in a Kano Analysis?
35) Define Pair-Choice Technique?
36) Do you have suggestions to make an effective use-case model?
37) How many types of actor can be there in a Use-Case?
38) Define BCG Matrix?
39) How can you differentiate between pool and swimlane?
40) Differentiate between Fish Model and V Model?
41) How do you manage frequently changing customers’ requirements while developing any system?
42) Define Use Case points?
43) What does PEST stand for?
44) Name the four key phases of business development?
45) Define Benchmarking?
46) What do we mean by SWEBOK?
47) What do you know about GAP Analysis?
48) Define Agile?
49) Define Scrum Method?
50) What does JAD stand for?

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