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June 25th, 2014, 04:30 PM
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CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam Question Paper

Please provide me question paper for Class 12th mathematics subject examination of CBSE board in PDF file format ?

Here I am giving you question paper for Class 12th mathematics subject examination of CBSE board in PDF file attached with it so you can get it easily.

16. A and B throw a die alternately till one of them gets a 5 and wins the
game. Find their respective probabilities of winning if A starts the game.
Why gambling is not a good way of earning money?
17. Find the intervals in which the function f (x) = 2x3 – 12x2 + 18x – 7 is
increasing or decreasing.
Show that the curves 2x = y2 and 2xy = k cut at right angle if k2 = 8.

20. Form the differential equation of the family of circles in the first quadrant
which touches the coordinate axes.

23. Two schools decided to award prizes to their teachers for two qualities–
knowledge and guidance. School A decided to award a total of Rs. 3200
for the values to 4 and 3 teachers respectively while school B decided to
award a total of Rs. 1600 for the values to 1 and 2 teachers respectively.
Represent the above situation by a system of linear equations and solve
using matrices. Which quality you prefer to be rewarded most and why?

An urn contains 4 white and 3 red balls. Find the probability distribution
of the number of red balls in a random draw of three balls. Also find
mean, variance and standard deviation of the distribution.

29. If a young man rides his motorcycle at 25 km/hour he has to spend Rs.
2 per km on petrol. If he rides it at a faster speed of 40 km/hour, the
petrol cost increases to Rs. 5 per km. He has Rs. 100 to spend on petrol
and wishes to find the maximum distance he can travel within one hour.
Express this as LPP and solve it. ‘Speed thrills but kills’. Comment.

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