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April 1st, 2013, 10:22 AM
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Central coalfields limited tenders

Please give me the list of the Central coalfields limited latest tenders?

Given below is the list of the Central coalfields limited latest tenders:

01. Errection & Commissioning of 11KV O/H line from 11KV Tapin feeder to RR Shop(TN) for continuous power supply in case of interruption from Charhi Feeder.

02. Re-wiring of D,C,&B type quarters and reconditioning of Rest House, Charhi,GM Bungalow & AGM Quarter of Hazaribagh Area.
Requirement of NGR Unit and Electronic Earth Leakage Relay for Bhurkunda.

For Tier for-5 ton capacity

Spares for 6UP4 Pump 1000GPM, 80 meter

For measurement of water flow meter.

Hiring of one No. Bolero/Diesel Jeep against additional sanction from H.Q vide Ref. No. 124 Dated: 07.12.2008 up to 31.03.2015 including Diesel(G.M.U)for Kathara Area.
02 Hiring of 01 No. Diesel /Bolero Jeep against survey off vehicle No: BRY-1038 for (GMU) up to 31.03.2015 including Diesel for Kathara Area.
Repairing and reconditioning of 03 Nos. pumps star delta starter of different capacity (150HP, 125KW & 185HP) 550V of electric motors installed at intake well Konar River side raw water pump house” Kathara Colliery

Jamming of 28 nos. poles for 440V,O/H line for Providing street light from GVP mine Colony Sub-Station to Naya Basti at Govindpur Project.

02 Repairing & Rewinding of 250KVA,3300/550V,Air cooled FLP Transformer Make Andrew Yule & Co.Sl.No.FLP-1137 of Jarangdih Colliery,U/G mines.

03 Repairing and reconditioning of 600 KVAR capacitor bank with repairing of reactor auto regulator VCB control box including replacement of P.T and GOAB etc of 02 No. Electrical Sub Station, Kathara Colliery.

04 Complete repairing reconditioning of Transformer oil filtration M/C make Nirmal type CN 37 x Sl. No. 879500 GPH capacity.

1. R/M and development of road in Asnapani colony and Gayatri Colony of CCL,Kathara Area under GM Unit,Kathara.
Strengthening and repair of road between.

2.Kathara 4No. to Bandh colony turn (near Bus stop) at Kathara Colliery.

3.R/M and development of road in Staff Colony of CCL Kathara Area under GM Unit, Kathara .

4.Widening, strengthening and development of road from Main road near Sawang DAV school to Rly. Level crossing at Sawang under GM Unit, Kathara .

5.Providing PCC pavement in the road segment from Jarangdih Chowk to shopping Centre CCL Jarangdih under GM Unit, Kathara .

6.Providing PCC pavement in the Coal transport road segment from existing PCC pavement to the culvert at Govindpur under GM Unit, Kathara.

7.Construction of two nos. class room with verandah and staircase at DAV Sawang,under GM Unit, Kathara.
Procurement of Consumable items for Engine Rep. Shop.

Construction of eight (08) nos. isolation stopping in Panel –III in Bansgarha seam, mine-B, Bhurkunda Colliery.
Erection / Replacement of cradle guard under LT Overhead line ( 2 wire system) crossing the road / quarters and replacement of damaged and unsafe conductors in the colony of Rajrappa Area.

Drilling of 10 Nos. Deep Bore Holes 200 x 150 mm including providing and lowering submersible pump motor 7.5 HP / 100 M, column pipe electricals etc. at Rajrappa Area

Painting of structural steel of conveyor gallery including strengthening of steel structures as a safety measure at Rajrappa Washery Project .

Annual rate contract for different work of pipe line for smooth water supply in the colony at Rajrappa Area.

Roof treatment with tarfelt of S.J. Hospital, 10 Units , B type, 10 Units MQ / A under GM Unit, Rajrappa Area.

Loading & Transportation of coal from Kedla OCP stock to Kedla Washery for a period of three years.

Supply of 15 items of group- DIALYSER & HAEMODIALYSER ITEMS..

Supply of 38 items of group- NURSING APPLIANCES ITEMS..

Supply of 10 nos each of Wheel chair & trolley for Gandhinagar Hospital,Kanke Road,Ranchi-834 008.

Supply of Rear View Camera (Digital) for HEMM, Hazaribagh Area.

Supply of Hose Kit.

Supply of Oriya Basket Synthetic fibre in Public sectors.

Supply of Spares for Automatic fire extinguisher.

Supply of Audio Visual ALARM .

Supply of Engine oil SAE 15W40 CH-4.

Supply of Elect.spares of EKG 4.6 shovel in Public sectors.

Supply of M&P Pump Spares in Public sectors.

Re-organisation of 11KV grade power cable in the cable trench, making of cable trench with its concrete slab, renovation of earth pits, brick work and plaster work outside of the switchyard and spreading of gravel in the switch yard of 33KV main sub-station at Kargali.

Complete rewinding and repairing 315 KV, 3.3 KV , 525 V, FLP Trans switch unit Sl. No. 7715653 make Mespa of Kuju Colliery.

Errection and Commisioning of GOAB in existing 3.3 K.V O.H. lineby renovation and errection of Pundi project.

Hiring of 01No. Diesel Jeep Similar or its Equivalent for 24 Hours/ day basis with drivers, Brand New for KOCP, Hazaribag Area, Dist. Ramgarh.

Supply and Installation of 1.5 Ton & 2.0 Ton Split A.C. with stabilizer 5.

1 Repairing/denting of operator cabin ,Remote control box and roof of Revathi REC750E drill,CIL No.RD-527(J).

2 Repairing of 05nos, 24volt Delco remy Self starter for Dumpers ,dozers ,drills & L&T shovels
Service lane to Executive Enclave at JNC, CCL, Rranchi.

Hiring of 01 (One) no. Diesel Camper ( seating capacity 5+1 and with carrier) per day basis for Piparwar Project, Piparwar Area.

Hiring of one no. City Ride (22 Seater) per day basis for CHP-CPP, Piparwar Area.

Erection of pole, stringing of conductor of 3.3kv OH Line at DG Set and 440 volt line near high School for power feed to barrack colony under Bachra Project, Piparwar Area.

1. Repair and maintenance of Road in Railway colony at Kathara Washery.

2 R/M of colony road at Bandh colony under Kathara Washery.
Requirement of Safety Items for Birsa project

Requirement of Safety Items for Bhurkunda project

Supply of Audio-Visual Reversing Alarms for HEMM, Hazaribagh Area.

Supply of Blind Spot Mirror for HEMM, Hazaribagh Area.

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April 4th, 2013, 12:57 PM
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Re: Central coalfields limited tenders

Supply of Gear Coupling at Kedla Washery, Hazaribagh Area.
Supply of Rubber Buffer and Rubber Strip at Kedla Washery, Hazaribagh Area.
1. Cleaning of spillage coal from tail end of 02 nos. Feeder Breakers at Dhori siding.

2. Sizing of coal which passes through Feeder Breaker.

3. To remove the coal/stone from hoppers of Feeder Breakers during breakdown of chain etc.

4. In addition to the above, ensuring the supply of clean and sized coal (W-III) from platform no. 1 of Amlo Railway siding.
Diesel Jeep -1813

Pick up van (Tata 407 or equivalent )

1. Providing & laying of branch pipeline at Bishujhappa colony under Bachra Project.

Supply of Cables for EKG 5A Shovel

Supply of spares for BH35-2 Dumper and 2071
1. Boulder Pitching of Nallah adjacent to Pindra OCP, Pindra.

2. Renovation of washing platform at Pundi Project.
For wooden planks Hard Wood.

Diesel Operated jeep .

Proper illumination of 3 no., quarry at dumping yard , Coal stock yard, O.B .removal at new face ,Haul road and HT
pump for dewatering & repairing of 5 no. Metal helide (400 watt X 2 nos.)light fitting in respect of Kargali(OCP)
Repair of Road from BRO Road to C-Coy under G.M.Unit (B&K) Kargali.

Repairing, Fabrication, Machining and Turning of Spindle with Check Nut for outlet for filter bed of CCL Water Works Patratu of Sayal-D Project.

Erection & Commissioning of Two Nos.
Lighting Towers with six nos. metal halide
Lamps fitting in each lighting tower for
Illumination in and around the Railway Siding of Bhurkunda Project.
Laying of 550Mtr. 6” dia. G.I. Pipe Line for
installation of 1000GPM, 150Mtr. Head
Pump in Unit No.01 & 02 of Hathidari Mine
at Urimari UG Mine of Sayal-D Project.

Construction of Two rooms with verandah at Piri Madarsa under CSR Programme 2011-12 of CRS, Barkakana.
Repair and maintenance of 16 units D/S A-Type (two block) qtrs. in Old Colony at CH Naisarai.

1. Development of Sub-Station & Challan room & Water connection of in Pit Office in Sub-Station E/M Work Shop at Religarag.

2 Repair & maintenance of Area Accounts Office building at GM,Unit,Sirka.

3. Repair & maintenance of Excavation Work Shop & Office at Gidi’A’.
Loading and transportation of coal from Purnadih quarry face to Dakra siding for a period of one year.

Procurement of spares for 182M,10 Cum Marion Shovel.

Repair & Renovation of AFM(H) office building at Charhi, Hazaribag Area.

1. Pipe line connection from main line 14’ dia C.I.Pipe near Dhori school, Kargali to Nonia Dhowrah Dhori Staff qtr. up to Shambhu Nonia under G.M.Unit (B&K) Area.

2. Extension of G.I.Pipe line from Submersible pump near Maa Shital mandir at 4 no. Area to different direction of Bokaro Colliery.

3. Repair & renovation of Community Centre at Nawakhali (Bangali Para) Kargali under G.M.Unit (B&K) Area.
Renovation of P.C.C. Road from Main Road to Weigh Bridge approach from K.K. weigh bridge at Sayal under CGM Unit (BS), Sayal.

Drivage of 02 nos. drifts from Sector-B to Sector –C and One level drift at Hathidari mine of Saunda-D U.G (total length of drift-226 M).

Requirement of Different type of Paints for Barka-Sayal Area.

Providing and fixing AC Sheet roofing in PS-4 building including replacement of damaged AC Sheet in different galleries and GI Sheet roofing in SILO at Rajrappa Washery Project.

Repairing/rebuilding of 2 nos. worn out Drive Tumblers of P&H 1900AL Shovel No. Exc-536 with suitable electrodes.

Annual rate contract for the work of Electrical maintenance / repair job at JNC,CCL,Ranchi.

Annual maintenance contract (AMC) for upkeep, cleaning and dusting of premises of CCL Kolkata Office at 15th Park Street (3rd floor) at Kolkata-16.

Supply of Gear Box Spares.

Supply of medicines to central coalfields limited (CCL).

Supply of Radiology items to central coalfields limited (CCL).

Supply of Medicines to central coalfields limited (CCL).

Expression of Interest for supply, Installation Commissioning, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance of GPS/RF ID based Vehicle Tracking with CCTV based weighing control and Biometric Personnel Management System for CCL Command Areas on RENTAL BASIS for 5 years.

Supply of Top and Bottom Assemblies for DSM 5B and DSM 4RM Pumps.

Two bid system for supply of Electrical Items.

Dismantling , repairing with materials and re-fixing of 400W MH luminaries fittings for various community locations in Bachra township under Bachra Project.

Hiring of HEMM such as shovels, tippers, drills, dozers and water sprinklers e.t.c. for removal of strata including top soil , soil earth, alluvium soil, various rocks, blasted rocks, and blast hole drilling in all kinds of strata, excavation, loading, transportation, dumping, spreading and dozing of specified places, grading and water spraying on the haul roads and maintenance of haul roads & dewatering at working site at KONAR OCP.

01. Repairing & reconditioning of Bucholtz relay bell alarm system, indication of heater of oil & winding of 10 MVA 33KV/11KV-6.6KV transformer feeding power to KOCP, KUGP & Jharkhand Project of Hazaribagh Area.

02. Complete repairing &reconditioning of MOCB bearing Sl.No.3472 to be used as Primary Control of 10MVA transformer feeding power to KOCP & Jharkhand Project0f Hazaribagh Area.

03. Repairing & reconditioning of Resistance Box of 65 KW,Direct Haulage Motor of Mine No.1 of Kedla UGP of Hazaribagh Area.

04. Fabrication of foundation, errection of2nos.High Mast lighting System 15mheight, fitting of lamps and testing of sets, one at Morangi & another at Mukundganj under CSR activity of Hazaribagh Area.

If you want to know about any of above tenders then let me know i’ll provide you.

For more info contact here:

Central Coalfields Limited
Darbhanga House, Cutchery Road,
Ranchi-834029, Jharkhand
Tel No.0651-2301606,2360123,2316707(DID) Toll free No. 18003456501

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