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July 9th, 2014, 05:07 PM
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Re: Class 10th Board English Communicative Exam papers

Here I am giving you question papers for CBSE board of education calss 10th English Communicative examination in a PDF file attached with it so youi can get it easily.

9. Here are some notes about the annual function of Golden Jubilee School and College
in the diary of the Cultural Secretary of the college. Study the given notes and complete
the paragraph that follows by filling up the blanks with the most appropriate option
from those given. (4 Marks)
Notes in the diary

2 Celebration of annual function of college.
2 The Mayor of the city-Chief Guest
2 Principal and staff welcomed him
2 The Mayor's wife gave away prizes
2 The Principal hosted dinner
The annual function of Golden Jubilee School and College a)………….. with great pomp and
show. The Mayor of the city, b)……………………… on the occasion.
c)…………………… by
the Principal and the staff. d)……………………………….. the wife of the Chief Guest. A
dinner was hosted by the Principal of Golden Jubilee School and College.
a) (i) was celebrated (ii) is being celebrated
(iii) has been celebrated (iv) had celebrated
b) (i) that was the Chief Guest (ii) Being the Chief Guest
(iii) who was the Chief Guest (iv) who was a Chief Guest
c) (i) was accorded a warm welcome on his arrival
(ii) has been accorded a warm welcome on his arrival
(iii) will be accorded warm welcome on his arrival
(iv) has been accorded a warm welcome on their arrival
d) (i) Prize were given to students (ii) Prize will be given away by
(iii) Prize had been given by (iv) Prizes were given away by

10. Rearrange the following words/phrases to form meaningful sentences. The first one
has been done for you. (4 Marks)
is familiar \ properties \ most \ the neem \ medicinal \ to \ people \ for its
The neem is familiar to most people for its medicinal properties.
a) \ it is \ distinctive curled \ star-shaped \ recognized \ leaves \ by its \ flowers \ and
b) are pale \ tinge of rust \ the young \ and green \ with a \ leaves
c) New Year’s day \ to ward off \ are eaten \ leaves \ the \ on \ sickness
d) cupboards \ are dried \ and cockroaches \ they \ put in \ and moths \ to keep out

11. Read the following conversation between a mother and daughter while watching a
cricket match. Complete the passage given below. (1x4=4 Marks)
Mother : Who do you think will win the match?
Daughter : Who is wearing blue?
Mother : India
Daughter : Who are the men in yellow?
Mother : They are the Australians
Daughter : They will surely win the match.
Mother : Oh! Why do you feel so?
Daughter : There are 11 of them against just two Indians.

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