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Default CSE NIT Hamirpur

This year I have taken admission at NIT Hamirpur for B.Tech First Semester Course. I need syllabus of first semester to purchase books. So do you know from where I can download syllabus of B.Tech CSE First Semester Course of NIT Hamirpur?

As you are looking for syllabus of B.Tech CSE First Semester Course of NIT Hamirpur, so here I am providing following syllabus:

NIT Hamirpur B.Tech CSE First Semester Course
First Semester
AM-111 Engineering Mathematics-I
AP-101 Engineering Physics
CS-101 Computer Fundamentals & Programming
MSS-101 Communication Skills
ME-102 Engineering Mechanics & Strength of Materials
EE-101 Basic Electrical Engineering

AP-101(P) Engineering Physics Lab
CS-101(P) Computers fundamentals & Programming Lab
MSS-101(P) Communication Skills
EE-101(P) Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
WS-111 Workshop-1

Second Semester
AM-121 Engineering Mathematics-II
AC-101 Engineering Chemistry
MSE-101 Material Science & Engineering
EC-101 Basic Electronics Engineering
ME-101 Basic Thermodynamics
AR-101 Engineering Graphics (Auto CAD)

AC-101(P) Engineering Chemistry Lab
MSE-101(P) Material Science & Engineering Lab
EC-101(P) Basic Electronics Engineering Lab
WS-121 Workshop-II

Programming fundamentals
Introduction to computer, block diagram and organization of computer, number
system and binary arithmetic, processing data, hardware, software, firmware,
types of programming language-Machine language, ALL, HLL, source file, object
file, translators-assembler, compiler, interpreter, translation of source
code into object code, library files, linking, loading process and executable
code, testing and debugging, software maintenance, hardware maintenance.
Programming Techniques
Steps in program development, algorithm, flowchart, psuedocode, evolution and
classification of programming languages.
‘C’ as Structured programming language
‘C’ character set, literals, keywords, identifiers, data types and size,
variable declaration, expression, labels, statements, formatted input output
statements, types of operators, data type conversion, mixed mode
arithmetic’s, control structures.
‘C’ functions, library functions, parameter passing, recursion, storage
classes, scope rules and visibility, arrays: declaration, initialization and
usage, pointers, dynamic storage allocation, structures and unions, selfreferential
‘C’ files, function for file handling, ‘C’ pre-processors and command line
arguments, macros and conditional compiler directives.

Introduction to Preliminaries and Predicate Calculus
Basic concepts of discrete mathematics and related problems, propositions and
predicates, disjunction and conjunction, tautologies and contradiction, laws
of equivalence, rules of substitution and transitivity, normal forms.
Set Theory and Functions
Basic concepts, ,Venn Diagrams, set operations, power set, methods of proof
for sets, Relations and ordering, Types of relations, Graph and matrix of a
relation, properties of a relation, Functions: definitions and notation, one
to one, onto, one to one and onto, composition, identity and inverse, related
Graph Theory
Basic concepts of graph theory, multigraphs and weighted graphs, walk path
and circuits, Warshall’s algorithm: shortest path, Eulerian paths and
circuits, Hamiltonian paths and circuits, factors of a graph and planar
graphs, Graph colorings.
Binary Trees
Introduction, complete and extended binary tree, traversing binary tree,
binary search tree, Heaps, Huffman’s algorithm
Basics of Structures
Mathematical induction, Algebraic structures properties, Semi group, Monoid,
Group and Sub group - examples and standard results, generators and
evaluation of powers, cosets and Langranges's theorem, rings, integral
domains, fields.
Logic and Recursion
Propositional calculus - propositions, logical operators, truth tables,
Lattice, propositions generated by a set of recurrence relations - partial
and total recursion - problems.

NIT Hamirpur B.Tech CSE First Semester Course

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