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June 13th, 2016, 09:06 AM
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Devi Ahilya University Indore Madhya Pradesh

Can you provide me the Syllabus for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program as offered by Devi Ahilya University Indore Madhya Pradesh?

The Syllabus for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program as offered by Devi Ahilya University Indore Madhya Pradesh is as follows:

Semester – I
CC 1: Childhood & Growing Up

Unit 1: Perspectives in Development
• Concept , Meaning ,Scope and Function and Educational Psychology
• Introduction to development: concept and introduction to perspectives in development, humanistic psychology and developmental theory
• Enduring themes in the study of development: development as multidimensional and plural; Development as continuing through the life span; ways in which development is continuous/discontinuous? ; Socio-cultural contexts influencing development
• Gathering data about children from different contexts: naturalistic observations; interviews; reflective journals about children; anecdotal records and narratives; clinical methods with reference to Piaget
• Method: Longitudinal, Cross Sectional, Sequential, Cohort methods: Biographical, Case study and Observational method.

Unit 2: Stages of Human Development
• Child as a developing individual; a psycho-social entity; stages of development
• Developmental characteristics of a child and an adolescent: physical, cognitive, social, emotional, moral and language; their interrelationships
• Developmental tasks of childhood and adolescence and their implications
• Factors influencing development such as heredity& environment, media, nutrition, child-rearing practices, siblings and peers
• Commonalities and diversities within the notion of childhood and how multiple childhoods are constructed with particular reference to the Indian context-Living in an urban Slum, Growing girl, and Growing up in dalit household

Unit 3: Social and Emotional Development
• Basic understanding of emotions, how differential gender socialization occurs • Personality development: Freud; psycho-social development-Erikson; influence of early childhood experiences on later personality.
• Social theories and gender development: meaning of gender roles; influences on gender roles, stereotypes, gender in the playground.
• Development of emotions: functions of emotions, attachment-Bowlby.

Unit 4: Contexts of Socialization
• Concept of socialization: family and child relationships; parenting, child rearing practices
• Schooling: peer influences, school culture, relationships with teachers, teacher expectations and school achievement; being out of school, overage learner
• Relationships with peers: friendships and gender; competition and cooperation, competition and conflict; aggression and bullying from early childhood to adolescence.
• Social, economic and cultural differences in socialization: implications for inclusion.

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