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Diplomate of National Board Centralized Entrance Test (DNB – CET) PG entrance exam qu

Will you please give me the Diplomate of National Board Centralized Entrance Test (DNB – CET) PG entrance exam question papers of previous years?

As you want to get the Diplomate of National Board Centralized Entrance Test (DNB – CET) PG entrance exam question papers of previous years so here is the information of the same for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:

(1) Parathyroid gland develops from?
(A) Brachial cyst (B) Brachial cleft
(C) Brachial pouch (D) Brachial arch

(2) Which is not a type of epiphysis?
(A) Traction (B) Atavistic
(C) Friction (D) Pressure

(3) Which of the following is a Flexor of Abdomen?
(A) Psoas (B) Piriformis
(C) Pectoralis major (D) External oblique

(4) Clavipectoral fascia is not pierced by?
(A) Medial pectoral nerve (B) Lateral pectoral nerve
(C) Cephalic vein (D) Th oracoacromian artery

(5) Boundaries of foramen of Winslow are all EXCEPT:
(A) Caudate lobe of liver (B) Inferior vena cava
(C) Free border of lesser omentum (D) 4th part of Duodenum

(6) During ejaculation, sperms are released from?
(A) Epididymis (B) Vas deferens
(C) Rete testes (D) Seminal vesicle

(7) Lower 1/5th of vagina is formed by?
(A) Urogenital sinus (B) Paramesonephric duct
(C) Mesonephric duct (D) Mullerian duct

(8) True regarding Prostate gland is?
(A) Only glandular tissue
(B) Glandular tissue covered with transitional epithelium
(C) Glandular tissue and fi bromuscular stroma
(D) Entire gland is composed of collagen

(9) Uterine artery is a branch of?
(A) External iliac artery (B) Internal iliac artery
(C) Aorta (D) Inferior vesical artery

(10) White fi brocartilage is present in all EXCEPT:
(A) Acetabular labrum (B) Intervertebral disc
(C) Meniscus (D) Pinna

(11) What is denonvillers fascia?
(A) Between prostate and rectum
(B) Between rectum and sacral wall
(C) Between rectal ampulla and perineal body
(D) Between rectum and urinary bladder

(12) Skin over the angle of mandible is supplied by?
(A) Trigeminal nerve (B) Posterior rami of C2, C3, C4
(C) Cervical spinal nerve(C2-C3) (D) Cervical branch of mandibular nerve

(13) Appendix of testis is derived from?
(A) Paramesonephric duct (B) Mesonephric duct
(C) Hind gut (D) Cloaca

(14) Infection of CNS spreads in inner ear through?
(A) Cochlear Aqueduct (B) Endolymphatic sac
(C) Vestibular Aqueduct (D) Hyrtle’s fi ssure

(15) Klumpke’s paralysis involves?
(A) C5 C6 (B) C6 C7
(C) C7 T1 (D) C8 T1

(16) Craniosacral outfl ow is mediated by?
(A) Sympathetic postganglionic fi bers (B) Sympathetic preganglionic fi bers
(C) Parasympathetic postganglionic fi bers (D) Parasympathetic preganglionic fi bers

(17) Chromatin condensation occurs in?
(A) Prophase (B) Metaphase
(C) Anaphase (D) Telophase

(18) Superfi cial palmar arch is at the level of?
(A) Proximal border of extended thumb (B) Distal border of extended thumb
(C) Proximal transverse palm crease (D) Distal transverse palm crease

(19) Peripheral and central chemoreceptors respond to?
(A) Increased arterial pH (B) Increased arterial Oxygen
(C) Increased arterial CO2 (D) Decreased arterial CO2

(20) True about oligodendrocytes is?
(A) Forms Myelin sheath (B) Forms blood brain barrier
(C) Secretes CSF (D) All of the above

(21) Predominant site of erythropoiesis during 6th month of gestation is?
(A) Yolk sac (B) Liver
(C) Bone marrow (D) Th ymus

(22) During under water diving the main danger is due to?
(A) Oxygen and nitrogen (B) CO2 and nitrogen
(C) Oxygen only (D) Nitrogen only

23) Maximum fi lling of ventricles is seen in?
(A) Protodiastole (B) Isovolumetric relaxation
(C) Ventricular phase of diastole (D) Atrial contraction

(24) Serotonin secreting cell in brain is?
(A) Raphe nucleus (B) Enterochromaffi n cells
(C) Magnan cells (D) Betz cells

(25) True about thymus gland is?
(A) Size increases after puberty (B) Red and white cell mass
(C) Consists of Hassalls corpuscles (D) Forms immunoglobulins

(26) Gammaglobulins are formed by?
(A) B cells (B) T cells
(C) Plasma cells (D) Liver

(27) Androgen binding protein is secreted by?
(A) Pituitary (B) Liver
(C) Sertoli cells (D) Leydig cells

(28) MIS is secreted by?
(A) Sertoli cell (B) Leidig cell
(C) Supporting cells (D) Semeniferous tubules

(29) Meileu interior means?
(C) Plasma (D) Lymph

(30) Which of the following decreases appetite?
(A) Orexins (B) Neuropeptide Y
(C) Ghrelin (D) Leptin

(31) Orexins are implicated in all EXCEPT:
(A) Wakefulness (B) Sexual behaviour
(C) Appetite (D) Alzheimer’s disease

(32) What happens when carotid sinus is pressed?
(A) Heart rate decreases, peripheral resistance increases
(B) Heart rate and peripheral resistance decreases
(C) Peripheral resistance and contractility decreases
(D) Peripheral resistance and contractility increases

(33) Time duration required to generate an action potential is?
(A) Th reshold (B) Rheobase
(C) Chronaxie (D) Refractory period

(34) Satiety center is located at?
(A) Ventromedial nucleus (B) Lateral hypothalamus
(C) Supra median nucleus (D) Preoptic nucleus

(35) Potassium in which compartment is responsible for cardiac and neural function?
(A) Intracellular (B) Extracellular
(C) Intravascular (D) Extravascular

(36) All are correct about stomach EXCEPT:
(A) Pylorus has more acid secreting cells
(B) Lots of goblet cells are present in mucous lining
(C) Chief cells secrete pepsinogen
(D) Parietal cells secrete intrinsic factor

(37) Which of the following has highest pH?
(A) Bile (B) Pancreatic juice
(C) Saliva (D) Gastric juice

(38) Band not covered by actin fi lament is?
(A) H band (B) I band
(C) M band (D) Z band

(39) Free fatty acid is transported in blood by?
(A) Albumin (B) Globulin
(C) Fibrinogen (D) Carnitine

(40) Iodine uptake into thyroid gland is an example of?
(A) Primary active transport (B) Secondary active transport
(C) Facilitated diffusion (D) Endocytosis

(41) Alpha oxidation of fatty acid takes place in?
(A) ER (B) Golgi apparatus
(C) Mitochondria (D) Peroxisomes

(42) Amino acid used in Carnitine synthesis is?
(A) Alanine (B) Lysine
(C) Arginine (D) Tyrosine

(43) Chylomicrons core is formed by?
(A) Triglyceride
(B) Triglyceride and Cholesterol
(C) Triglyceride, Cholesterol and Phospholipids
(D) Free fatty acids

(44) Vitamin A is present in all EXCEPT:
(A) Sunfl ower seeds (B) Egg
(C) Milk (D) Tomato

(45) Which hormone synthesized from Tyrosine?
(A) Calcitriol (B) Calcitonin
(C) Th yroxin (D) Cortisol

(46) Activator of enzyme sulfi te oxidase is?
(A) Copper (B) Zinc
(C) Molybdenum (D) Iron

(47) Cofactor involve in sulphur containing amino acid metabolism is?
(A) Folic acid (B) Biotin
(C) Vitamin B 1 (D) Vitamin B 12

(48) Glycogen phosphorylase coenzyme associated is?
(A) Th iamine pyrophosphate (B) Tetrahydrofolate
(C) Flavin mononuleotide (D) Pyridoxal phosphate

(49) Enzyme that is responsible for unwinding of DNA is?
(A) Ligase (B) DNA primase
(C) Helicase (D) DNA polymerase

(50) DNA replication occurs in which phase of cell cycle?
(A) G1 phase (B) S phase
(C) G2 phase (D) M phase

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