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Download IIT JAM Chemistry Exam question paper

Will you please provide me question paper for IIT JAM chemistry examination as soon as possible ?

Here I am giving you question paper for IIT JAM chemistry examination in PDF file attached with it so you can get it easily.

Q.1 Molecular shape of SOCl2 is

(A) square planar

(D) T-shaped
Q.2 Number of three-centre two-electron (3c–2e) bonds present in diborane is

(B) trigonal pyramidal
(C) triangular planar

(A) 2
(B) 4
(D) 8
The lattice energy of LiF calculated from Born-Landé equation is –1000 kJ mol–1. Assume that for both LiF and MgO the Madelung constants, interionic distances and Born exponents have the same value. The lattice energy of MgO in kJ mol–1 is

(C) 6
(A) –4000

(C) 2000
(D) 4000
Q.4 The compound formed by dissolving elemental gold in aqua regia is

(B) –2000
(A) AuCl
(D) H[Au(NO3)4]
Number of moles of ions produced by complete dissociation of one mole of Mohr’s salt in water is

(B) AuNO3
(C) H[AuCl4]
(A) 3

(C) 5
(D) 6
Q.6 The tetrachloro complexes of Ni(II) and Pd(II) respectively, are (atomic numbers of Ni and Pd are 28 and 46 respectively)

(B) 4
(A) diamagnetic and diamagnetic
(D) paramagnetic and diamagnetic
The total number of steps involved and number of beta particles emitted in the spontaneous decay of → respectively, are

(B) paramagnetic and paramagnetic
(C) diamagnetic and paramagnetic
(A) 8 and 6

(B) 14 and 6
(C) 6 and 8

A filter paper moistened with ammoniacal sodium nitroprusside solution turns violet on contact with a drop of alkaline Na2S solution. The violet color is due to the formation of

(A) [Fe(SCN)5(NO)]1– (B) [Fe(SCN)5(NO)]2–

(D) 14 and 8
(C) [Fe(CN)5(NOS)]3–

(D) [Fe(CN)5(NOS)]4–

CY- / 40 1A

The species/compounds that are aromatic among the following are
(A) R and S
(B) P and Q

(C) Q and S
(D) P and S


The major product obtained in the reaction below is




The rates of acetolysis for the following norbornyl derivatives are in the order

(A) R > Q > P

(B) Q > R > P
(C) P > R > Q
(D) R > P > Q

The Haworth projection for α-anomer of D-glucose is
(A) (B)



The complementary DNA sequence of the given DNA
5’-G-A-A-T-T-C-3’ is
(A) 5’-C-T-T-A-A-G-3’ (B) 5’-C-U-U-A-A-G-3’

(C) 3’-C-T-T-A-A-G-5’
(D) 3’-G-A-A-T-T-C-5’
CY- / 40 2A
The order of nucleophilicity of the following anions in a SN2 reaction is
(A) Q > R > S > P

(B) Q > P > R > S
(C) Q > R > P > S
(D) P > S > R > Q

The pair of conformation that has maximum energy difference is




The major mono-sulfonation product of α-tetralone is


(B) (C)

Electrophilic nitrations of the following compounds follow the trend

(A) S > R > P > Q (B) R > S > P > Q (C) R > P > S > Q

(D) P > S > R > Q
CY- / 40 3A

The compounds those would not respond to tests of both nitrogen and sulfur with sodium fusion extracts are

(B) III and IV (C) I and IV

(A) I and III
(D) II and IV
The correct epimeric pair of the following is

(A) P and Q

(B) R and Q
(C) Q and S
(D) R and S

α-Farnesene shown below is a
(A) diterpene having two isoprene units
(B) triterpene having three isoprene units

(C) triterpene having four isoprene units

(D) sesquiterpene having three isoprene units

(A) (B)

For the equilibrium, the equilibrium constant, is expressed as

CY- / 40 4A
Q.22 The average speed of H2, N2 and O2 gas molecules is in the order

(A) H2 > N2 > O2

(B) O2 > N2 > H2

(C) H2 > O2 > N2
(D) N2 > O2 > H2

(B) critical temperature

The enthalpy of vaporization () is zero at
(A) Boyle temperature
(C) inversion temperature

(D) boiling temperature

The half-life of any zero-order reaction is
(A) independent of concentration

(B) proportional to inverse of concentration
(C) proportional to concentration

(D) proportional to square of the concentration

Q.25 The molality of (NH4)2SO4 solution that has the same ionic strength as 1 mol kg−1 solution of KCl is

(A) mol kg−1
(B) mol kg−1
(C) mol kg−1

The standard enthalpy of formation () at 1 bar and 300 K for the formation of CF2ClCF2Cl (g) from its constituent elements in the standard state is −900 kJ mol−1. Given
R = 8.3 J K−1 mol−1, the standard internal energy of formation () at the same pressure and temperature is

(D) mol kg−1
(A) −905 kJ mol−1

(B) −895 kJ mol−1

(C) 895 kJ mol−1
(D) 905 kJ mol−1
Q.27 The percent transmittance of a solution having absorbance (optical density) 1.0 is

(A) 1
(B) 10

(C) 50
(D) 99
(A) ()

The matrix which transforms to is
CY- / 40 5A

A concentration cell with two hydrogen electrodes at two different pressures is depicted as

The potential (Ecell) of the cell is



An aqueous solution containing 1 g L−1 of a polymer exerts osmotic pressure of 4 torr at 300 K. Given R = 0.082 L atm, the molar mass (g mol−1) of the polymer is
(A) 4500 (B) 4564 (C) 4674 (D) 4800

CY- / 40 6A
Answer Table for Objective Questions Write the Code of your chosen answer only in the ‘Answer’ column against each Question Number. Do not write anything else on this page.
Answer Do not write in this column Question Number Answer Do not write
01 16
02 17
03 18
04 19
05 20
06 21
07 22
08 23
09 24
10 25
11 26
12 27

Question Number
in this column

Marks ( + ) Number of Incorrect Answers

Number of Correct Answers
( − ) Total Marks in Question 1-30

( )
CY- / 40 7A CY- / 40 8
(a) Identify the most acidic compound from the following: CH3−CH3, CH2=CH2 and CH≡CH, and justify your answer. Draw overlap of the orbitals to show bonding in the most acidic compound using the concept of hybridization. (9)

Addition of ethylene glycol to aqueous orthoboric acid enhances its acidity. Explain the above statement using appropriate chemical equation. (6)

Write a balanced chemical equation to represent acid-base reaction of orthoboric acid in water.
A CY- / 40 9A CY- / 40 10
(a) Draw the unit cell structure of NaCl. Calculate the limiting radius ratio of any ionic solid having NaCl like structure. (9)

Give molecular formula and structure of the compound formed by reaction of Be(OH)2 with acetic acid. (6)

A CY- / 40 11A CY- / 40 12
(a) The spin-only magnetic moments of K3[Fe(oxalate)3] and K3[Ru(oxalate)3] are 5.91 μB and 1.73 μB, respectively. Write down their ligand field electronic configurations. Justify your answer. Atomic numbers of Fe and Ru are 26 and 44 respectively. (9)

Draw the structures of NO2+, NO2 and NO2–. Arrange them in the increasing order of O–N–O bond angles. (6)

A CY- / 40 13A
(a) Show with labels the splitting of d-orbitals in an octahedral ligand field. Calculate the CFSE of (i) high spin and (ii) low spin metal ions in octahedral field.


Schematically represent orbital overlaps in metal carbonyls. Show the correct signs of the lobes.
CY- / 40 14A CY- / 40 15A CY- / 40 16
(b) Draw the structures of dimethylglyoxime (DMGH2) and its Ni(II) complex formed in aqueous ammonia.

A coordination compound is composed of one Co(III), one chloride, one sulfate and four molecules of ammonia. The aqueous solution of the compound gives no precipitate when combined with aqueous BaCl2, while a white precipitate is formed with aqueous AgNO3 solution. Draw its structure and explain the observations with chemical equations.
A CY- / 40 17A

Write the structures of E, F and G in the following scheme of reactions

(b) Identify the structures of H and I in the following synthetic transformation
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