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July 4th, 2014, 04:06 PM
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Re: FIITJEE TOFEL Entrance Test sample paper

Here I am giving you sample question paper for FIITJEE TOEFL verbal test for Entrance Test in a PDF file attached with it so you can get it easily

1. The bee _________ the nectar from the different flowers and then __________ the liquid into honey.
A. consumes . . conforms B. observes . . pours C. rejects . . solidifies D. crushes . . injects E. extracts . . converts

2. The plan turned out to be __________ because it would have required more financial backing than was available.
A. intractable B. chaotic C. irreversible D. untenable E. superfluous

3. Joining __________ momentum for reform in intercollegiate sports, university presidents have called for swift steps to correct imbalances between classwork and __________
A. a maximum . . studies B. a rational . . awards C. an increasing . . athletics D. an exceptional . . professors E. a futile . . contests

4. Thinking nothing can be done, many victims of arthritis ignore or delay __________ countermeasures, thus aggravating the problem.
A. tardy B. injurious C. characteristic D. weird E. effective

5. A strange and __________ fate seemed to keep him helpless and unhappy, despite occasional interludes of __________.
A. malevolent . . conflict B. bizarre . . disenchantment C. virulent . . tension D. ineluctable . . serenity E. intriguing . . inactivity

6. Samuel Clemens chose the __________ Mark Twain as a result of his knowledge of riverboat piloting. A. protagonist B. pseudonym C. mountebank D. hallucination E. misanthrope

7. For years a vocalist of spirituals, Marian Anderson was finally recognized as __________ singer when the Metropolitan Opera House engaged her. A. a versatile B. an unusual C. an attractive D. a cooperative E. a mediocre

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