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July 18th, 2014, 08:38 AM
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Re: Film and Television Institute of India Direction entrance exam last year question papers

As you want to get the Film and Television Institute of India Direction entrance exam last year question papers so here it is for you:

Using pencil and shading
a .)Glass Tumbler
b.)One Cup and saucer
c.)Tea pot with lid
d.)Candle Stand with a burning candle
e.)A bowl with an egg and two spoons

2.) Draw any two

a.)Crowd with three prominent figures at a railway station

b.)Vegetable market with three prominent figures

c.)Scene of a village on fire and the villagers are fighting the fire with three
prominent figures.

d.)Sketch a playground with children playing and three prominent figures

e.)zoo with one prominent animal and two human.

2.) Match the following Painters with their arts
a. Michelangelo ____ A. Morning Haze
b. Leonardo Da Vinci ____ B. The Sleeping Gypsy
c. Salvador Dali ____ C. Persistence of Memory
d. Pablo Picasso ____ D.The Swing
e. Henri Rousseau ____ E. The Last Supper
f. Henri Matisse ____ F. Gueraica
g. Claude Monet ____ G. The Starry Night
h. Pierre Auguste Renoir ____ H. Creation Of Adam
i. Vincent Van Gogh ____ I. Campbell’s Soup Can
j. Andy Warhol ____ J. La Fougere Noire

1.) Direction in which the composition of the picture is dominant
2.) Picture drawn from
a.)Above the eye level
b.)Below the eye level
c.)Eye level
3.) Composition of the picture is
4.) Branches of the trees stand out because
a.)No Leaves on their branches
b.)Bushes below the trees
c.)The darkness in the picture
5.) Contrast of light and dark tone in the picture is balanced by
a.)The thickness of lines used
b.)The Pressure of lines
c.)Different shades of black

1.) Write the Full form of the following
b.) PDF
i.) VDU

4.) Match the following
1.) Fantasia ____ A. Warner Bros
2.) Bugs Bunny ____ B. Duplicate Freley
3.) Animal Farm ____ C. Walt Disney
4.) One Drop Too Much ____ D. MGM
5.) Pink Panther ____ E. Halos and Batchlor
6.) Tom And Jerry ____ F. Jiri Trunka

Contact Details:
Film and Television Institute of India
Flat No 11,
Telephone Exchange,
Law College Road,
Deccan Gymkhana,
Deccan Gymkhana,
Maharashtra 411004 ‎
020 2543 1817 ‎

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