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February 8th, 2016, 03:02 PM
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GMAT Practice Math

Hello sir I am practicing for GMAT and finding difficulty in Maths Section so will you please tell me which types of question are generllay asked in this Section??
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February 8th, 2016, 03:37 PM
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Re: GMAT Practice Math

GMAT stands for the Graduate Management Admission Test which is a standardized test one has to prepare for by the management aspirants to get enrolled in foreign business schools.

The test is designed to measure their verbal, mathematical, analytical writing skills, thus, making it easier to select the correct candidate for reputed foreign business & management schools.

As per your demand here I am providing you some sample question of Maths of GMAT so that you can get idea about which type of question are generally asked

1. Of the following, which is greater than ½ ?
A. 2/5
B. 4/7
C. 4/9
D. 5/11
E. 6/13

2. If an object travels at five feet per second, how many feet does it travel in one hour?
A. 30
B. 300
C. 720
D. 1800
E. 18000

3. What is the average (arithmetic mean) of all the multiples of ten from 10 to 190 inclusive?
A. 90
B. 95
C. 100
D. 105
E. 110

4. A cubical block of metal weighs 6 pounds. How much will another cube of the same metal weigh if its sides are twice as long?
A. 48
B. 32
C. 24
D. 18
E. 12

5. In a class of 78 students 41 are taking French, 22 are taking German. Of the students taking French or German, 9 are taking both courses. How many students are not enrolled in either course?
A. 6
B. 15
C. 24
D. 33
E. 54

6. A straight fence is to be constructed from posts 6 inches wide and separated by lengths of chain 5 feet long. If a certain fence begins and ends with a post, which of the following could not be the length of the fence in feet? (12 inches = 1 foot)
A. 17
B. 28
C. 35
D. 39
E. 50

7. Helpers are needed to prepare for the fete. Each helper can make either 2 large cakes per hour, or 35 small cakes per hour. The kitchen is available for 3 hours and 20 large cakes and 700 small cakes are needed. How many helpers are required?

A. 10
B. 15
C. 20
D. 25
E. 30

8. Jo's collection contains US, Indian and British stamps. If the ratio of US to Indian stamps is 5 to 2 and the ratio of Indian to British stamps is 5 to 1, what is the ratio of US to British stamps?

A. 5 : 1
B. 10 : 5
C. 15 : 2
D. 20 : 2
E. 25 : 2

9. A 3 by 4 rectangle is inscribed in circle. What is the circumference of the circle?

A. 2.5π
B. 3π
C. 5π
D. 4π
E. 10π

10. Two sets of 4 consecutive positive integers have exactly one integer in common. The sum of the integers in the set with greater numbers is how much greater than the sum of the integers in the other set?

A. 4
B. 7
C. 8
D. 12
E. it cannot be determined from the information given.

11. A circular logo is enlarged to fit the lid of a jar. The new diameter is 50 per cent larger than the original. By what percentage has the area of the logo increased?

A. 50
B. 80
C. 100
D. 125
E. 250

12. The distance from town A to town B is five miles. C is six miles from B. Which of the following could be the distance form A to C?

I 11
II 1

A. I only
B. II only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
E. I, II, or III.

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