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June 14th, 2014, 05:09 PM
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Gujarat University Diploma in Pharmacy Exam Question Papers

Here I am looking for the previous year question paper of Gujarat University of Diploma in Pharmacy part I Exam, can you please provide me the same???

As you are looking for the previous year question paper of Gujarat University of Diploma in Pharmacy part I Exam so here I am sharing the same with you

1 (a) What are proteins ? Classify them. Write a note on quality
(b) What are biological functions of protein ?
(c) Give qualitative tests for protein.

2 (a) Define and classify carbohydrates. Give chemical tests for
(b) Explain the following :
(1) Heparin
(2) Mutarotation
(3) Starch
(4) Diabetes mellitus.

3 (a) What are lipids ? What are the functions of lipids in our
body ?
(b) Give chemical tests for lipids.
(c) Write note on :
(1) Phospholipids
(2) Glycolipids
(3) Lipoproteins.

4 (a) Define the term vitamin and classify them.
(b) Enumerate coenzyme forms of water soluble vitamins with
their biochemical role.
(c) Give biochemical functions of vitamin A and vitamin D.

5 (a) Enumerate the role of following minerals in our body :
(1) Calcium
(2) Iodine
(3) Sodium
(4) Zinc
(5) Potassium.
(b) Explain the properties of water.
(c) Explain the following terms :
(1) Osteomalecia
(2) Goiter
(3) Pellagra
(iv) Beri-Beri.

6 (a) How are proteins digested and absorbed ?
(b) Give the general metabolism of amino acids.
(c) Outline urea formation and metabolic disorders.

7 (a) Explain the following terms :
(i) gluconeogenesis
(2) Glycolysis
(3) Glycogenesis.
(b) Discuss tricarboxylic acid cycle (Kreb cycle) and give its
(c) Write short notes on any two :
(i) Glycogen storage disease
(ii) Genetic disease
(iii) Electron transport system.

8 (a) What are enzymes ? Classify them giving suitable example
for each class.
(b) Describe the factors affecting enzyme reaction.
(c) Write a note on enzyme inhibitors.

9 (a) Discuss beta-oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid.
(b) Enlist the abnormal constituents of urine and give their
(c) Give the major functions of Platelets.

10 Write short notes on any four :
(1) Optical isomerism
(2) Glucose tolerance test
(3) Role of Carnitine
(4) Lipid storage disease
(5) Insulin and its role
(6) ATP.

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