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April 15th, 2015, 02:58 PM
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Re: IIST UG entrance exam model question papers for Chemistry

As you want to get IIST UG entrance exam model question papers for Chemistry for doing preparation of this exam so here I am giving you some questions of that paper:

The mass density in a nucleus near its center, in units of kg/m3, is in the range
(a) 1015 to 1020 (b) 105 to 1010 (c ) 1010 to 1015 (d) 1020 to 1025

For the nucleus 216Te, the value of r for which the nucleon density falls to half its value at the centre is in the range
(a) 7 to 8 fm (b) 5 to 6 fm (c) 6 to 7 fm (d) 8 to 9 fm

A vessel, fitted with a weightless, frictionless piston of 0.025 m2 area, contains excess con. HCl. The piston moved 1 m outward when 0.075 kg of iron filings were added at 300 K. The solution left behind was found to contain Fe(II). The approximate purity of the iron sample is
(a) 50 % (b) 75 % (c) 90 % (d) 40 %

A solution at 298 K is separated from the pure solvent by a semi-permeable membrane. Difference in the height of the solution and the solvent is 0.9 m. If Kf and freezing point of the solvent are 30 K kg mol-1 and 250.3 K, respectively, the temperature at which the solution freezes is
(a) 250.10 K (b) 250.25 K (c ) 250.20 K (d) 250.05 K

IIST UG Entrance Exam Chemistry Question Papers

For full question paper here is the attachment:
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