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Default IIT JEE Mains Paper

Would you please give here sample paper for IIT JEE Main exam , I requires the same while doing preparation for the exam ?
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Default Re: IIT JEE Mains Paper

As you requires I am here giving you here sample paper for IIT JEE Main exam.

Sample paper for IIT JEE Main exam:

A, B, C and D are four different physical
quantities having different dimensions.
None of them is dimensionless. But we
know that the equation AD=C ln(BD)
holds true. Then which of the combination
is not a meaningful quantity ?

Concrete mixture is made by mixing
cement, stone and sand in a rotating
cylindrical drum. If the drum rotates too
fast, the ingredients remain stuck to the
wall of the drum and proper mixing of
ingredients does not take place. The
maximum rotational speed of the drum in
revolutions per minute(rpm) to ensure
proper mixing is close to :
(Take the radius of the drum to be 1.25 m
and its axle to be horizontal) :
(1) 0.4
(2) 1.3
(3) 8.0
(4) 27.0

A Carnot freezer takes heat from water at
08C inside it and rejects it to the room at a
temperature of 278C. The latent heat of ice
is 336×103 J kg−1. If 5 kg of water at 08C is
converted into ice at 08C by the freezer, then
the energy consumed by the freezer is close
to :
(1) 1.67×105 J
(2) 1.68×106 J
(3) 1.51×105 J
(4) 1.71×107 J

In an engine the piston undergoes vertical
simple harmonic motion with amplitude
7 cm. A washer rests on top of the piston
and moves with it. The motor speed is
slowly increased. The frequency of the
piston at which the washer no longer stays
in contact with the piston, is close to :
(1) 0.1 Hz
(2) 1.2 Hz
(3) 0.7 Hz
(4) 1.9 Hz

A toy-car, blowing its horn, is moving with
a steady speed of 5 m/s, away from a wall.
An observer, towards whom the toy car is
moving, is able to hear 5 beats per second.
If the velocity of sound in air is 340 m/s,
the frequency of the horn of the toy car is
close to :
(1) 680 Hz
(2) 510 Hz
(3) 340 Hz
(4) 170 Hz

Two stars are 10 light years away from the
earth. They are seen through a telescope
of objective diameter 30 cm. The
wavelength of light is 600 nm. To see the
stars just resolved by the telescope, the
minimum distance between them should
be (1 light year=9.46× 1015m) of the order
of :
(1) 106 km
(2) 108 km
(3) 1011 km
(4) 1010 km

A neutron moving with a speed ‘v’ makes
a head on collision with a stationary
hydrogen atom in ground state. The
minimum kinetic energy of the neutron for
which inelastic collision will take place is :
(1) 10.2 eV
(2) 16.8 eV
(3) 12.1 eV
(4) 20.4 eV

To determine refractive index of glass slab
using a travelling microscope, minimum
number of readings required are :
(1) Two
(2) Three
(3) Four
(4) Five

The volume of 0.1N dibasic acid sufficient
to neutralize 1 g of a base that furnishes 0.04
mole of OH− in aqueous solution is :
(1) 200 mL
(2) 400 mL
(3) 600 mL
(4) 800 mL

Here is the attachment.

IIT JEE Main Exam Sample Paper
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File Type: pdf IIT JEE Main Exam Sample Paper.pdf (1.38 MB, 17 views)
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