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April 11th, 2015, 09:15 AM
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Re: Insurance Agent of IRDA Exam Question Paper

As you want to get Insurance Agent of IRDA Exam Question Paper for doing preparation of this exam so here I am giving you some questions of that exam paper:

1 Sanjeev is an insurance expert who has rich experience in determining premium levels for product, what is his profile like

an actuary
loss adjuster
risk manager
2 The Non Government organizations(NGO) helps the insurance industry immensely in

Promotional activities
Drafting new regulations
Linking buyers and sellers
Linking third party administrators
3 Investment by foreign direct investors in to Insurance co's is restricted to

4 Which market does the Micro Insurance Concentrate on ?

People with large families
People with Low Income
Government Employees
people living in Metro cities
5 What facility do the insurer use to cover Risk beyond their Limits ?

Re Insurance
Banca assurance
6 What is the max level under which micro insurance can be done

1 lac
7 Who is the customer of a Re insurer

High Networth Individual
Insurance Companies
Licenced Insurance Agents
Non Government Organisation
8 Insurance company transfers the insurance which cannot bear by them to

9 A policy holder takes two insurance policy and the premium amount is identical and he gets lesser commission in one of contract the reason is likely to be

one policy has more SA
ONE POLICY has more term
one policy is a single premium
One of the policy has higher Premium
10 An agent reveals his commission received from insurance sales to X&Y .Both plans are of same duration . Why is commission of X far higher that that of Y

X has brought other limited premium product
Y has brought a single premium product
X is married
Y is Single
11 Customer asks the agent to disclose the commission . The agent should

disclose on demand
Not disclose
Should call up the Insurer
Should avoid the topic
12 The best way to prove that customer of a ULIP policy is given awareness about the commission paid to the agent is

Ask the insurer to give a policy endorsement letter
From the fact details
From signed copy of benefit illustration
From ticked column of proposal form
13 Churning is bad , based on which aspect

Agents earn Lower Commission on churning
Policyholder gets more benefits
Policyholders suffer due to surrender charges and benefits
Insurance companies get good branding
14 What over riding criteria an insurance agent consider while proposing a solution

15 Sales Target is reduced . Churning will

Will not affect
16 Higher persistency to the insurer ensures what ?

More productivity
Higher attrition
Higher Profits
Higher S.A
17 Persitency =has increased from 82 % in previous year to 86 % this year . That means

more lapsation
more attrition
less lapsation
No profits
18 What is the maximum Time in which The insurer should settle a claim when all documents are submitted

3 days
15 days
30 days
10 days
19 A missing person is considered to be dead after

12 years
20 The delay in settling claim by any insurance co, as per IRDA norms has to pay....% if the present bank interest rate is 5.2%

21 A claim was submitted & in how many days company should ask for additional documents if required

15 days
20 days
30 days
22 Vivek takes insurance policy and dies after 8 months . If the claim needs to be excluded basis the exclusion cause what could be the cause

Death was due to Accident
Body not found
23 An advisor while explaining the policy and to sell he accepts to give a part of his Agents commission, what is th limits

He cannot offer any commission
He can offer up to 50%
24 Consumer Forum at district level will hear complaints up to

25 How much is the rebate allowed by IRDA to client

26 The controller of insurance in india is

Insurance ombusdmen
27 A insurer advertises through daily news paper . What type of marketing is

cross selling
direct selling
Solicitation of Policy
Brand building
28 Investment by NRI(Non Resident Indian) will be

No risk
Low risk
Medium risk
High risk
29 MWP- If the policy is endorsed under MWP - then the beneficiaries are wife and ?

ex wife
30 Mr.Sunil is doing premium calculation for his company, as per which authority is his profession related to

Council of Actuaries
Insurance council of India
Insurance institiute of India
31 Basic qualifications of agent

sound mind & graduate
sound mind & good income level
Age and income level
His contacts in the market to solicit Insurance
32 Which Institution was Constituted by Insurance Act 1938

Insurance Institute of India
Life Insurance Council
Insurance Broker Association
General Insurance Council
33 What is the role of National Insurance Academy?

To regulate
To advise Government
To undertake training activities
To Advertise globally on Indian Insurance
34 According to IRDA act 1999, central governments involve in insurance industry over

Policy matters
complex technical issues
Promotional activities
Licensing of Insurance companies
35 Complaint council bodies other than IRDA grievance readdress forum & COPA

Insurance Institute of India
Insurance Association
36 What are the ways by which a policy holder can make complaints

Toll free No.
Email or Toll free Number
37 What are the ways in which IRDA can be contacted . One is thru toll free number and other is

Insurance ombudsmen
visiting regional office
Through Agents
38 A policy holder submits cancellation of his term insurance policy , the insurer accepts the form and fails to give the benefit and the policy holder writes to IRDA post which the settlement should be within

10 days
15 days
20 days
30 days
39 What is the maximum level of complaint that can be considered and taken action by ombudsmen

20 lac
25 lac
30 lac
50 lac
40 What is the period of award passed to the customer decided by ombudsman?

3 months
5 months
6 months
41 An Award is passed by Ombudsman .In how many days it should be honored by Insurance Co

15 days
30 days
60 days
90 days
42 Karthik written to his insurer about non settlement of a maturity calim,as per regulations,the insurer has to reply to this within how many working days

43 Raju is a certified license holder under what circumstances he needs to hold his certified license with him that is issued by irda

under all circumstances
when he sells term insurance
when he represents himself as another insurer
when he sells pension policies
44 A policy has been rejected by the company under direct intimation to the customer and copy to the Agent, what is the next action of the Agent

He has to inform the customer that the co has broken relationship with the customer
He plans to change the plan
He has to explain the reasons for rejection to the customer
He takes up with the higher authorities
45 Lung Cancer and Smoking .

lung cancer is peril and smoking is moral hazard
smoking is peril and lung cancer is hazard
Death is certain
Is occupational hazard
46 The type of risk that can be insured against is

Speculative Risk
Pure Risk
Pure & Speculative risk
Non Financial Risk
47 Harish takes a life insurance policy for Ramesh. Which of the following statement best describes the principle of Insurable Interest.

Ramesh declares all his liabilities
Ramesh is elder than Harish
Ramesh owes money form Harish
Harish suffers financial loss incase of death of Ramesh
48 What is the min age to enter into the contract of insurance

49 In a whole life plan - The policyholider's responsibility to give disclosure

at the beginning of the contract
through out the contract
Revival stage
beginning of renewal
50 Types of assignment

Term assignment
Absolute & Conditional

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