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Default ISAT Solution

Will you please provide the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Admission Test question paper ?
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Default Re: ISAT Solution

Here I am providing the list of few questions of Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Admission Test question paper which you are looking for .

1. A projectile is fired at an angle 60◦ with some velocity u. If the angle is changed infinitesimally, let the
corresponding fractional changes in the range and the time of flight be x and y, respectively, Then y is
(A) 23x
(B) −23x
(C) 2x
(D) −2x

15. A polarizer is introduced in the path of a beam of unpolarized light incident on a block of transparent
material (refractive index = p3). The polarizer can be placed such that its axis is parallel (P) or normal
(N) to the plane of incidence. The incident beam makes an angle θ with the surface of the block. The
light will be completely transmitted if
(A) θ = 30◦ and the polarizer is placed in P
(B) θ = 30◦ and the polarizer is placed in N
(C) θ = 60◦ and the polarizer is placed in P
(D) θ = 60◦ and the polarizer is placed in N

16. A submarine traveling at 10 ms−1 is chasing another one in front of it. It locates its position and
speed by sending Sonar (ultrasonic sound) towards it and recording the time of its travel and return
frequency. The frequency of the Sonar is 25000 Hz and the frequency of the reflected signal is 24900
Hz. If the speed of sound in water is 1500 ms−1, the speed of the submarine being chased is
(A) 16 ms−1
(B) 14 ms−1
(C) 13 ms−1
(D) 11 ms−1

17. When light of intensity I reflects from a surface separating two media with refractive index µ1 and
µ2 (µ2 > µ1), the intensity of the reflected light is (µ2 −µ1)2/(µ2 +µ1)2. To make reflection zero a thin
layer of a material of refractive index µ of thickness t is inserted between the two media. The value of
µ and t such that wavelength of light λ is not reflected at all is
(A) µ = (µ1 + µ2)/2; 2µt = λ(2n + 1)/2
(B) µ = (µ1 + µ2)/2; 2µt = 2nλ
(C) µ = pµ1µ2; 2µt = λ(2n + 1)/2
(D) µ = pµ1µ2; 2µt = 2nλ

For more questions , here is the attachment

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Admission Test question paper

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