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June 26th, 2014, 05:37 PM
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JENPARH Question Paper

Will you please like to share the Biological Sciences Model Question paper of JENPARH Exam???

As per your request here I am sharing the Biological Sciences Model Question paper of JENPARH Exam

1. Plant cells are totipotent because
(A) they can survive under wide range of temperature
(B) they can be preserved under suitable condition
(C)they can be easily multiplied
(D)they can be regenerated to a mature plant
Ans. (D)

2. The ultimate source of energy for the biological processes is
(A) sunlight (B) chemical bonds (C) thermal radiation (D) ATP
Ans. (A)

3. The senescence in plants is associated with the synthesis of
(A) IAA (B) NAA (c) ABA (D) GA
Ans. (C)

4. Hydrolytic enzymes are found in
(A) Peroxisome (B) glyoxysome (C) Lysosome (D) ribosome
Ans. (C)

5. Which of the following metals is associated with nitrogenese
(A) Zn
(B) Cu
(C) Mn
(D) Mo
Ans. (D)

6. A C4 plant is photosynthetically more efficient than a C3 plant because of
(A) low photorespiration (B) its ability to generate more ATP
(C ) thicker leaves
(D) its ability to trap more sunlight -
Ans. (A)
7. The protein molecule serves as an electron carrier is
(C ) Ferredoxin
Ans. (C)

8. Cu is an essential component of
(A) cytochrome oxidase (B) carbonic anhydrase
(c) peroxidose
(D) alcohol dehydrogenase Page 2
Ans. (A)

9. When the pollen tube enters the ovule through the micropyle is called is
(A) endogamy
(B) porogamy
(C) chalazogamy
(D) mesogamy
Ans. (B)

10. Which one is the modified stem
(A) potato
(B) corn
(C) spine of cactus
Ans. (A)

11. Largest amount of phosphate bond energy is produced in the process of respiration during
(B) Krebs cycle
(C) Fermentation
(D) Anaerobic respiration
Ans . (B)

12. Mendel crossed pure breed red flowered plants with pure breed white flowered plants and obtained all red flowered offspring (F1 generation). The gene for red flowers must have been
(A) Assorted
(B) Sex linked
(C) Dominant
(D)Carried on the same chromosome as the gene for white flowers
Ans: C

13. The parasite causing malaria in man was first discovered by
(B) Ronald Ross
(C) Landmarck
Ans : (D)Page 3

14. Haemoglobin remains dissolved in the plasma of
(B) Lizards
(C) Porcupine
Ans: (D)

15. The layers, from which gametes are formed, is
(A) Columnar epithelium
(B) Germinal epithelium
(C) Glandular epithelium
(D) Follicular epithelium
Ans : (B)

16. The following glands secrete saliva except
(A) Lachrymal gland
(B) Parotid gland
(C) Submaxillary gland
(D) Sublingual gland
Ans. (A)

17. Peritoneum in vertebrates is a membrane which invests
(B) Blood platelets
(C) Alimentary canal and other visceral organ
Ans : (C)

18. The arterial pulse is due to
(A)Passage of ejected blood
(B) Quality of blood flowing in arteries
(C) The intermittent discharge of blood into the aorta
(D)The intermittent discharge of blood into the aorta and to the elasticity of the
Ans : (D)

19. The main function of the white blood corpuseles in the body is
(A)To protect the body against diseasesPage 4
(B) To carry oxygen to each parts of body
(C) To carry food to each parts of body
(D)To help in the formation of clot.
Ans: (A)

20.‘Grasserie’ disease of silkworm is caused by
(B) Fungus
(C) Protozoa
Ans: (D)

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