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Jindal Steel and Power Placement previous years question papers

Can you please give me the Jindal Steel and Power Placement previous years question papers as it is very urgent for me?

As you want to get the Jindal Steel and Power Placement previous years question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:


1. Reynolds numer is?

2. Biot number is used for solid or liquid?

3. Shear stress on principl plane is?

4 T time of flight in projectile motion is?

5. Velocity of a body while ascending will be more or less than the velocity while decnding?

6. Boundary separation wil occur when press.gradient will?

7. Elongation in tapered bar will be formula?

8. Small numerical on parallel flow heat exchanger.

9. Relation b/w poissions ratio and young modulus.

10. Grashoof number expression.

11. Expression of torque in hollow and solid shaft.(2 questions)

12. Hardness and tensile stength can be increased by which process?

13. If load will be increased on free end of cantiliver beam than it wil break 4m fixed or free end?

14. Tension on tight side side of rope drive will be?

15. Coefficient of fluctuation of speed in governor will be formula?

16. Geneva mechanism will be used in?

17. Double pn junction is used in rectifier, transtitor, photovoltaic call?

18. If the velocity of a body on 2 different points on radius of a circle are given than find the radius of that circle?

19. Gear ratio is define as?

20. Bearing is made up of material for carrying high load?


Technical Questions
1. What is the principle on which centrifugal compressors works ---conversion of K.E to pressure energy
2. _________ has a non linear stress strain curve ---rubber
3. _________has a highest value of poissons ratio----rubber
4. Due to which of the following reasons, the flexible coupling is used----easy to resemble
5. ____________springs are used to absorb shocks and vibrations----torsion
6. Which of the following is correct? -------------absolute pressure =gauge pressure+atmospheric pressure
7. The amount of heat required to raise the temp of 1kg of water through 1degree celcius is callede------- specific heat at constant pressure
8. The value of universal gas constant-------8.314kj/kgdegree k
9. A chemical fuel is a substance which releases_______________on combustion. ----------heat energy
10. The ignition quality of petrol engine fuel is-------octane number
11. For the petrol engine for vehicles the air fuel ratio for maximum power generation is of the order of----12:1
12. Why feausible plug is fitted in a small boiler----to estinguish fire if water level in boiler falls below alarming limit
13. Draught which chimney produces is called----natural draught
14. What is equivalent evaporation---it is the amount of water evaporated from and at 100 degree celsius into dry saturated steam.
15. __________is a none +ve displacement compressor ------reciprocating compressor
16. In a ball bearing______-made harder than stress---ball
17. Hardness is the measure of following----toughness
18. If e=0 the bodies are ---perfectly elastic
19. In cross belt drives the power transmission between pulley rotations is ---opposite disc
20. The internal resistance which the body offers to meet with two load or ext force is called---stress
21. The material having same elastic property in all directio are called as _________ materials---isotropic
22. The bar c/s A is subjected to a tensile force P the normal stress as on oblique plane will be max when inclination of plane to the axis of bar. ---45 degree
23. In which of the following cases unsteady heat flow occurs----aneealing or casing
24. The monochromatic emissivity of white body at all wave lengths and temperature is equal to----unity
25. Due to which of the following reasons hydrogen cnnot be liquified at room temp----don’t know
26. The ratio of specific heat of a liquid to that of specific heat of standard liquid---specific gravity I think\
27. The tendency of an unclosed body to be lifted up in the fluid due to upward force oppp to gravity----buyoyancy
28. An ice cube is floating in a glass of water, as cube melts water level ----falls I think
29. Re=inertia force/viscous force
30. In a cantilever beam of length l L causing a load alone intensity varying uniformly from 0 at the free end to upper unit runs at fixed end. The maximum bending is ---WL2/3
31. The point of contraflexture in a loadd and deforms to the section---bending moment changes sign
32. A simply supported beam of span L is carrying a point load W at the mid span, what is the deflection at the center of beam---WL3/48EI
33. Which of the following is a theroies is suitable for ductile material---maximum shear stress theory
34. in India largest power plant located at----niveli
35. ____steel is widely used for railway track---high carbon
36. _______ is the important component which controls the physical properties of steel---carbon
37. In resistent welding, pression ios released ---after the weld coils
38. Which of the following casting methods are steel and cast iron pipes cast---centrifugal casting
39. When the speed of engine fluctuates continuously above and below mean speed, the governor is said---hunting
40. Which of the gears is recommended for speed reduction ---50:1
41. The flow is said to be turbulent when Re>4000
42. The centrifugal pump calculation is reduced by ---reducing the suction level
43. In rotodynamic pump the increase in energy level is due to ---pressure energy only
44. The working of which of the following hydraulic units is based on Pascals law---hydraulic press
45. Equillibrium condition for coplanar concurrent forces are---sigma H=0, sigma V=0
46. The force which donot meet at one point and line of action donot lie on the same plane is known as _________force. -------must not close
47. The condition of equillibrium for coplanar non concurrent forces are ----sigmaH=0, sigmaV=0, sigma M=0.
47. A__________pair is a pair of 2 equal and opposite forces acting on body in such a way that the lines of action of 2 forces are not in same straight line------couple
48. The % of oxigen by weight in atmosphere is ---23
49. Source o f energy is ---coal, oil, uranium
50. The Fourier law of conduction---Q= -K.a. dt/dx

It consisted of following questions:-
1. The process of joining two metals is— sintering, thumbling, coining?
2. Ratchet is provided in micrometer screw gauge to-maintain uniform pressure…
3. Strain energy is -the energy stored up to elastic limit..
4. Taper angle is measured by-Sine bar, bevel protector?
5. A centrifugal governor is – Hartnell, Porter, Proell?
6. Numerical on Gate design?
7. Equivalent length in saw is measured from- start point to finish point, from first teeth to last teeth?
8. Anemometer is used for measuring- temperature of air, velocity of air, viscosity of fluid?
9. In neutral equilibrium position of meta center is- coincides with center of gravity..
10. If young’s modulus increases what is the change on thermal coefficient of expansion..?
11. Kaplan turbine- low head, high discharge..
12. Strain- (L-l)/L..
13. Economisor is used for-pre heating feed water..
14. In reciprocating compressor clearance is provided for- cushioning effect and saves the piston from hitting the cylinder head..
15. Function of governor is- maintain a constant speed in parting load conditions..
16. Heat Transfer from hot body to cold body takes place without affecting intervening medium is-radiation..
17. When conduction will not take place-when temp. of both bodies are equal..
18. Which of these defines pitch circle diameter-circular pitch, module,diametral pitch(all of these)..
19. Which of these governor is known as dead weight governor- Portor governor..
20. Property which resist elastic deformation-stiffness..
21. Continuous beam is a beam with- more than 2 supports..
22. More than two supports is known as continuous beam..
23. For self locking of screw-helix angle > friction angle..
24. Involute profile is preferred in gears as-it transmits maximum power..
25. The gear which resists axial thrust-herringbone gears..
26. For large power transmission, square threads- wear out, less efficient, production is costly..
27. The weakest part in flange coupling is-key..
28. Cage is provided in ball bearing to –keep balls in position..
29. When a mass of critically damped style, degree of freedom of system is deflected from its equilibrium position and then it is released then-it will oscillate with increasing time period.
30. 30(+0.05)(-0.03) is- bilateral type of tolerance..
31. Numerical on hoop’s stress?
32. When a cylinder is compressed over another then-hoop stress is reduced.

1. Technical aptitude.

In this section there were totally 50 technical questions, with 4 options for each question, depending on different branches. Time duration was 45 min. Some of the questions I remember are. …….
1. Which metal/alloy is used in railway tracks _____ ?
2. Hydraulic press works on the principle ______?
3. If e=0 body is said to be ______?
4. Which has max poisons ratio ______ ?
5. Coplanar, concurrent forces equilibrium eqn ______.?
6. For simply supported beam with load at midspan bending moment is given by eqn _______?
7. In I.C Engine petrol efficiency is given by ________ Number?
8. Emissivity of white body at all temperature & pressure is______?
9. Rod is manufactured using ______ process?
10. In ball bearing which is harder ______ ?
11. Equilibrium eqn for non-coplanar, concurrent forces _______ ?
12. An ice cube is placed in a glass filled with water, when the ice cube melts the level of water will be ______?
13. On burning chemical fuel which energy will release _______?
14. Which has +ve displacement ________?
15. Governor hunting is ______?

Contact Details:
Jindal Steel and Power Limited
Plot No 751,
Near Panchimukhhi Chhak,
Orissa 759122 ‎
097 77 443049

Map Location:

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