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Default JIPMER Previous Year Question Paper Download

my sister is pursuing BDS from Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER). I want to see 1st semester result so please provide me appropriate link where I can download previous year and model paper of BDS 1st semester?

As you want here I am giving below JIPMER Previous Year Question Paper on your demand :

1. The aortic opening in the diaphragm is at the level of
A. T10
B. T12
C. T6
D. T8

Ans. B

2. Which of the following is not a content of the pudendal canal
A. Pudendal nerve
B. Internal pudendal artery
C. Internal pudendal vein
D. Nerve to obturator internus

Ans. D

3. All the following are general visceral efferent
A. Nucleus ambiguous
B. Dorsal nucleus of

C. Salivatory nucleus

D. Edinger Westphal nucleus

Ans. A

4. Angle formed by the shaft and the neck of the femur is ___
A. 115
B. 125
C. 135
D. 145

Ans. B

5. Which of the following is a primary lymphoid organ
A. Spleen
B. Lymphnode
C. Bonemarrow
D. Liver

Ans. C

6. Tongue is protruded by which of the following muscle
A. Hyoglossus
B. Palatoglossus

C. Myelohyoid
D. Genioglossus

Ans. D

7. All of the following are features of flat type of pelvis
A. Narrow subpubic angle
B. Short concave sacrum
C. Divergent side walls
D. Wide sciatic notch

Ans. A

8. A lesion involving the C8 nerve root will affect
A. Extensors of fingers and wrist
B. Flexors of fingers and wrist
C. Small muscles of hand

Ans. B

9.Dorsal scapular nerve supplies
A. levator scapulae and rhomboids
B. supraspinatus and infra spinatus
C. lattismus dorsi

D. serratus anterior

Ans. A

10. With foot off the ground and knee flexed, medial rotation of tibia is
brought about by
A. Popliteus
B. gastrocnemius
C. vastus medialis
D. adductor magnus



11. 90% of CO 2 in blood is transported as
A. Dissolved CO2
B. HCO3-
C. Carboxy haemoglobin
D. Carbamino haemoglobin

Ans. B

12. Hardy-Weinberg law is used to predict inheritance of which of the
following type
A. autosomal dominant
B. autosomal recessive
C. x-linked dominant
D. x-linked recessive
Ans. B
13. Intercalating bridges in sarcomere are formed
A. actin
B. myosin
C. tropomyosin
D. calmodulin
Ans. A
14. Blood flow changes are least during exercise in
A. Brain
B. Heart
C. Skin
Ans. A
15. The main fuel used during starvation by a healthy adult
A. free fatty acids
B. amino acids
C. glucose
D. ketone body
Ans. C?
16. Which of the following sensations is not converging on
A. smell
B. fine touch
C. hearing
D. vision
Ans. C
17. If acid is added to a medium containing intact mitochondria which of the
following is seen
A. uncoupling of phosphorylation
B. inhibition of Electron Transport Chain
C. inhibition of phosphorylation
D. generation of ATP
18. Instrumental conditioning in learning was introduced and demonstrated
A. Pavlov
B. Skinner
C. Freud
D. Watson
Ans. B?
19. Endothelium derived relaxation factor is supposed to be
A. Nitric oxide
Ans. A
20. The fine movements of voluntary muscles are controlled
A. Anterior corticospinal tract
B. Lateral corticospinal tract
C. Tectospinal
D. Vestibulospinal
21. Features of Vitamin C deficiency is due to defect of which
A. Lysyl hydroxylase
B. Lysyl oxidase
C. Procollagen peptidase
Ans. A
22. Okazaki pieces are seen in
A. DNA repair
B. DNA replication
C. Transcription
D. Translation
Ans. B
23. Major Histocompatibility Complex is located
A. Long arm of chromosome 6
B. Short arm of chromosome 6
C. Long arm of chromosome 7
D. Short arm of chromosome 7
Ans. B
24.Which of the following ketone bodies is commonest following prolonged
A. Aceto acetate
B. B-hydroxy buryrate
C. acetone
D. alpha ketoglutarate
Ans. B?
25. cAMP is degraded by
A. Phosphodiesterase
B. Phosphokinase
C. Phosphatase
D. Xanthine oxidase
Ans. A
26. Bacterial adherence to epithelium is mediated through
A. pili
B. fimbriae
C. flagella
D. mesosomes
Ans. A
27. Which of the following organism is capsulated
A. Histoplasma capsulatum
B. Cryptococcus neoformans
C. Candida albicans
Ans. B
28. Ova with lateral spines is a feature of
A. Schistosoma japonicum
B. Schistosoma mansoni
C. Schistosoma haematobium
D. Schistosoma mekongi
Ans. B
29. Which of the following is an oncogenic retrovirus
Ans. A
30. Which of the following activates the alternate complement
A. IgA
B. IgG
C. IgM
D. IgD
Ans. A
31. Which of the following activates the classical complement pathway
A. Immune complex
B. Lipopolysaccharide
C. Exotoxin
Ans. A
32. Serum sickness is due to which type of hypersensitivity
A. Type I
B. Type II
C. Type III
D. Type IV
Ans. C
33. Most common site of infection with Cryptococcus neoformans is
A. Lung
B. Meninges
Ans. B
34. All are true about streptococcal infections except
A. throat infection more common in age group of 5-15years
B. skin infection more common in age <3yrs
C. 15-20% colonization of mucosal surfaces
D. scarlet fever more common <3yrs
Ans. D
35. Which of the following is not a feature of anemia of chronic disease
A. increased TIBC
B. increased serum iron
C. increased serum ferritin
D. increased bone marrow iron
Ans. B
36. Which among the following does not secrete Interleukin 1 alpha
A. lymphocyte
B. fibroblast
C. macrophage
D. endothelium
Ans. A
37. Histological scoring' of chronic hepatitis does not include
A. periportal inflammation
B. portal fibrosis
C. bridging necrosis
D. cholestasis
Ans. D
38. Pulmonary surfactant is synthesized by
A. Type I pneumocytes
B. Type II pneumocytes
Ans. B
39. Regarding DIC all the following features are correct except
A. Increased fibrin degradation products
B. Decreased platelets
C. Increased fibrinogen
Ans. C
40. Which of the following is the most beta-1 selective antagonist
A. Acebutolol
B. Atenolol
Ans. D
41. ACE inhibitors are contraindicated in all the following
A. Bilateral renal artery stenosis
B. Elderly hypertensive
C. Diabetic microalbuminuria
D. Severe renal failure
Ans. C
42. Which of the following is a cardiotoxic anticancer drug
A. bleomycin
B. doxorubicin
C. 5 FU
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Default Re: JIPMER Previous Year Question Paper Download

Hi buddy here I am looking for JIPMER Previous Year Question Paper to do preparation of this exam so will you plz, let me know from where I can do download it ?
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