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September 2nd, 2017, 10:51 AM
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Re: Kannur University B Tech Previous Question Papers

I am providing Previous Year Question Papers of B.Tech 4th Semester Program of Kannur University for your reference:

Kannur University B.Tech 4th Semester Question Paper: CS208 : PRINCIPLES OF DATABASE DESIGN (CS , IT)

1. List out any three salient features of database systems.

2. How is DML different from DDL? Write a sample statement in DML and one in DDL.

3. Can we represent the situation modelled by the following ER diagram without therelationship ‘HAS’? If so, draw the new diagram. If not, give the reasons. (Entities are DEPARTMENT and EMPLOYEE. Attributes names are given under entity names; keys are underlined.)

4. Consider the a relation R(A,B,C,D) where A is a key of R. Write any three relational algebra expressions equivalent to ∏A,B ( A = 2 and B=3 (R))

5. Study the tables given below and write relational algebra expressions for the queries that follow.
Primary keys are underlined. ADVISOR is a foreign key referring to PROFESSOR table.
ROLLNO and COURSEID in ENROLLMENT are also foreign keys referring to THE primary keys with the same name.
(i) Names of female students
(ii) Names of male students along with adviser name
(iii) Roll Number and name of students who have not enrolled for any course.

6. A company has the following scenario: There are a set of salespersons. Some of them manage other salespersons. However, a salesperson cannot have more than one manager. A salesperson can be an agent for many customers. A customer is managed byexactlyone salesperson. A customer can place any number of orders. An order can beplaced by exactlyone customer. Each order lists one or more items. An item may belisted in many orders. An item is assembled from different parts and parts can becommon for many items. One or more employees assemble an item from parts. Asupplier can supply different parts in certain quantities. A part may be supplied bydifferent suppliers.
(i) Identify and list entities, suitable attributes, primary keys, foreign keys andrelationships to represent the scenario.
(ii) Draw an ER diagram to model the scenario using min-max notation.

7. a. Justify the importance of weak entity sets with the help of an example.
b. In the ER diagram below, names of entity sets and relationships are shown in capital and corresponding attributes are listed under each such name. Key attributes areunderlined. All the participations are total. Use the standard synthesis procedure toconvert the ER diagram into the corresponding relational schema. Clearly showprimary and foreign keys.

Kannur University B.Tech 4th Semester Question Paper: CS208 : PRINCIPLES OF DATABASE DESIGN (CS , IT)

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