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Re: Karnataka Common Entrance Test Medical

The Karnataka Common Entrance Test is conducted by Karnataka Examination Authority.

For medical course (MBBS) the Karnataka Examination Authority takes admissions through NEET UG Entrance Exam.

The NEET UG Entrance Exam is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education for admission in MBBS and BDS Courses.

Pattern of NEET UG:

Total Questions: 180

Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany & Zoology)

Total Paper: 01

Question Type: Objective Type Multiple Choice

Duration: 3 Hours

Test Languages:

Here I am attaching sample question paper of NEET UG Entrance Exam for your reference:

NEET UG Sample Question Paper
Q1: Succus entericus is secreted by _______.
(A) Brunner’s glands
(B) Auerbach’s plexus
(C) Crypts of Lieberkuhn
(D) Peyers patches
Ans: C

Q2: Structural lipids of cell membrane
(A) Simple lipid
(B) Chromolipids
(C) Steroid
(D) Phospholipids
Ans: D

Q3: Structural element of Chromatin is
(A) Histone
(B) Acid protein and DNA
(C) Nuclear matrix
(D) Nucleosomes
AnsL D

Q4: Sporopollenin, a chemical substance is found in _______.
(A) Exine of pollen grain
(B) Intine of pollen grain
(C) Tapetum of anther
(D) Endothecium of anther
Ans: A

Q5: Spindle fibre is made up of
(A) Humulin
(B) Intermediate filament
(C) Flagellin
(D) Tubulin
Ans: D

Q6: Some important events in the human female reproductive cycle are given below. Arrange the events in a proper sequence.

A - Secretion of FSH, B - Growth of corpus luteum, C - Growth of the follicle and oogenesis, D - Ovulation, E - Sudden increase in the lcvcls of LH
(A) A  C  E  D  B
(B) A  D  C  E  B
(C) B  A  C  D  E
(D) C  A  D  B  E
Ans: A

Q7: Silk produced by Antheraea mylitta is also called
(A) Muga silk
(B) Tassar silk
(C) Eri silk
(D) Mysore silk
Ans: B

NEET UG Sample Question Paper

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