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July 5th, 2016, 10:50 AM
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Re: Kerala Dental PG Entrance Previous Questions

As you have asked for the Kerala Dental PG Entrance exam previous questions, I am providing you with it, check below for the details

1) Which activity will be difficult to perform for a patient with an anterior cruciate deficient joint?
1. Walk downhill
2. Walk uphill
3. Sit Cross Leg
4. Getting up from sitting
Ans (1)

2)Renal osteodystrophy differs from nutritional and metabolic rickets due to the presence of
Hyper phosphatemia
Hyper calcemia
Hypo phosphatemia
Hypo calcemia
Ans 1

3) The most appropriate menagement of antrochoanal polyp in children is
1. Caldwell Luc Operation
2. Intranasal Polypectomy
3. Corticosteroids
4. Wait and Watch
Ans 2

4) The cough response caused while cleaning the ear canal is mediated by stimulation of
1. The V Cranial Nerve
2. Innervation of external ear canal by C1 C2 .
3. The X Cranial Nerve
4. Branches of VII Cranial nerve
Ans 3

5) A 38 year old gentleman reports of decraesed hearing in right ear for the past 2 years. On testing with a 512 Hz tuning fork the Rinne's test (without masking)is negative on the right ear and positive on left ear. With the weber'a test being percieved as louder in the left ear. The patient most likely has
1. Right conductive hearing loss
2. Right sensorineural hearing loss
3. Left sensorineural hearing loss
4. Left conductive hearing loss
Ans 2

6) Which of the following is not correct for Ethmoidal Polyp
1. Allergy is an etiological factor
2. Occur in first decade of life
3. Are Bilateral
4. Are often associated with bronchial asthma
Ans 2

7) Foetal hydronephrosis is diagnosed in mother at 34 weeks of gestation. The amniotic fluid is nornal \. Which of the following is the most appropriate management.
1. Fetal intervention to decompress hydronephrotic kidney
2. Premature termination of pregnancy followed by pyeloplasty
3. Delivery at term followed by radiological examination
4. Delivery at term followed by pyeloplasty
Ans 3

8) A 2 year old boy has Vitamin D refractory Rickets. Investigations show serum calcium to 9 mg/ dl, phosphate 2.4 mg/ dl , alkaline phosphatase 1040 IU . Parathyroid hormone level and bicarbonate levels are normal. The most probable diagnosis is
1. Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis
2. Hypophosphatemic Rickets
3. Vitamin D dependent rickets
4. Proximal Renal Tubulat acidosis
Ans 2

9) Neurological complications of meningitis include all of the following except:
1. Seizures
2. Increases intracranial pressure
3. Cerebral hematoma
4. Subdural effusions
Ans 3

10) The gold standard for definative diagnosis of extrahepatic biliary atresia is
1. Per operative Cholangiography
2. hepatobiliary scintigraphy
3. Alkaline Phosphatase Level
4. Liver Biopsy
Ans 2

11) The lenght of feeding tume to be inserted for transpyloric feeding is measured from the tip of
1. Nose to umblicus
2. Ear lobe to umblicus
3. Nose to knee joint
4. Ear lobe to knee joint
Ans 1

12) Which layer of epidermis is underdevloped in VLBW infants in initial 7 days
1. Stratum germinavatum
2. Stratum granulosum
3. Stratum lucidum
4. Stratum corneum
Ans 4

13) In pediatric advanced life support intraosseous access for drug fluid administration is recommended for pediatric age of
1. <1 yrs age
2. <5 yrs age
3. <6 yrs age
4. Any age
Ans 3 [ Prashant , Banglore] [Nelson - "Intraosseous infusion is an easily achieved alternative to an IV line when vascular access is essential and a peripheral IV live cannot be rapidlt placed in children 6yrs or younger]

14) A 3 yr old boy is brought to casualty by his mother with progressive shortness of breath for 1 day. The child has a history of bronchial asthma. On examination, the child is blue gasping and unresponsive. What will you do first
1. Intubate
2. Administer 100% oxygen by mask
3. Ventilate with bag and mask
4. Administer nebulized salbutamol
Ans 2 (100%??)
15) A 5-yr old child presents with confusion, increased salivation, lacrymation, fasiculations, miosis, tachycardia and hypertension. Which of the following poisons can cause these manifestations.
1. Opium
2. Organophosphate insectiside
3. Dhatura
4. Organochlorine pesticide
Ans 2

16) The Drug of choice for thoracic actinomycosis is
1. Amphotericin B
2. Penicillin
3. Co trimaxozole
4. Itraconazole
Ans 2

17) All of the following statements regarding malignant potential of colorectal polyps are true except
1. Polyps of familial polopyosis coli could undergo malignamt change
2. Pseudepolyps of ulcerative colitis has high risk of malignancy
3. Villous adenoma is associated with high risk of malignancy
4. Juvennile polyps has little or no risk
Ans 2

18) A patient presents with respiratory symptoms ie: cough, hemoptysis and glomerulonephritis. His c-ANCA levels in serum d to have been raised. The mosty likely diagnosis is
1. Goodpastures Syndrome
2. Classic Polyarteritis Nodosa
3. Wegners Granulomatosis
4. Kawasaki syndrome
Ans 3

19) The gene that regulates normal morphogenesis during devlopment is
2. Homeobox Gene
3. P-16
Ans (2)

20) All of the following familial syndromes are associated with the devlopment of pheocromocytomas EXCEPT
1. Sturge Weber Syndrome
2. Von Recklinghausen Disease
3 MEN Type II b
4. Prader Villi Syndrome
Ans 4

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