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Kerala SET exam English Solved Model Questions

Here I am looking for the English Model Question Paper of Kerala SET Exam, can you please provide me the same?????

As you are looking for the English Model Question Paper of Kerala SET Exam, so here I am sharing the same with you

1. Identify the season of the year of the Pilgrimage referred in Chaucer’s Prologue to the Canterbury Tales.
A) Summer B) Winter C) Spring D) Autumn
2. The company of Pilgrims in Chaucer’s Prologue consisted of -------------- Pilgrims.
A) 28 B) 29 C) 30 D) 35
3. Cite the name of the Martyr to whose shrine the pilgrimage is undertaken
A) St. Moses B) St. Thomas Becket
C) St. Joseph D) St. Francis
4. Identify the year of the Fall of Constantinople
A) 1450 B) 1453 C) 1462 D) 1468
5. Who published the verses of Wyatt and Surrey?
A) Lydgate B) Thomas Sackville
C) Tottel D) Thomas More
6. “A sound magician is a mighty God” This line appears in the drama
A) Edward II B) The Jew of Malta
C) Tamburlaine, the Great D) Doctor Faustus
7. Which is the first English tragedy?
A) The Spanish Tragedy B) Cato
C) Gorbodoc D) The Changeling
8. Identify the work not authored by Bacon.
A) Novam Organum B) Apopthegms
C) The New Atlantis D) Toxophilus
9. ‘Goe and catch a falling star’ – Identify the poet of this sonnett.
A) Philip Sidney B) John Donne
C) Surrey D) Wyatt
10. Which age is commonly referred as ‘a nest of singing birds?’
A) Jacobean Age B) Elizabethan Age
C) Augustan Age D) Neo-classical age
11. A Shakespearean sonnet is characterized by….
A) Three quatrains and a couplet
B) A narrative with no divisions
C) An octave and a sestet
D) A Long narrative
12. Who wrote ‘An Apology for Poetry’?
A) John Dryden B) Ben Jonson
C) Longinus D) None of the above

13. ‘Conceits’ are commonly used by
A) Metaphysical poets B) Pre-Raphelites
C) Modern poets D) None of the above
14. The first anthology of Metaphysical poetry was compiled &edited by
A) Johnson B) Grierson
C) Croce D) Nash
15. Who wrote these lines: “But at my back I hear Time’s winged chariot hurrying near -------------”
A) C.S. Lewis B) John Donne
C) Andrew Marvell D) Henry Waughan
16. “Here is God’s plenty; but he lacks high seriousness” – In this line ‘he’ refers to
A) Homer B) Chaucer
C) Dante D) Aristophanes
17. ‘Euphuses, or The Anatomy of Wit’ was written by
A) Sidney B) Bacon C) Spenser D) Lyly
18. ‘The Arcadia’ was written by
A) Bacon B) Sidney C) Lyly D) Bayard
19. Identify the play which is not written by Ben Jonson
A) The Alchemist B) Volpone
C) Pericles, the Prince of Tyre D) Bartholomew Fair
20. ‘Of Truth’ is an essay written by ---------------
A) Bacon B) Thomas More
C) Caxton D) Hobbes
21. The noted translator of Shakespeare’s plays into German is
A) Goethe B) Pushkin
C) Schlegel D) Grass
22. “One of the triple pillars of the Roman world transformed into a Strumpet’s fool”. Identify the play.
A) Antony and Cleopatra B) Julius Caesar
C) Henry V D) Henry IV.Part I
23. “To be or not to be; that’s the question”. Identify the lines in the Play of Shakespeare.
A) Othello B) King Lear
C) Macbeth D) None of the above
24. In which play of Shakespeare, Bottom and the rude mechanicals appear.
A) A Midsummer Night’s Dream
B) As You Like It
C) Tempest
D) None of the above.
25. Who is called the ‘turncoat’ in the play ‘Antony and Cleopatra’?
A) Octavius Caesar B) Lepidus
C) Enobarbus D) None of the above
26. Which play of Shakespeare is generally called ‘the tragedy of the handkerchief’?
A) Othello B) Macbeth
C) King Lear D) Hamlet
27. The Forest of Arden is the locale of the following play.
A) Twelfth Night B) The Merchant of Venice
C) Measure for Measure D) None of the above
28. “There is beggary in the love that can be reckoned”. Identify the lines in Shakespeare’s play.
A) Love’s Labour’s Lost B) As you Like It
C) Twelfth Night D) Antony and Cleopatra
29. “As flies to wanton boys are we to the Gods- they kill us for their sport”. Which play of Shakespeare contains these lines?
A) King Lear B) Julius Caesar
C) Cymbeline D) None of the above.
30. ‘Falstaff ’ is a character in
A) Henry IV B) King Lear
C) Hamlet D) Julius Caesar
31. The fair young man referred in Shakespeare’s Sonnet is
A) Earl of Sussex B) Earl of Burgundy
C) Earl of Surrey D) Earl of Southampton
32. Identify one of the last plays of Shakespeare
A) Measure for Measure B) Cymbeline
C) Timon of Athens D) Troius and Cressida
33. According to Aristotle the purpose of a tragedy is for
A) Purgation B) Exhibition of horror
C) Stage violence D) Entertaining
34. ‘Hamartia’ means
A) Pity and fear B) Tragic flaw
C) Purity D) Arouse emotions
35. Which edition of Shakespeare is taken as the most scholarly edition?
A) The Arden edition B) The Variorum edition
C) The Clarendon edition D) The Folger edition
36. “Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds -----”
Identify the author of these lines:
A) John Keats B) Byron C) Shakespeare D) Coleridge
37. Seneca plays were reworkings chiefly of
A) Euripides B) Aeschylus
C) Sophocles D) All the above
38. ‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’ – In which play of Shakespeare these lines occur.
A) Cymbeline B) Hamlet
C) King Lear D) As You Like It
39. “Others abide our question. Thou art free
We ask and ask – Thou smilest and art still.”
Identify the writer who praised Shakespeare.
A) Johnson B) Coleridge
C) Wordsworth D) Matthew Arnold
40. A.C.Bradley is best remembered for his work on
A) Milton B) Shakespeare
C) Dr.Johnson D) Blake
41. The Theatres in England reopened after Restoration in the year
A) 1660 B) 1665
C) 1670 D) 1667
42. ‘Areopagitica’, by Milton is a plea
A) Denouncing opponents of the Commonwealth
B) Against the Catholic licentiousness’
C) For the liberty of the press
D) All the above
43. “Of Man’s First Disobedience and Fruit
of the Forbidden Tree whose mortal taste”
These lines are taken from Milton’s Paradise Lost.
A) Book IV B) Book I
C) Book IX D) Book XII
44. Locate the Chronicler of the 17th century in ‘Diary’.
A) Samuel Pepys B) Roger Reynolds
C) Jeremy Colliers D) None of the above
45. When was the Preface to the Lyrical Ballads published?
A) 1794 B) 1798
C) 1784 D) 1789
46. Identify the poet who is not a pre-Romantic.
A) William Blake B) Oliver Goldsmith
C) Robert Southey D) Robert Burns
47. ‘I fall upon the thorns of life; I bleed ‘– Identify the poem
A) Ode to Skylark B) Ode to the West Wind
C) Ode to a Nightingale D) Ode on Autumn
48. Who wrote ‘Confessions of an English Opium-Eater’?
A) S.T.Coleridge B) Thomas De Quincey
C) Edmund Burke D) John Ruskin
49. “The sounding cataract
Haunted me like a passion; the tall rock were then to me ---------
An appetite”.
Identify the author of these lines

A) S.T. Coleridge B) William Wordsworth
C) Robert Southey D) John Keats
50. Which poet is associated with the words “a willing suspension of disbelief”.
A) S.T. Coleridge B) John Keats
C) Lord Byron D) Cowper
51. ‘The Deserted Village’ is a poem by
A) Thomas Gray B) William Collins
C) Oliver Goldsmith D) George Philips
52. Whose ‘lock of hair’ is the subject of Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock’?
A) Beatrice B) Belinda
C) Benita D) Brawne
53. “Grow old along with me;
The best is yet to be --- ”
Identify the poet of these lines.
A) Alfred Tennyson B) Robert Browning
C) Matthew Arnold D) Edward Fitzgerald
54. Shakespeare has no heroes; but only heroines – These are the words of -------------
A) Pepys B) Ruskin C) Carlyle D) Defoe
55. ‘Pamela’ is written by
A) Sterne B) Fielding C) Richardson D) Scott
56. ‘Touchstone method’ is a critical tool enunciated by
A) C.S. Lewis B) F.R. Leavis
C) T.S. Eliot D) Matthew Arnold
57. ‘Negative capability’ is a term associated with
A) John Ruskin B) John Keats
C) Lord Byron D) Samuel Pepys
58. The locale of many of Thomas Hardy’s novel
A) Wessex B) Sussex
C) Essex D) Manawaka
59. Charles Dicken’s ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ has the backdrop of the
A) Russian Revolution B) French Revolution
C) American Revolution D) None of the above.
60. ‘Sprung rhythm’ is associated with the poet.
A) John Dryden B) Lord Tennyson
C) G.M.Hopkins D) Robert Browning
61. England and America are the countries divided by a common language. Who said these words?
A) Shaw B) Dr.Johnson
C) Russel D) Bond
62. From which Upanishad Eliot quotes in ‘The Wasteland’.
A) Isa Upanishad B) Brihadharanyaka Upanishad
C) Katha Upanishad D) Mandukya Upanishad
63. Bernard Shaw’s plays mainly dealt with which of the following?
1. Social issues 2 .Political issues 3.Spelling reforms
A) 1&2 only B) 2&3 only C) 1 and 3 only D) 1, 2 and 3
64. ‘The Wasteland’ is dedicated to ‘the better craftsman’. Identify the craftsman.
A) Ted Hughes B) Ezra Pound
C) Auden D) Stephen Spender
65. The period of the World War II is
A) 1910-1916 B) 1939-1945
C) 1920-1926 D) 1914-1920
66. Identify the writer of ‘Animal Farm’
A) Ralph Ellison B) George Meredith
C) George Orwell D) None of the above
67. Indicate the order of Four Quartets.
A) Burnt Norton, Dry Salvages, East Coker, Little Gidding
B) Little Gidding, Dry Salvages, East Coker, Burnt Norton
C) East Coker, Burnt Norton, Little Gidding, Dry Salvages
D) Burnt Norton, East Coker, Dry Salvages, Little Gidding,
68. Identify the playwright who does not belong to the Theatre of the Absurd
A) Synge B) Pinter C) Mamet D) Becket
69. Who wrote the essay ‘Why I am not a Christian?’
A) John O’Casey B) Bertrand Russell
C) E.M Foster D) George Orwell
70. Identify a writer who is not grouped under Transcendentalists.
A) Emerson B) Thoreau
C) Whitman D) Hemingway
71. “Because I could not stop for Death; He kindly stopped for me –”
Identify the poet of these lines.
A) Sylvia Plath B) Emily Dickinson
C) Toni Morrison D) Margaret Atwood
72. Nora appears in the play
A) Gora B) A Doll’s House
C) The Lion and the Jewel D) Riders to the Sea
73. ‘Beloved’ and ‘Sula’ are the novels of
A) Ellison B) Alice walker
C) Melville D) Toni Morrison
74. Tagore’s ‘Chandalika’ is a
A) Novel B) Long poem
C) Drama D) Non-fiction
75. Who wrote the ‘Walden’?
A) Thoreau B) Emerson
C) Mark Twain D) Melville
76. The term ‘objective correlative’ was first used by
A) Philip Larkin B) William Golding
C) T.S Eliot D) Kingsley Amis
77. Identify the novel written by J.M.Coetzee
A) Lajja B) Disgrace
C) Shaman D) Shame
78. “Good fences make good neighbours”. Identify the poet of these lines.
A) Seamus Heaney B) Robert Frost
C) W.H. Auden D) Stephen Spender
79. Which novel of Salman Rushdie was banned in India?
A) The Moor’s Last Sigh B) Grimus
C) Imaginary Homelands D) None of the above.
80. The Nobel Prize winner for Literature (2009) is
A) Gunter Grass B) Herta Mueller
C) V.S.Naipaul D) Doris Lessing
81. Philology is the study of
A) Phonemes B) Languages
C) Phones D) Photons
82. Grimms law is concerned with changes in
A) Consonants B) Vowels
C) Diphthongs D) Semi vowels
83. English differs from other European languages, mainly, by adopting
A) Neutral gender B) Natural gender
C) Grammatical gender D) None of the above
84. Choose the wrongly spelt word(s)
1. Drunkenness 2. Mischievous 3. Seperate 4. Questionnaire
A) 3 only B) 1 & 2 only C) 2 & 4 only D) 4 only
85. The Norman Conquest is attributed to the year
A) 1266 B) 1166 C) 1066 D) 1236
86. Semantics is the study of
A) Change in words B) Change in the meaning of words
C) Change in the order of words D) Change in immediate constituents
87. Locate the velar sounds.
A) /p/b/ B) /k/g/ C) /s/z/ D) /f/v/
88. T.G.Grammar was enunciated by
A) Hockett B) Chomsky C) Nida D) Sweet
89. Did he reach by bus or by walk?
1 2 3 4
In which portion is the sentence wrong?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
90. Identify the meaning of the idiom ‘Tooth and nail’.
A) With full force B) Difficult work
C) To go into details D) Occasionally
91. Identify the meaning of the expression “Lion’s share’.
A) Prey B) Small portion
C) Major portion D) Difficult task
92. International destruction of racial groups is known as
A) Genocide B) Patricide
C) Regicide D) Homicide
93. Choose the word referring to ‘confinement to one place to avoid spread of infection’.
A) Isolation B) Quarantine
C) Seclusion D) Reclamation
94. What is meant by morpheme?
A) Smallest meaningful unit B) Smallest nominal unit
C) Smallest notional unit D) Smallest prenominal unit
95. Identify the glottal sound.
A) /f/ B) /v/ C) /n/ D) /h/
96. Locate the meaning for the word ‘serendipity’
A) Finding unpleasant things by chance
B) Finding pleasant things by chance
C) Finding offensive things by chance
D) Finding non offensive things by chance
97. ‘Lycidas’ could be listed under the genre.
A) Novelette B) Epic C) Ode D) Elegy
98. The idiom ‘To have your feet on the ground’ means
A) To remain inflexible B) To stick to the ground
C) To be sensible D) To be firm
99. In the word ‘manufacture’, the stress falls on the
A) First syllable B) Second syllable
C) Third syllable D) Fourth syllable
100. How many syllables are there in the word ‘Queue’?
A) 2 B) 1 C) 3 D) 4
101. The concept of ‘Pity and fear’ was advanced by
A) Aristotle B) Plato C) Ariosto D) Horace
102. ‘The Seven types of Ambiguity’ was written by
A) Abrams B) Empson
C) Frye D) Longinus
103. “Poetry is not a turning loose of emotions, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality” – who said this?
A) W.B.Yeats B) Robert Frost
C) T.S. Eliot D) Edgar Allan Poe
104. ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ is a poem by
A) Ezra Pound B) Eliot
C) Walter Pater D) Coleridge
105. A critic must avoid the historical estimate and personal estimate. Identify the Critic who opined this.
A) Dryden B) Dr. Johnson
C) Matthew Arnold D) C.S. Lewis
106. The essay ‘The Four Kinds of Meaning’ was written by
A) T.S.Eliot B) I.A. Richards
C) Wimsatt and Books D) M.H. Abrams
107. Who wrote the book ‘The Second Sex’?
A) Julia-Kriestva B) Kate Millet
C) Simone de Beauvoir D) Betty Friedman
108. ‘Of Grammatology’ is written by
A) Derrida B) Focault C) Gramsci D) Culler
109. Who wrote the book ‘Road to Xanadu?’
A) Coleridge B) Basil Wiley
C) John Livingston Lowes D) Herbet Read
110. Who wrote ‘Well Wrought Urn’?
A) Cleanth Brooks B) William Empson
C) Allen Tate D) J.C. Ransom
111. ‘Scrutiny’ is a quarterly brought out by -------------------
A) F.R.Leavis B) Q.D.Lewis
C) Lionel Trilling D) C.S.Lewis
112. Etymology is study of
A) Vowels B) Diphthongs
C) Semi-vowels D) None of the above
113. Which of the four is a nasal sound?
A) /m/ B) / p / C) / d / D) /f/
114. Identify the error in the following sentence
Because by migration to the cities the population of many villages in
A) B) C)
Kerala declined
115. --------------- the circumference of a circle, the longer its radius
A) Larger than B) The larger
C) Larger D) The largest
116. Audio visual method is used in teaching for
A) Attracting the students B) Effective teaching
C) Involving all the students D) Exhibiting modern gadgets
117. A polyglot is one who knows
A) Many languages B) Many nations
C) Many axioms D) Many graphics
118. Identify the writer of ‘The Wretched of the Earth’.
A) Frantz Fanon B) Homi Bhaba
C) Jacques Lacan D) Michael Focault
119. In English there are ------------ distinctive consonants (RP)
A) 21 B) 22 C) 23 D) 24
120. In the sentence’ Park your car inside’, the word ‘park’ is a
A) Noun B) Verb
C) Adjective D) Subject complement

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