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July 2nd, 2014, 09:11 AM
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I am searching here question paper for physics subject of CBSE Board class 12th examination in PDF file format ?

Here I am giving you question paper for physics subject of CBSE Board class 12th examination

3. State the condition under which a microwave oven heats up a food item containing water molecules most
efficiently. 1
4. An electrical element X, when connected to an alternating voltage source, has the current through it leading the
voltage by radii. Identify X and write an expression for its reactance. 1

5. A double convex lens, made from a material of refractive index , is immersed is a liquid of refractive index
where . What change, if any, would occur in the nature of the lens? 1

6. The de Broglie wavelengths, associated with a proton and a neutron, are found to be equal. Which of the two has
a higher value for kinetic energy? 1

7. Carbon and silicon are known to have similar lattice structures. However, the four bonding electrons of carbon are
present in second orbit while those of silicon are present in its third orbit. How does this difference result in a
difference in their electrical conductivities? 1

8. An unknown input (A) and the input (B) shown here, are used as the two inputs in a NAND gate. The output Y, has
the form shown below. Identify the intervals over which the input ‘A’ must be ‘low’.
9. The two graphs drawn below, show the variation of electrostatic potential (V) with (r being distance of the field
point from the point charge) for two point charges q1 and q2.

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