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June 26th, 2014, 05:07 PM
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Re: List of reference books for the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Physics entrance exam

As you want to get the list of some of the best reference books for the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Physics entrance exam so here is the information of the same for you:

1. Mathematical Method of Physics Dimensional analysis.

Reference Books:
Matrices : A.W. Joshi
Complex variables : Schaum Series
Vector calculation : Schaum Series
Linear D.E. & : Shankara Rao/Any
function Graduation Book
Miscellaneous : H.K. Das/Arfkin

2. Classical Mechanics

Reference Books:
Fundamental of C.Mech. : J.e. Upadhyaya
Central Forces : Herbert Goldstein
Small Oscillation : Herbert Goldstein
R.BD. :Landau
Lagrangian & Hamiltonian through class lectures
Our class cover is immense helpful.

3. Electromagnetic Theory

Reference Books:
An introduction to Electrodynamics: David J. Griffith
Classical Electrodynamics: Walter Griener

4. Quantum Mechanics

Reference Books:
Q.M. concepts & applications: Nouredine.N. Zettili
An introduction to Q.M.: David. J. Griffith
Quantum Mechanics: Eugen Merzbacher

5. Thennodynamic and Statistical Physics

Reference Books:
Thermal & Statistical Physics:
Statistical Mechanics: R. K. Patharia
Statistical Mechanics: F. Rief

6. Electronics & Experimental Methods

Reference Books:
Electronics : Millman & Grabell
Electronics : Robert L. Boylestad
Electronics : Millman & Halkias
Digital Electronics : Malvino & Leach

Reference Books:
Introduction to Atomic Spectra: Harvey Elliott White.
Atomic & Molecular Spectra: Raj Kmnar
Molecular Spectra: C.N. Banwell

8. Condensed Matter Physics

Reference Books:
Solid state physics : Aschroft & Mermin
Solid State Physics : Charles Kittel
Solid State Physics : A.J. Decker
9.Nuclear and Particle Physics

Reference Books:
Introduction to Nuclear Particle Physics: A. Das & T. Ferbel
Nuclear Physics: Krane
Particle Physics: C.L.Arora & David J. Griffith

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