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Default LSAT Download

I am preparing for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) exams and want to download the e books for the LSAT exam preparation. Will you please tell me from where I can download the LSAT exam preparation e books? Also suggest me name of books for LSAT preparation?
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Default Re: LSAT Download

Hi buddy I have applied for LSAT exam and now for its preparation here looking for LSAT question paper so will you plz let me know from where I can do download it ??
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Default Re: LSAT Download

As you are looking for LSAT exam question paper so on your demand I am providing same here:

Question 1
Which one of the following best expresses the main idea of the passage?
(A) The optimal size of a school of invertebrates is determined by many different circumstances, but primarily by
issues of competition.
(B) The internal structure of a group of invertebrates determines what defensive maneuvers that group can perform.
(C) Although in many respects invertebrate schools behave in the same way that fish schools do, in some respects
the two types of schools differ.
(D) Certain invertebrates have been discovered to engage in schooling, a behavior that confers a number of benefits.
(E) Invertebrate schooling is more directed toward avoiding or reducing predation than toward finding food
Explanation for Question 1
The passage begins by making the point that an earlier view held by biologists—the view that no invertebrates form
schools—has been abandoned in the face of evidence that there are numerous cases of invertebrates that do form
schools. Evidence that these truly are cases of schooling is presented in the second paragraph. The first sentence of
the third paragraph presents the central thesis of the passage, namely, that schooling brings benefits. The rest of the
third paragraph focuses mainly on benefits that are enjoyed passively by the school, such as giving the appearance of
a single large creature and thereby discouraging predation, while the fourth is concerned with the advantages
enjoyed by a school in actively defending itself against predators. The final paragraph turns to potential survival
advantages of schooling that are related to feeding and breeding, but it also discusses what may happen when a
school gets too large for the available food supply.
(D) is the credited response because, as you can see from the synopsis, the passage begins by making the point that
there are invertebrates that form schools. Most of the rest of the passage presents benefits that schooling
invertebrates may derive from their schooling behavior. Choice (D) accurately captures both of these aspects of the
main point.
Response (A) is incorrect. The passage strongly suggests that the optimal size of a school of invertebrates is
determined by how much food is available. But the passage is not primarily concerned with analyzing what
determines the optimal size of a school. The passage mentions the issue of optimal size only as part of its discussion
of the survival benefits of schooling in the areas of feeding and breeding.
Response (B) is incorrect because the passage discusses defensive maneuvers only as part of its account of one of
the benefits of schooling. Thus, how defensive maneuvers work provides evidence for one of the main ideas of the
passage, but it is not itself the main focus of the passage. Moreover, (B) does not correctly describe what the passage
says about defensive maneuvers. The passage does not relate specific defensive maneuvers to aspects of the internal
structure of the school.
Response (C) is incorrect. The passage compares schooling invertebrates to schooling fish only to make the point
that their schools have highly similar internal structures. The passage does not mention any dissimilarities between
schools of fish and schools of invertebrates. So (C) is not correct.
Response (E) is incorrect. The passage mentions both protection from predation and finding food as benefits that
schooling provides for invertebrates, but it does not discuss the issue of the relative importance of these two
benefits. So (E) does not describe an idea that can be found in the passage.
This question is classified as “easy.

LSAT exam question paper

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