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December 29th, 2016, 03:48 PM
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MP DMAT Syllabus

I want the syllabus of Madhya Pradesh Dental & Medical Admission Test MP DMAT Exam so can you provide me?
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December 29th, 2016, 04:25 PM
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Re: MP DMAT Syllabus

As you want the syllabus of Madhya Pradesh Dental & Medical Admission Test MP DMAT Exam so here I am providing you.

MP DMAT Exam syllabus-

The entrance test will have one common question paper comprising of questions from the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology).


Units And Dimensions
Acceleration Due To Gravity and its variation
Hooke’s Law
Specific Heats at constant volume and constant pressure
Heat Conduction
Wave Nature of Light
Reflection, refraction and Dispersion in prism
Bohr model of the atom
Elementary ideas of conductor, semi-conductor and insulator
Bar magnet lines of force
Dimensional Analysis
Escape Velocity
Gas Laws
Geostationary Satellites
Kinetic Energy
Kinetic Theory Of Gases
Shear And Bulk Modulus
Surface Energy
Universal Law Of Gravitation
Young’s Modulus


Structure Of Atom
Chemical Bond
Solid State
Nuclear Chemistry
Chemical Equilibrium
Ionic Equilibria In Solutions
Thermo Chemistry And Thermodynamics
Chemical Kinetic
Surface Chemistry
Principles Of Metallurgical Operations
Chemical Periodicity
Comparative Study of Elements
Transition Metals
Co-Ordination Compounds
Chemical Analysis
Calculation of Empirical And Molecular Formula
Study Of Elements
Nomenclature Of Organic Compounds
Organic Compounds.
Preparation Properties


Difference Between Prokaryote And Eukaryotes
Elementary Knowledge Of Microsporogenesis
Enzymes And Growth Hormones With Reference To Their Classification
Kingdom Classification Binomial Nomenclature
Mendel’s Laws Of Inheritance
Principle Of Plant Breeding And Its Role In Improvement Of Crops
Role Of Plants In Human Welfare
Structural Organization Of Cell, Cell Theory
Tissues And Tissues Systems


Endocrine System With Special Reference To Various Endocrine Glands Of Man And Hormonal Co- Ordination
Histology Of Manmalian Oargans
Skeleton, Joints, Muscles On The Basic Of Movement Receptors
Structure And Function Of Animal Tissues Epithelial
Structure And Physiology Of Different Organ Systems Of Human Body
Vitamins & Minerals

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