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Default Nagpur University MBA Question Papers

Some can tell me the procedure of get the model question paper from net of MBA II semester course of Nagpur University because I have need of this course model question paper for do this course exam prepation
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Default Re: Nagpur University MBA Question Papers

You want to get the model question paper of MBA II semester course of Nagpur University

You should give me the subject name of which model question paper you want to get so I can help you more

But I am giving you the Nagpur University MBA II semester Question Paper of
Specialisation - I( Gr - B- Financial Management)
STRATEGY is given below:

1. Explain the steps in planning of a new project.

2. `'Takeover strategy for expansion will be a craze inCorporate World". - Elucidate.

3. A company is considering two exclusive projects Xand Y, project X costs Rs. 30,000 and project Y R.s. 36,000. You have been given below the net present value probability distribution for each project.
Project - X Project - Y
NPV Probability NPV Proability
(Rs.) (Rs.)
3,000 0.1 3,000 0.2
6,000 0.4 6,000 0.3
12,000 0.4 12,000 0.3
15,000 0.1 15,000 0.2

(i) Compute the expected net present value of project X and Y.
(ii) Compute the risk attached to each project.
(iii) Which project do you consider more risky and why %
(iv)Compute the profitability index of each project.

4. Explain the concept of optimal capital structure. Discuss MM approach and Traditional position of capital structure evaluation.

5. JBC Ltd. sells goods- on a gross profit of 25%. Depreciation is considered as a part of cost of production. The following are the annual figurers given to you

Particulars Amount
Sales (2 months credit) Rs 18,00,000
Material (1 month credit) 4,50,000
Wages paid
(1 month lag in payment) 3,60,000
Cash Manufacturing Expenses
(1 month lag in payment) 4,80,000
Administrative Expenses
(1 month lag in payment) 1,20,000
Sales Promotion Expenses
(Paid quarterly in advance) 60,000

The company keeps one month's stock each of Raw materials and finished goods. It also keeps Ks. 1,00,000 in cash. You are required to estimate the working capital requirements of the company on cash cost basis, assuming I:i% safety margin.


6. "Efficient Cash Management will aim at Maximizing the availability of cash inflow by decentralizing collections and decelerating cash out flow by centralizing the disbursement" % Discuss and explain.

7. What is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) What were its objectives : Do you subscribe to the view that MOVs in PSEs have led to their better performance ?

8. Discuss various aspects of computation of Economic Value Added (EVA) and its application in business planning and valuation.

9. DLP .I'vt. Limited is considering the possibility of purchasing a multipurpose machine which costs Rs. 10,00,000. The machine 'has an expected life of 5 years. The machine generates Rs. 6,00,000 per year before depreciation and tax and the management wishes to dispose the machine at the end of 5 years which will fetch Rs. 1,50,000. The depreciaion allowable for the machine -i-,25% on written down value and the company tax- -rate is, 50%. The company approached a NBFC for a five year lease for financing the asset which quoted arate of Rs. 28 per thousand per month. The company wants you to evaluate the propo--sal withpurchase option. The cost of capital of the company is 12% and for lease option it wants your to consider a discount rate of 16%.

10. A trader whose current sales are Rs. 15,00,000 per Annum and average collection period is 30 days wants to pursue a more liberal credit policy to improve sales. A study made by a consultant firm reveals the following information.

Credit Policy
Increase in Increase
Collection Period in sales
1 5 days Rs.60,000
B 30 days 90,000
C 45 days 1,50,000
D 60 days 1,80,000
E 90 days 2,00,000

The selling price per unit is Rs. 5. Average cost per unit is 4_and variable-cost per unit is
Ks. 2.75 The required rate of return on additional investment is 20%. Assume 3(i0 days a year and also assume that there are no bad~ cleats. Which of the above policies would you recommend for adoption?
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Default Re: Nagpur University MBA Question Papers

Anuj, can you email me the model question paper for RTMNU 3 rd semester of applied operations research II

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