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Paper for R.S.S.U University of Raipur Phd English Literature

Give me sample paper for PhD English Literature Entrance exam of Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University ?

Here I am giving you sample paper for PhD English Literature Entrance exam of Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University below :

Syllabus for Ph.D. Entrance Exam for Ph D in English
(1) Chaucer to Shakespeare
(2) Jacobean to Restoration Period
(3) Augustan Age : 18 th Century Literature
(4) Romantic Period
(5) Victorian Period
(6) Modern and Contemporary Period
(7) American Literature
(8) Indian Writing in English
(9) Literary Theory and Criticism
(10) Rhetoric and Prosody: Figures of Speech, prose forms, stress the line in verse: Iambic, anapaestic, trochaic and dactylic blank verse, couplet, the ballad, the ode, the stanza and the sonnet.

Sample paper :

(Q1 and Q2) is based on the following passage.
Consider the humble jellyfish. Headless, spine-less, without a heart or brain, it has such a
simple exterior that it seems the most primitive of creature. Unlike its sessile (attached to a
surface, as an oyster is attached to its shell) relatives whose sta
lks cling to seaweed or tropical
coral reefs, the free
-swimming jellyfish, or medusa, drifts along the ocean shore, propelling
itself by pulsing, muscular contractions of its bell
-shaped body. Yet beneath the simple
surface of this aimlessly drifting, supposedly primitive creature is an unusually sophisticated
set of genes, as recent studies of the invertebrate animal phylum Cnidaria reveal.
1) Which assertion about jellyfish is supported by the passage?
A) They move at rapid rate.
B) They are cowardly.
They have lack mobility.
D) They have a certain degree of intelligence.
E) They are unexpectedly complex.
2) The last sentence of the passage serves primarily to
A) explain the origin of a term
B) contradict an assumption
C) provide an example
D) cite a well
- known fact
E) describe a process
The following
sentence contains
two blanks; each blank corresponds to a word or a set
of words that has been left out. Select the alternative from the ones given below each
sentence that best complete the sentence
3. Those interested in learning more about how genetics applies to trees will have to _______
the excellent technical journals where most of the pertinent material is ________.
A) subscribe to ... ignored
B) suffer through ... loca
C) rely on ... unrepresented
D) resort to... found
E) see through ... published
4) Rent control restrictions on small apartment owners may unfortunately _______ rather
than alleviate housing problems.
A) resolve
;B) diminish
;C) castigate
;D) minimize
Choose the correct alternative
(A) presume: inquire
(B) recommend: propose
(C) summon: invite

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