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July 5th, 2016, 06:27 PM
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Re: Phd Exam Date Vikram University

Vikram University conducts PhD entrance exam for admission in various PhD courses in the University.

PHd entrance exam 2016 will conduct in the month of June 2016.

Application Fee:

Rs 750 will be applicable as entrance test application fee.
Fee will be deposited by Demand Draft and or through cheque.

Selection Process:

Selection will be done on the basis of three criteria:
Written Exam
Interview Session and scrutiny

PHd entrance exam Geology syllabus

Geodyanamics- Earth-internal structure, origin, volcano, geosynclines,
earthquake-morphology of ocean floor, Himalaya, isostasy, continental drift, solar

Structural Geology- Fold, fault, fracture, joint, unconformity, cleavage & schistosity- significance, type,etc.

Geomorphology- Morphometric analysis & their significance, landslide, river,
glacier, eolian and erosion process & feature.

Mineralogy & Geochemistry-Atomic structure, crystal lattice, silicate structure,
solid solution, poly/iso/pseudomorphism. Atomic structure, chemistry, physical &
optical properties of rock forming silicate minerals, precious / semiprecious

Optics: Principle, sign, Ri determination, double refraction,
birefringence, uni / bi axial indicatrix, interference colour & figure.Geochemical
cycle, major/ minor elements, radioactivity, law of thermodyanamics,
composition of earth.

Petrology: Igneous-Origin of magma, composition, differentiation, phase
equilibria, classification, texture & structure, petrographic province.

Metamorphic— Facies, type, agent, kind, zones & concept of metamorphism,
carbonatite, charnockite, khondalite.
Sedimentary- Process 81 product ,structure / texture, classification, facies &
environment of deposition, Evaporite, Volacano-clastics, cyclothem, Provence
and mineral stability, Heavy Mineral and Tectonic Framework.

Stratigraphy- Stratigraphic Classification, correlation, Indian Stratigrphy including
Himalaya, Deccan Trap, Lameta, K-T boundary and Permo- Triassic Boundary

Palaeobiology- Vertibrate, lnvertibrate, Palaeontology, Micro Palaeontology
Palaeobotany, Palenology. I

Photogeology- Aerial Multi Spectral Photography, Principle, scale, factors, SLAR,
SAR, LISS Camera, IR spectra, Application, Concept of GIS.
Engineering Geology- Structural Engg Project, DAM, Reservior, Tunnel , highways
Bridge Canal, Geo-hazards, Engg Problem, mitigation and management

Economic Geology- Relation of Magma to Mineral Deposits, Geothermametry,
ore genesis, Paragenesis and zoning, classification and process of mineralization,
metallic and non metallic mineral deposits —origin, association, texture and
structure of ore.

Mineral Exploration- Geological Exploration, techniques, criteria, sampling,
geochemical and geophysical exploration, reserve -cIassification and calculation

Fuel Geology- Physico-Chemical Properties of Coal, Origin, rank and variety,
Classification- Indian/international; coalfields of India, CBM and reserve
(Petroleum) Origin, Migration and Accumulation of oil and gas in India, oil/gas in
India, kerogen, Atomic mineral and futuristic approach.
Mining & mineral Dressing- Classification of mining-coal, metal, placer etc.
screening, sizing, grading, H.M. separation.
Hydrogeology-Hydrological Cycle, occurrence, origin, water table groundwater,
porosity, permeability, specific yield, retention, Darcy Law, pump test, wet land
management, water quality etc.
Environmental Geology- Concept, classification, global warming, impact _
assessment, soil, wetland, earthquake, industries, urbanization and natural
hazards- mitigation and management


Vikram University
University Road, Madhav Bhavan, Near Vikram Vatika
Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh 456010

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