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Default Physics Questions For NTSE

Hii sir, I Wants to get the Physics Question Paper of the NTSE Examination Will you Please Provide It ?
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Default Re: Physics Questions For NTSE

NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) is a national-level scholarship program in India. It is considered as the most prestigious and the most difficult examination at high school level in the country.

The Physics Question Paper of the NTSE Examination is given below

Q1. A sheet of paper is placed on a table and a jug full of water is kept on it while pulling the paper suddenly, it is observed that the water does not spill out of jug. It is due to the inertia of the
(a) paper sheet
(b) jug & water in it
(c) hard
(d) table
Ans. (b)

Q2. “Every Action has equal & opposite reaction” was discovered by
(a) Pascal
(b) Newton
(c) Edison
(d) Copernicus
Ans. (b)

Q3. If a car travels a distance of 100 km & it takes 25 minutes to reach its destination , the speed of the car is
(a) 4 km/min
(b) 4 mt/min
(c) 400 mt/min
(d) None of these
Ans. (a)

Q4. Name of scienctist who gave a relationship between mechanical energy & heat energy
(a) Darwine
(b) Jameswatt
(c) James precot joule
(d) sir Isac Newton
Ans. (c)

Q5. A 1500 w electric geyser used every day for 2 hrs. Calculate the energy consumed ?
(a) 90 kwh
(b) 30 kwh
(c) 750 kwh
(d) None of these
Ans. (a) Power of Geyser = 1500 W
Used time = 30 x 2 = 60
Energy Power x Time = 1500 x 60 / 1000 = 90 kwh

Q6. As per Law of Conservation of energy during a process or system of transformation of energy, the energy is
(a) always lost
(b) always gained
(c) (c) neither gain nor lost
(d) (d) only gets converted for heat to mechanical energy
Ans. (c)

Q7. An engine supplies 196 joules of energy. If the energy is supplied to a weight of 500 gms. How high can it be lifted
(a) 38.2
(b) 39.2
(c) 40.2
(d) 42
Ans. (b) Energy supplied to the engine = 196 J
Mass of water = 500 gm = 500/1000 = ½ kg
Acceleration due to ground (g) = 10 mt/sec2.
Energy required for lifting water = mgh
H = energy supplied / m x g = 196 x 2 / 1 x 10 = 39.2 mt.

Q8. Which of the following force is responsible for taking a gas ballon upwards ?
(a) Gravitational force
(b) Muscular force
(c) Bouyant force
(d) Magnetic force
Ans. (c)

Q9. When white light is passed through a prism, it is observed that violet light bends more than the red light. This is because
(a) Velocity of red light in glass is less than that of violet light
(b) Refractive Index of glass is more for violet light
(c) wave length of violet light is less than that of red light
(d) It is the properties of these colours.
Ans. (b)

Q10. Pascal’s law hold good for
(a) gases only
(b) liquid & fluid
(c) solids only
(d) for all
Ans. (d)

Q11. The Instrument for measuring electric current is known as
(a) Ammeter
(b) Voltameter
(c) Galvanometer
(d) Chronometer
Ans. (a)

Q12. Find at what temperature, the velocity of sound in air is 1.5 times the velocity at 700 C
(a) 357°C
(b) 387°C
(c) 350°C
(d) 290°C
Ans. (a)

Q13. If m1 & m2 be the masses of two bodies, d be the distance between them, the force of attraction(F) as per the universal law of gravitation is
Q14. The acceleration due to gravity is zero at
(a) Poles
(b) equator
(c) center of earth
(d) None of these
Ans. (c)

Q16. The size of an atom is nearly
(a) 10 – 5 m
(b) 10 – 8 m
(c) 10 – 15 m
(d) 10 – 10 m
Ans. (d)

Q17. The force of repulsion between two parallel wires is ‘f’ when each one of them carries a certain current ‘ I ‘. If the current in each is doubled, the force between them would be
(a) 2f
(b) 3f
(c) 4f
(d) f / 4
Ans. (c)

Q18. A fuse wires has eventially
(a) High resistance & high melting point
(b) Low resistance & high melting point
(c) Low resistance 7 low melting point
(d) None of these
Ans. (d) it has high resistance & low melting point

Q19. The emf of 3 identical cells connected in series in 6 V. The emf of each is
(a) 6 V (b) 2 V
(c) 3 V (d) None of these
Ans. (b)

Q20. One weber/mt 2 is equal to
(a) 10 – 3 gram (b) 10 – 4 gram
(c) 104 gram (d) None of these
Ans. (b)

Q21. A person using convex lense must be suffering from
(a) Myopia
(b) Astigmatism
(c) Hypermyopia
(d) None of these
Ans. (c)
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