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April 21st, 2015, 04:50 PM
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Psychometric Test for DMRC

For what position the Psychometric Test conducted by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation? I have completed Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Can I eligible to apply for Psychometric Test conducted by DMRC? I want to know syllabus and scheme of examination for the test conducted by DMRC? When its advertisement will release?

As you are looking for Psychometric Test conducted by DMRC, so here I am providing sample questions:

DMRC Psychometric Test Sample Questions

Think of yourself exercising. Tick the thoughts that are most like the ones that come to mind.
Getting fit.
Avoiding injury.
Having a sense of personal achievement.
Losing weight.
Enjoying the environment.
Taking your mind off the pressure of work.
When you think of changing your job, which of the following are you most likely to think of?
The kind of work you would most like to do.
The situations and people you don't like and want to avoid.
The satisfaction you will get from doing what you want.
The frustrations you experience currently.
The things that your current job doesn't give you.
The kind of work that satisfies your needs.
When you make a decision to go on holiday, which of the following do you do?
Think of the problems of organizing a holiday.
Begin to imagine yourself there on holiday.
Think of what your holiday will be like.
Remind yourself of the benefits of taking a holiday.
Think of some of the problems you have experienced on previous holidays.
Think of everything you have to do first.
Think the purchase through to discover in what ways it doesn't meet your needs.
Compare the purchase with a mental or actual list of characteristics that you want to have.
Search for something that is different to what you have had before.
Seek to find out how this product matches up to similar products.
Want something that is unique, there is no other like it.
In conversation, which of the following applies to you?
You like a good argument
You look for the common agenda
You push for agreement
You test out someone else's views to find out where they are wrong
You find yourself using the expression "Yes, but…."
You find that you are usually in the company of people who share your ideas.
Take a piece of paper and write down three or four sentences describing your home as if to someone who
has never been there.Now go through your sentences and count up how many descriptive words you used
that were:
Abstract, global descriptions, e.g. spacious, airy, dark, traditional. These are words that are non-specific. Number of abstract words =
Detailed, precise descriptions, e.g. n X n meters, temperature, number of doors, windows etc, colour of the surroundings. Number of precise words =
Tick any of the following that are characteristic of you
Thinking about holidays you have had
Savoring the things you see, hear and feel around you now
Reviewing how successful you work has been
Planning what you will do in the future
Paying attention to what is happening around you
Mulling over conversations you have had
Deciding how you will spend your day
Enjoying every moment
Dreaming of where you would like to be
Being aware of how you feel
Anticipating what is going to happen

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February 23rd, 2017, 05:23 PM
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Re: Psychometric Test for DMRC

I want to start preapration for Psychometric Test conducted by DMRC. I need sample questions for this Test, so someone is here who will provide sample questions based on Psychometric Test of DMRC?

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