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May 10th, 2016, 02:53 PM
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Re: Question Paper Food Inspector Exam Punjab

Hello, here I am providing you the questions of the exam of the Food Inspector of Punjab as under:

1. A sub-center is meant to be there for every ....... population in Hilly areas
(a) 1000 (b) 3000 (c) 5000 (d) 10000

2 One primary health center should be there for every ........ rural population in the plains
(a) 10000 (b) 20000 (c) 30000 (d) 40000

3 Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh is a voluntary agency related to the disease:
(a) Tuberculosis (b) Leprosy (c) Malaria (d) Filaria

4 The colour of the center square in the vaccine vial monitor in a well stored polio vaccine should be:
(a) White (b) Violet (c) Blue (d) Pink

5 The world Health Day is celebrated on
(a) March 1st (b) April 7th (c) July 1st (d) December 1st

6 GOBI campaign of the UNICEF includes all except:
(a) Growth monitoring (b) Observation (c) Breast feeding (d) Immunization

7 The international agency providing support for the National Blindness Control Programme is:
(a) DANIDA (b) SIDA (c) USAID (d) CARE

8 Major symptoms of an AIDS patient is:
(a) Weight loss (b) Diarrhea (c) Fever (d) All of the above

9 The ideal weight for an adult person is calculated on the basis of his:
(a) Age (b) Height (c) Economic status (d) All of the above

10 Risk factors for developing coronary heart disease include:
(a) Smoking (b) Hypertension (c) Serum Cholesterol (d) All of the above

11 The salt intake per day should be kept to a limit of:
(a) 1 gm daily (b) 5 gm daily (c) 10 gm daily (d) 15 gm daily

12 A normal blood pressure is said to be about:
(a) 300 / 200 (b) 200 / 150 (c) 120 / 80 (d) 70 / 40

13 Pulse rate of babies is:
(a) More than adults (b) Less than adults (c) Same as adults (d) No fixed pattern

14 Normal respiratory rates in adults is about:
(a) 5/ min (b) 10/min (c) 17/min (d) 27/min

15 Streptococcal throat infection can later lead to:
(a) Tuberculosis (b) Leprosy (c) Rheumatic heart Disease (d) Malaria

16 India's population at present is about:
(a) Ten Thousand (b) One Million (c) One Billion (d) Ten Billion

17 While calculating birth rates the denominator used is:
(a) live births (b) mid-year population (c) census population (d) any of the above

18 The objective of National population policy is to bring the total fertility rates to replacement level by:
(a) 2005 (b) 2010 (c) 2015 (d) 2020

19 A woman is expected to attend the antenatal clinic at least ..... / month during the first 7 months:
(a) one (b) twice (c) thrice (d) four times

20 On an average a normal healthy woman should gain about ..... kg of weight during pregnancy
(a) 5 kg (b) 12 kg (c) 20 kg (d) 30 kg

21 An unimmunised mother should be given ..... doses of Tetanus toxoid during pregnancy
(a) one (b) two (c) three (d) four

22 The extra amount of calories required during pregnancy is:
(a) 300 Kcal (b) 440 Kcal (c) 550 Kcal (d) 600 Kcal

23 At one year of age a baby should weigh around:
(a) 5 kg (b) 10 kg (c) 15 kg (d) 20 kg

24 As per Baby friendly hospital initiative breast feeding by the mother after normal delivery should be started within:
(a) one hour (b) five hours (c) 10 hours (d) 24 hours

25 Under the ICDS programme the amount of protein provided for children between 1-6yrs is:
(a) 5 gms (b) 10 gms (c) 15 gms (d) 20 gms

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