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March 31st, 2017, 03:43 PM
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Re: Question Paper Kerala University B Tech

Ok, here I am providing you the sample question paper of Humanities of B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering III Sem of Kerala University.

Kerala University B.Tech CSE III Sem Humanities question paper

Time: 3Hours

Max. Marks: 100

PART-I (Economics)


Answer all questions. Each question carries 2 marks.

1. Distinguish between Producer good and consumer good.
2. Define production function.
3. Give an example of diminishing returns to scale.
4. Who is an entrepreneur?
5. Define the concept of Marginal Product.
6. What is meant by 'reserve requirement' by banks?
7. Name the methods of measuring National Income.
8. What is stagflation?
9. List out two reasons for Privatisation.
10. Define the concept of Poverty. (2 x10= 20 marks)


Answer any one full question from each Module. Each full question carries 25 Marks


11. What are the Central problems of an economy? Why do they arise? Do all economies have identical Central Problems?

12. Explain the Law of variable proportion and Law of Returns to Scale.

13. Explain the different concepts related to National Income calculation. Explain the sectoral distribution of National Income in India and what are the issues associated to it.

14. a) Discuss the impact of multinational companies in Indian Economy.
b) Discuss the impact of globalization on Telecom and Financial sector.

PART-II (Accountancy)

Answer any two questions. Each question carries 15 marks.

1. Explain the concepts and conventions of accountancy.

2. (a) What are journal accounts? Explain the rules for journalizing.
(b) Briefly explain the accounting package.

3. Based on the following trial balance prepare a profit and loss account and a balance sheet.
The following is the trial balance of Mr. Alex as on 31st December, 2013.

Plant and machinery (Dr) 45,000
Freehold premises (Dr) 55,000
Stock 1st January 2006 (Dr) 36,500
Salaries (Dr) 7,600
Purchases (Dr) 65,000
Sales (Cr) 1,21,000
Furniture and fitting (Dr) 6,000
Carriage inwards (Dr) 1,675
Carriage outwards (Dr) 1,315
Sales returns (Dr) 2,400
Purchases returns (Cr) 1,365
Discount received (Cr) 635
Discount allowed (Dr) 430
Wages (Dr) 16,100
Sundry debtors (Dr) 41,000
Sundry creditors (Cr) 28,800
Alex's capital (Cr) 1,10,000
Rent, rates and taxes (Dr) 1,430
Advertisement (Dr) 2,400
Cash in hand (Dr) 450
Cash at bank (Dr) 2,500
Drawings (Dr) 3,000
Loan from Rajesh (Cr) 26,000
Total (Dr) 2,87,800 (Cr) 2,87,800


University of Kerala
Senate House Campus, Palayam, University of Kerala Senate House Campus, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695034

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