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January 21st, 2016, 09:03 AM
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Re: RRB Ticket Collector Exam Previous Papers In Telugu

As you want I am here giving you previous year question paper for RRB Ticket Collector Exam.

Sample paper :
1. The speed of light with the rise in the temperature of the medium—
(A) Increases
(B) Decreases
(C) Remains unaltered
(D) Drops sharply
Ans : (C)
2. Which from the following rivers does not originate in Indian territory?
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Brahmaputra
(C) Ravi
(D) Chenab
Ans : (B)
3. The gas predominantly responsible for global warning is—
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Carbon monoxide
(C) Nitrous oxide
(D) Nitrogen peroxide
Ans : (A)
4. 26th January is India’s—
(A) Independence Day
(B) Republic Day
(C) Revolution Day
(D) Parliament Day
Ans : (B)
5. Which of the following uses non-conventional Source of Energy?
(A) Kerosene lamp
(B) Wax candle
(C) Solar lantern
(D) Torch
Ans : (C)

6. Electric current is measured by—
(A) Voltmeter
(B) Anemometer
(C) Commutator
(D) Ammeter
Ans : (D)
7. The dynamo is a device for converting—
(A) Heat energy into electrical energy
(B) Mechanical energy into electrical energy
(C) Magnetic energy into electrical energy
(D) None of these
Ans : (B)
8. Galvanised Iron sheets have a coating of—
(A) Tin
(B) Lead
(C) Zinc
(D) Chromium
Ans : (C)
9. The hardest substance available on earth is—
(A) Platinum
(B) Diamond
(C) Quartz
(D) gold
Ans : (A)
10. Washing soda is the common name for—
(A) Calcium carbonate
(B) Calcium bicarbonate
(C) Sodium carbonate
(D) Sodium bicarbonate
Ans : (C)
11. 2008 Olympic games will be held in—
(A) China
(B) Greece
(C) Italy
(D) France
Ans : (A)
12. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Captain of Indian Test Cricket Team?
(A) Sachin Tendulkar

(B) Rahul Dravid
(C) Anil Kumble
(D) Mahender Singh Dhoni
Ans : (C)
13. Who among the following has been selected as new coach for the Indian Cricket Team?
(A) Vivian Richards
(B) Gary Kirsten
(C) Kapil Dev
(D) Allan Border
Ans : (B)

14. The mascot for the 34th National Games, to be held in Jharkhand in 2008, is—

(A) Sheru

(B) Roopa

(C) Chauva

(D) None of these

Ans : (C)

15. With which game is the Agha Khan Cup associated?

(A) Football

(B) Badminton

(C) Basketball

(D) Hockey

Ans : (D)

16. The term, L.B.W. is associated with which of the following games?

(A) Cricket

(B) Hockey

(C) Football

(D) Polo

Ans : (A)

17. Wankhede stadium is situated in?

(A) Chandigarh

(B) Bangalore

(C) Mumbai

(D) Chennai

Ans : (C)

18. The Olympic games are normally held at an interval of—

(A) 2 years

(B) 3 years
Exam Guess Papers

(C) 4 years

(D) 5 years

Ans : (C)

19. Jaspal Rana is the name associated with which of the following games?

(A) Boxing

(B) Shooting

(C) Archery

(D) Weight lifting

Ans : (B)

20. Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports is located at—

(A) Kolkata

(B) New Delhi

(C) Jhansi

(D) Patiala

Ans : (D)

21. A person wants to contest election for the membership of Gram Panchayat, what should be his age?

(A) 18 years or above

(B) 19 years or above

(C) 21 years of above

(D) Minimum 25 years

Ans : (C)

22. Who summons the joint sitting of the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha?

(A) President

(B) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

(C) Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

(D) Prime Minister

Ans : (A)

23. Which of the following is not a source of revenue to the village panchayat?

(A) Property Tax

(B) House Tax

(C) Land Tax

(D) Vehicle Tax

Ans : (C)

24. All electioneering campaigns during the time of elections are stopped.

(A) 48 hours before the appointed time of election results

(B) 48 hours before the actual poll

(C) 24 hours before the actual poll
Exam Guess Papers

(D) 36 hours before the actual poll

Ans : (D)

25. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India?

(A) President

(B) Prime Minister

(C) Parliament

(D) Chief Justice of India

Ans : (A)

26. The General Budget is presented in the parliament normally in the month of—

(A) January

(B) February

(C) March

(D) Last month of the year

Ans : (B)

27. Who is the signatory on the Indian currency notes in denomination of two rupees and above?

(A) Secretary, Reserve Bank of India

(B) Finance Secretary, Minister of Finance

(C) Governor, Reserve Bank of India

(D) Finance Minister, Ministry of Finance

Ans : (C)

28. The monetary unit of Bangladesh is—

(A) Rupee

(B) Takka

(C) Rupiah

(D) Dollar

Ans : (B)

29. Sellers market denotes a situations where—

(A) Commodities are available at competitive rates

(B) Demand exceeds supply

(C) Supply exceeds demand

(D) Supply and demand are equal

Ans : (B)

30. Development means economic growth plus—

(A) Inflation

(B) Deflation

(C) Price stability

(D) Social change
31. The Abbreviation NAEP stands for—

(A) National Atomic Energy Planning

(B) National Adult education Programme

(C) National Authority on Engineering Projects

(D) Nuclear and Atomic Energy Project

Ans : (B)

32. The Abbreviations PSLV stands for—

(A) Polar Survey Landing Vehicle

(B) Polarised Source Laser Viewing

(C) Precise Source Locating Vision

(D) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

Ans : (D)

33. The term ‘epicentre’ is associated with—

(A) Earthquakes

(B) Tornadoes

(C) Cyclones

(D) Earth’s interior

Ans : (A)

34. Which of the following order is given to the plantes of solar system on the basis of their sizes?

(A) Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, Mercury

(B) Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Earth

(C) Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn

(D) Earth, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter

Ans : (A)

35. The solar eclipse occurs when—

(A) the sun comes in between the moon and the earth

(B) the earth comes in the between the sun and the moon

(C) the moon comes in between the sun and the earth

(D) None of these

Ans : (C)

36. The removal of top soil by water or wind is called—

(A) Soil wash

(B) Soil erosion

(C) Soil creep

(D) Silting of soil

Ans : (B)
37. Which of the following is suitable for growing cotton?

(A) Sandy soil

(B) Clayey soil

(C) Black soil

(D) Alluvial soil

Ans : (C)

38. Bandipur Sanctuary is located in the State of—

(A) Tamil Nadu

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Karnataka

(D) Madhya Pradesh

Ans : (C)

39. Largest State in terms of area, in India is—

(A) Assam

(B) Rajasthan

(C) Madhya Pradesh

(D) Jammu and Kashmir

Ans : (C)

40. Koraput is related to which of the following Industry—

(A) Aeroplane

(B) Ship building

(C) Iron and steel

(D) Electric locomotives

Ans : (A)

41. Which of the following group of States is the largest producer of tea?

(A) West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh

(B) Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan

(C) Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand

(D) West Bengal, Assam, Karnataka

Ans : (D)

42. Which of these has the largest river basin?

(A) Brahmaputra

(B) Ganga

(C) Godavari

(D) Sutlej

Ans : (B)
43. The Indus Valley Civilization was famous for—

(A) Well-planned cities

(B) Efficient civil organization

(C) Development of Art and Architecture

(D) All of these

Ans : (D)
44. The Red Fort of Delhi was built by—

(A) Akbar

(B) Shahjehan

(C) Jahangir

(D) Sher Shah

Ans : (B)

45. The ancient name of the city of Patna is—

(A) Pataliputra

(B) Kanauj

(C) Kausambi

(D) Kapilavastu

Ans : (A)

46. The ancient kingdom of “Avanti” had its capital at—

(A) Vaishali

(B) Kausambi

(C) Ujjain

(D) Ayodhya

Ans : (C)

47. When did Vasco-da-Gama come to India—

(A) 1492

(B) 1498

(C) 1398

(D) 1542

Ans : (B)

48. The General who gave the firing order at Jallianwala Bag was—

(A) Tegart

(B) Cornwallis

(C) Simpson

(D) O. Dwyer

Ans : (D)

49. Gandhiji started Satyagraha in 1919 to protest against the—

(A) Rowlatt Act

(B) Salt Law

(C) Act of 1909

(D) Jallianwala Bagh Messacre

Ans : (A)
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