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Default SAIL MT Metallurgical Previous question paper

Hello sir I am preparing for SAIL MT exam. Can you please provide me some sample questions of SAIL MT Metallurgical paper?
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Default Re: SAIL MT Metallurgical Previous question paper

As per your request I am providing you sample questions of SAIL MT Metallurgical paper.

SAIL recruits from various fields. The pattern for Placement Paper for Technical Posts is given below. There is a written test and a personal interview. The written test comprises of the following five sections:

1. Technical Questions (100)
2. Reasoning and Mental Ability
3. General Knowledge
4. Quantitative Aptitude
5. Vocabulary

Some sample questions are as follows;

What is the main different between distribution transformer and power transformer?

Where manning formula used

what is the differance between item category and material type ?

When a square wave is applied to primary of a transformer then what will be output

wave form of secondary ?

what are the warehouse reserch? and pocess of warehouse research?

What is the rating of HT SUBSTATION and LT SUBSTATION?

which of the following rivers does not form any delta T ITS MOUTH? Cauvery,

Mahanadi, Godawari, Tapti

How much is the minimum marks for CIVIL judge interview in MPPSC. where i can

get rules in this regard documented?

what are the uses of graphite electrode in various field.

what is the use of "fg" command ?

what are %TYPE and %ROWTYPE? what is the difference?

1.where does a body have least weight?
a) at the equator
b) at the poles
c) at earth's center
d) none of these

2. what is the millman's theorem?

3. what happens if a dc motor is fed an ac signal?

4. calculate electron mobility.

5. power MOSFET is voltage controlled or current controlled?

6. if u want a 640 k RAM, what specification should u specify in the drive?

7. max efficiency of a class a amplifier?

8.what r resistors in IC made of?

9. 6 girls and 6 bos sitting randomly in a line. what probability of girls being

10.what is the prob. of two friends having birthdays in same month?

11. (D^2 + 4)y= kx what if PI?

12. lim x-infinity sinx/x

13. express x/(x+1) as taylor's series

14.principle of jet engine

15. why hydraulic systems used ina aircrafts instead of electrical?

16. steel + ? = corrosion-resistant material?

17. what happens to speed of em wave as frequency increases?

18. which char. of em wave does not change when it travels from one mdium to

19. circuit given. find attenuation in db.

20. circuit given. how much feedback?

21. (s-1)/(s+1) is high pass filter/ low pass filter?

22. fastest logic family among rtl, dtl, ttl?

23. in common emitter config. change in iC on changing vBE?

24. what happens if gate voltage of an ON scr is decreased?

25. fermi level change with temperature in n type semiconductor?

26. mosfet has threshold voltage 1v when n+ polysilicon is used in gate. what is
threshold voltage when polysilicon used is of n+ type?

27. simple ckts using zener diode.

28. what is the p+ substrate in an isolated pn junction ic connected to?

29. opamp circuit given. open loop gain=100. closed loop gain=?

30. which type of parameters( h/y/z) suitable in particular application?

31. given parallel LC ckt. find angle between currents in branches at resonance.

32. what is Q of series RLC ckt? (voltage gain/ admttance etc.)

33. resonant freq of parallel RLC ckt. ?

34. thin metal foil inserted between capacitor plates. foil connected to one plate.
change in capacitance?

35. ques on reflection of em wave at air= dielectric interface. dlc const=9

36. what is brewster's angle?

37. why microwave freq not used for ionospheric propagation?

38. uhf range?

39. freq range used in satellite comunication?

40. which ionospheric bands used for commercial purposes?

41. question on transmission line impedance matching?

42. flip- flop d, t 43. convert 32 k pulses to 1 hz pulses using decade counters etc

For more sample paper check the below attachment.

SAIL MT Metallurgical sample paper

1. The Name of Abdul Karim Telgi is associated with:
(1) Oil for Food scam (2) Stamp Paper scam
(3) Fodder scam (4) MP LAD’s Fund scam
(5) Shares scam
2. Match the following books with their authors:
(A) In Line of Fire (i) Pervez Musharraf
(B) My Name is Red (ii) Orhan Pamuk
(C) Call of Honour (iii) Sagarika Ghose
(D) Blind Faith (iv) Jaswant Singh
(1) (ii)(i)(iii)(iv)
(2) (ii)(i)(iv)(iii)
(3) (i)(iii)(iv)(ii)
(4) (iii)(i)(ii)(iv)
(5) (iv)(ii)(i)(iii)
3. Consider the following statements about Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission:
(i) The budget for the scheme is approximately Rs 1000 crore.
(ii) It will cover 100 cities having population over one million.
(iii) It is aimed at infrastructure and the poor.
Which of the above is NOT true?
(1) (iii) only (2) (i) and (ii) only (3) (i) and (iii) only
(4) All (i), (ii) and (iii) (5) None of the above
4. The Tarapore Committee Report is concerned with which of the following:
(1) SEZs (2) SBI (3) RBI (4) Exim policy
(5) Capital A/c convertibility
5. Out of the following options regarding the Railway Budget announcements, 2006, which of these is not true?
(1) Major railway stations will have ATMs and cybercafes
(2) Central budgetary support of nearly Rs 7500 crores
(3) AC fares brought down
(4) The railways generated resources worth Rs 13,000 crores internally
(5) Railway safety fund was Rs 100 crores
6. Afghan President Hamid Karzai was recently awarded:
(1) Indira Gandhi prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development, 2005
(2) Gandhi Peace Prize, 2005
(3) Right Livelihood Award, 2006
(4) Nobel Prize for Peace, 2006
(5) Mother Teresa International Award, 2006
7. Which of the following has completed 50 years in 2006?
(1) HDFC (2) RBI (3) LIC (4) BARC (5) SBI
8. Which of these matchings of recently appointed persons is not correct?
(1) A.K. Antony—Foreign Minister
(2) M.M. Singh—Chairman of Planning Commission
(3) Sureesh Mehta—Chief of Naval Staff
(4) M. Nair—Chief of ISRO
(5) N. Gopalaswami—Chief Election Commissioner
9. What is the ‘Book of Life’ related to?
(1) Book which received Booker prize, 2006
(2) A new book on zoology
(3) A comprehensive dictionary on various life-forms on earth.
(4) The Human Genome Project
(5) Peace efforts in various nations
10. Who was recently invited by the U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to deliver a lecture on poverty alleviation?
(1) Anil Ambani
(2) Lalu Prasad Yadav
(3) Swami Ramdev
(4) Atal Behari Vajpayee
(5) Pandit Ravi Shankar

11. Given below is the list of Forbes’ powerful women and their fields/posts.:
(A) ICICI Bank (i) Sonia Gandhi
(B) Pepsico (ii) Lalita Gupte
(C) German Chancellor (iii) Indra Nooyi
(D) Congress Chief (iv) Angela Merkel
Which of these matchings is correct:
1. (iii)(ii)(iv)(i)
2. (i)(ii)(iii)(iv)
3. (ii)(iii)(iv)(i)
4. (iv)(iii)(ii)(i)
5. (i)(iii)(iv)(ii)
12. Considering the Tarapore Atomic Power Plant-3, which of these facts is TRUE?
1. It has 540 MW capacity
2. It is India’s 3rd such plant
3. India’s nuclear energy capacity now goes upto 3890 MW
4. It is situated in Maharashtra
(1) All the above are true
(2) 1, 2 only are true
(3) 1, 2, 3 are true
(4) 1, 3, 4 are true
(5) Only 3, 4 are true
13. On the basic needs of LPG and kerosene, approximately how much a cylinder and a litre, did the government subsidize in early 2006?
(1) Rs 220 and Rs 12 (2) Rs 250 and Rs 20
(3) Rs 300 and Rs 30 (4) Rs 180 and Rs 10
(5) None of the above
14. The per capita income in India is estimated by:
(1) Census Commission (2) Central Bank (3) RBI
(4) Joint Parliamentary Committee (5) Central Statistical Organisation
15. The Health Ministry has planned to set standards of aerated water, following the controversy between the soft-drink giants and the NGO, Centre for Science and Environment. What is the tentative period assigned for this?
(1) by December 2006 (2) by January 2007
(3) by August 2007 (4) by March 2007
(5) by December 2007
16. Roughly how many years has the economic liberalization programme completed in India?
(1) 5 (2) 10 (3) 15 (4) 20 (5) 50
17. Which of the following is correctly matched?
1. Asit Biswas—Stockholm Water Prize
2. Chandrakanta—Vyas Samman
3. Devi Cherian—Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Samman
(1) 1 and 2 (2) 2 and 3 (3) Only 1 (4) Only 2 (5) 1, 2 and 3
18. Consider the following statements regarding India and tell which one is notcorrect:
(1) 2005 experienced a fall in total unemployment
(2) High Security Animal Disease Lab declared India free of bird flu
(3) ULFA chairman Arbinda announced a peace truce with the army
(4) The RBI praised SEZs for creating regional balance in the future
(5) None of these
19. Regarding the online population of India (accessing the internet), as in mid-2006, which of the following statements is true?
(1) There were approximately 18 million users
(2) The percentage increase over previous year was 20%
(3) India has the 2nd largest online population
(4) The population was measured for people aged 18 years or more
(5) None of these
20. NACP III can be designated as:
(1) National AIDS Control Programme
(2) National Adult Consultancy Programme
(3) National Air Craft Programme
(4) New Age Child Programme
(5) None of these
21. Match the following:
State Rank according to no. of patent applications
(A) Delhi (i)4
(B) Andhra Pradesh (ii)2
(C) Tamil Nadu (iii)1
(D) Maharashtra (iv)3
(1) (ii)(i)(iv)(iii)
(2) (i)(ii)(iii)(iv)
(3) (i)(ii)(iv)(iii)
(4) (ii)(i)(iii)(iv)
(5) (iii)(ii)(iv)(i)
22. IAF’s recent combat exercise on the Western front was:
(1) Garuda (2) Gagan Shakti (3) Vayudoot (4) Sangha Shakti (5) Varuna
23. Consider the following happenings/programmes:
I. D. Raju has been appointed for micro-division of reservation.
II. India will host International AIDS Conference, 2012.
III. Supreme Court upheld that State domicile was needed for contesting election to Rajya Sabha, from a State.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
(1) Only I
(2) Only I and II
(3) Only II and III
(4) Only III
(5) All of the above
24. Recently France honoured an Indian with the officer de la legion d’ honneur. The honour was bestowed on:
(1) Mukesh Ambani (2) Amitabh Bachchan
(3) Sonia Gandhi (4) M.M. Singh
(5) Aamir Khan
25. Match the sports events/terms:
(A) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy (i) Pankaj Advani
(B) Badminton (ii) Aparna Popat
(C) Shooting (iii) R.S. Rathore
(D) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna (iv) Panjab University
(1) (i)(ii)(iii)(iv)
(2) (iv)(iii)(ii)(i)
(3) (iv)(ii)(iii)(i)
(4) (iii)(iv)(i)(ii)
(5) (ii)(i)(iv)(iii)
26. ‘Kadima’ political party is associated with which country?
(1) Turkey (2) Kazakhstan (3) S. Arabia (4) Israel (5)Pakistan
27. Arrange the following States in the descending order of the number of child labour—Bihar, M.P., Rajasthan, U.P.
(1) Bihar, U.P., M.P., Rajasthan
(2) U.P., Bihar, M.P., Rajasthan
(3) M.P. Rajasthan, U.P., Bihar
(4) U.P., Rajasthan, Bihar, M.P.
(5) None of the above
28. ‘Dronacharya’ award is associated with:
(1) Teaching (2) Peace (3) Science
(4) Armed Forces (5) Sports Coaches
29. Ban Ki-moon, elected as next Secretary-General of the UN, belongs to:
(1) Philippines (2) Japan (3) China (4) South Korea (5) Thailand
30. Approximately what was the amount sent by NRIs to their fellowmen in India(in US $) in the year 2004?
(1) 10 B (2) 12 B (3) 16 B (4) 18 B (5) 22 B
31. The venue of the World Economic Forum Meet, 2006 was:
(1) Davos (2) Manila (3) Beijing (4) New Delhi (5) New York
32. With regard to 2006 Foreign Trade, which one of these is not true?
(1) total merchandise export in 2005-06 was nearly $ 100 B
(2) the government announced initiatives to promote exports of handicrafts
(3) there was realisation of potential in sports good and toys
(4) the growth in merchandise exports was almost 25%
(5) there was decrease in trade deficit
33. The Rural Employment Guarantee Programme in February 2006 guarantees a minimum how many days of employment in an year?
(1) 122 (2) 120 (3) 183 (4) 100 (5) 150
34. The 104th Constitutional Amendment Bill, deals with:
(1) Panchayati Raj System
(2) Reservation to SCs, STs and OBCs in educational institutes
(3) Sixth Pay Commission
(4) Better Schemes for the Girl Child
(5) Rural Employment Guarantee
35. ‘Kalpana-I’ is actually:
(1) INSAT-2B (2) METSAT (3) PSLV
(4) EDUSAT (5) None of these

36. Which of these is true in context to the passage:
(1) humans are capable of unlimited applications of the mind
(2) whether the slit is small or large, conclusion is the same
(3) all researchers view through slit-like intellects
(4) it is not possible to view life as a whole
(5) the intellect is capable of adjustments
37. The passage is against:
(a) short-sightedness of the scientists
(b) the nature of the intellect
(c) narrowness of the intellect
(1) (a) only
(2) (b) only
(3) (a) and (b)
(4) (a) and (c)
(5) all (a), (b) and (c)
38. What should be the right approach for argumentation:
(1) to specialise in a particular field
(2) to study bio-chemistry
(3) sub-divide topics and research on them
(4) open the doors of the intellect
(5) leave attachment to our slits
39. According to the author, the intellect which sees a small
corner of life, can:
(1) lead to scientific and engineering outcomes
(2) lead to follies and crimes
(3) race for better defence
(4) cause environmental pollution
(5) lead to harmful and unwanted results
40. What leads to cancer?
(1) pre-existing environmental pollutants
(2) man-made additions to environment
(3) tasty and good-looking things
(4) modern medicines
(5) None of the above
41. The difference between narrow and broad vision is:
(1) narrow vision leads to specialisations, while broad vision does not
(2) narrow vision leads to debates while broad vision easily settles them
(3) narrow vision leads to desire for war while broad vision leads to desire for defence sales
(4) narrow vision leads to greedy business while broad vision leads to fair salesmanship
(5) narrow vision leads to Nobel prizes and broad vision refuses them
42. In context to the passage, which one of these is false:
(1) weapons are needed by nations for money
(2) weapons are needed for security reasons
(3) a person with a broad intellect would not sell weapons to all
(4) the author is against specialisations
(5) scientists all over the world are preparing for war
43. The title to the passage can be:
(1) Disasters of science
(2) Nature of the intellect
(3) Intellectual misconducts
(4) Human debates
(5) Viewing life as a whole
44. The undershaft is:
(1) a very clever businessman
(2) an intellectual businessman
(3) an immoral character
(4) the major role in Major Barbara
(5) a blindly-led intellect
Directions (Qs. 45-47): In context of the above passage choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word.
(1) crime (2) credit (3) business (4) job (5) management
(1) absorb (2) digest (3) guide (4) assimilate (5) understand
(1) falling to ground (2) attracted towards earth
(3) touching the earth (4) projected toward the earth
(5) None of these
Directions (Qs. 48-50): In context of the above passage choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the given word.
(1) blasting (2) accidental (3) certain (4) incidental (5) avoidable
(1) narrowmindedness (2) broadmindedness
(3) shortsightedness (4) evilsightedness
(5) hypermetropia
(1) probable (2) cured (3) unworthy (4) worthsome (5) pleasant
Directions (Qs. 51-55): In each of the questions below four sentences are given which are denoted by A, B, C and D. By using all four sentences, frame a meaningful para. Choose answer from the five alternatives given and the correct order of the sentences is your answer.
51. (A) India’s patent authorities are at the centre of global attention.
(B) India’s patent law is equipped to drive out frivolous patent seekers and to reward meritorious inventors
(C) If successful, Indian generic drug-makers may have to pay royalties.
(D) As many MNC drug-makers have applied for patents under India’s new product patent law
(1) ABCD (2) ADCB (3) BACD (4) DACB (5) CABD
52. (A) What’s more, if you happen to be inching towards retirement, your EMIs will be structured accordingly.
(B) Future credit may get customised.
(C) The next time you get a hike in your company, rest assured your Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) will go up.
(D) EMIs will now be fixed according to your affordability.
(1) DCAB (2) BCAD (3) BCDA (4) ABCD (5) CBAD
53. (A) The Tax Return Prepares Scheme has been introduced recently to help individuals file their income tax returns.
(B) According to this scheme, certain tax return prepares will be specially trained.
(C) The aim is to ease the process of filing returns and reduce the cost for tax payers.
(D) However, individuals should carefully examine this service and its likely benefits.
(1) ABCD (2) ADCA (3) DABC (4) BACD (5) BCAD
54. (A) There is nothing more soothing to the mind, body and soul than being on the beach front.
(B) That’s what Archil, which buys bad loans, thinks.
(C) A little bit of business can also be thrown in such a setting.
(D) The ARC thought of the idea of organising a workshop on junk bonds in an exotic beach resort in Goa and has roped in the Indian Bank’s Association.
(1) DCAB (2) ABCD (3) DACB (4) ACBD (5) CBDA
55. (A) The financial markets in the country have provided a wide array of such instruments.
(B) Doing business is all about managing risk.
(C) The profit and loss account is a reflection of the risk that is dexterously handled by CFOs.
(D) Which have been seized with alacrity by the industry.
(1) BACD (2) ABCD (3) ACBD (4) DBCA (5) BCAD
Directions (56-65): In the following passage there are blanks. Choose the correct answer from the given options to fill the blanks which are numbered.
56 has marked man’s 57 progress from 58 times. Modern medicine is built on the innovative 59 of scientists and physicians such as Louis Pasteur. He 60 in a revolution in medicine by producing a 61 against rabies in 1880. 62 with Robert Koch, Pasteur founded 63. There has been no 64 back 65 then.
56. (1) Discovery (2) Innovation (3) Reforms (4) Applications (5) Interests
57. (1) amazing (2) alluring (3) alarming (4) charming (5) exciting
58. (1) antique (2) mid-historic (3) recent (4) remote (5) prehistoric
59. (1) fantastic (2) dilemma (3) genius (4) brain (5) intellect
60. (1) ushered (2) projected (3) prospered (4) thrushed (5) brushed
61. (1) injection (2) medicine (3) antidote (4) vaccine (5) antibody
62. (1) Along (2) Also (3) Going (4) Working (5) Enjoying
63. (1) immunology (2) pathology (3) zoology (4) botany (5) bacteriology
64. (1) viewing (2) looking (3) seeing (4) peeping (5) hopping
65. (1) till (2) from (3) until (4) since (5) by
Directions (Qs. 66-70): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence, five pairs of words are given. Find out the correct pair of words and fill in the blanks.
66. The world is ___ the way it is, because it is what we wanted
to experience at some level of .
(1) wonderful, brightness (2) perfect, consciousness
(3) famous, search (4) okay, intelligence
(5) brilliant, dreams
67. The church of England has that it can’t allow a multi-faith ceremony for Prince Charles.
(1) decided, functional (2) projected, wedding
(3) asserted, coronation (4) ordered, birth
(5) allowed, dancing
68. The ___ are the poorest and most people in our cities.
(1) poor, helpless (2) rural, hardworking
(3) workers, happy (4) scheduled castes, strong
(5) homeless, vulnerable
69. Reform will not only help the U.N., but also contribute to stability in Asia.
(1) revitalise, geopolitical (2) regenerate, economic
(3) ascend, social (4) revolutionise, political
(5) charge, general
70. Feeling the of the higher power is an .
(1) value, dream (2) emotions, theme
(3) presence, ecstasy (4) absence, innocence
(5) acknowledgement, accomplishment

DIRECTIONS for Questions 71 to 80: The following questions are independent of each other:

71. From a circular sheet of paper with a radius of 20 cm, four circles of radius 5cm each are cut out. What is the ratio of the uncut to the cut portion?
[1] 1 : 3 [2] 4 : 1 [3] 3 : 1 [4] 4 : 3

72. Two liquids A and B are in the ratio 5 : 1 in container 1 and in container 2, they are in the ratio 1 : 3. In what ratio should the contents of the two containers be mixed so as to obtain a mixture of A and B in the ratio 1 : 1?
[1] 2 : 3 [2] 4 : 3 [3] 3 : 2 [4] 3 : 4

73. Out of two-thirds of the total number of basket-ball matches, a team has won 17 matches and lost 3 of them. What is the maximum number of matches that the team can lose and still win three-fourths of the total number of matches, if it is true that no match can end in a tie?
[1] 4 [2] 6 [3] 5 [4] 3

74. A closed wooden box of thickness 0.5 cm and length 21 cm, width 11 cm, and height 6 cm, is painted on the inside. The cost of painting is Rs 70. What is the rate of painting in rupees per sq. cm?
[1] 0.7 [2] 0.5 [3] 0.1 [4] 0.2

75. If a number 774958A96B is to be divisible by 8 and 9, the values of A and B, respectively, will be:
[1] 7,8 [2] 8,0 [3] 5,8 [4] None of these

76. Once I had been to the post-office to buy stamps of five rupees, two rupees and one rupee. I paid the clerk Rs 20, and since he did not have change, he gave me three more stamps of one rupee. If the number of stamps of each type that I had ordered initially was more than one, what was the total number of stamps that I bought?
[1] 10 [2] 9 [3] 12 [4] 8

77. Given the quadratic equation x2 - (A - 3) x - (A - 2) = 0, for what value of A will the sum of the squares of the roots be zero?
[1] - 2 [2] 3 [3] 6 [4] None of these

78. I sold two watches for Rs. 300 each, one at a loss of 10% and the other at a profit of 10%. What is the percent loss (- ) or the percent profit (+) that resulted from the transaction?
[1] (+) 10 [2] (-) 1 [3] (+) 1 [4] 0

79. The price of a Maruti car rises by 30% while the sales of the car came down by 20%. What is the percent change in the total revenue?
[1] - 4 [2] - 2 [3] + 4 [4] 0

80. In triangle ABC, angle B is a right angle. If AC is 6 cm, and D is the mid-point of side AC, the length of BD is: A


[1] 4 cm [2] 6 cm [3] 3 cm [4] 3.5 cm

DIRECTIONS for Questions 81 and 82: Answer the questions based on the following information:-
A, S, M and D are functions of x and y, and they are defined as follows:
A(x, y) = x + y
S(x, y) = x - y
M(x, y) = xy
D(x, y) = x/y, where y  0.

81. What is the value of M(M(A(M(x, y), S(y,x)), x), A(y, x)) for x = 2, y = 3
[1] 50 [2] 140 [3] 25 [4] 70

82. What is the value of S(M(D(A(a, b), 2), D(A(a, b),2)), M(D(S(a, b), 2), D(S(a, b),2)))
[1] a² + b² [2] ab [3] a² - b² [4] a/b

DIRECTIONS for Questions 83 to 85: The following questions are independent of each other:

83. In the figure ‘O’ is the center of the circle and PT is the tangent to the circle at T. If PC = 4 cm and PT = 8 cm, find the radius of the circle.

[1] 5.5 cm [2] 6.5 cm [3] 6 cm [4] 7 cm

84. Which of the following value of x do not satisfy the inequality (x² - 3x + 2 > 0) at all?
[1] 1    2 [2] - 1  x  - 2 [3] 0  x  2 [4] 0  x  - 2

85. A man travels three-fifths of distance AB at a speed of 3a, and the remaining at a speed of 2b. If he goes from B to A and back at a speed of 5c in the same time, then:
[1] 1/a + 1/b = 1/c [2] a + b = c [3] 1/a + 1/b = 2/c [4] None of these

DIRECTIONS for Questions 86 and 87: Answer the questions based on the following data:
A salesman enters the quantity sold and the price into the computer. Both the numbers are two-digit numbers. Once, by mistake, both the numbers were entered with their digits interchanged. The total sales value remained the same, i.e. Rs. 1148, but the inventory reduced by 54.

86. What is the actual price per piece?
[1] 82 [2] 41 [3] 56 [4] 28

87. What is the actual quantity sold?
[1] 28 [2] 14 [3] 82 [4] 41
DIRECTIONS for Questions 88 and 89: In a locality, there are five small towns, A, B, C, D and E. The distances of these towns from each other are as follows:
AB = 2km AC = 2 km AD > 2 km AE > 3 km BC = 2km
BD = 4 km BE = 3 km CD = 2 km CE = 3km DE > 3 km

88. If a ration shop is to be set up within 2 km of each city, how many ration shops will be required?
[1] 2 [2] 3 [3] 4 [4] 5

89. If a ration shop is to be set up within 3 km of each city, how many ratio shops will be required?
[1] 1 [2] 2 [3] 3 [4] 4

DIRECTIONS for Questions 90 to 93: Choose the best alternative:

90. The cost of a diamond varies directly as the square of its weight. Once, this diamond broke into four pieces with weights in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3 : 4. When the pieces were sold, the merchant got Rs. 70,000 less. Find the original price of the diamond.
[1] Rs. 1.4 lakh [2] Rs. 2.0 lakh [3] Rs. 1.0 lakh [4] Rs. 2.1 lakh

91. A cube of side 12 cm is painted red on all the faces and then cut into smaller cubes, each of side 3 cm. What is the total number of smaller cubes having none of their faces painted?
[1] 16 [2] 8 [3] 12 [4] 24

92. The points of intersection of three lines, 2X + 3Y - 5 = 0, 5X - 7Y + 2 = 0, and 9X - 5Y - 4 = 0:
[1] form a triangle. [2] are on lines perpendicular to each other.
[3] are on lines parallel to each other. [4] are coincident.

93. If n is any odd number greater than 1, then n(n² - 1) is
[1] divisible by 48 always [2] divisible by 24 always
[3] divisible by 4 always [4] None of these

DIRECTIONS for Questions 94 to 98: Each item has a questions followed by two statements.
Mark [1] if the question can be answered with the help of statement 1 alone
Mark [2] if the question can be answered with the help of statement 2 alone.
Mark [3] if the question can be answered with the help of both statements but not with the help of either statement alone.
Mark [4] if the question cannot be answered even with the help of both the given statements.

94. What is the radius of the inscribed circle of triangle ABC?
I. The area of the triangle is 20 cm² II. The perimeter of the triangle is 20 cm.

95. What is the value of K?
I. 9x² + kx + 25 is the perfect square. II. |k| = - k

96. Is the area of triangle ABC equal to that of triangle DEF? The triangles are inscribed in the same circle.
I. Their perimeters are equal.
II. The angles of triangles ABC are respectively equal to the angles of triangle DEF.

97. ABC is a right triangle, with the right angle at B. BD is the bisector of angle B. Is AD > DC?
I. C = 40° II. Hypotenuse AC = 15 cm.

98. Which has the greater area: rhombus ABCD or square PQRS?
I. Perimeter of rhombus = 8 and one angle measures 30°.
II. Perimeter of square = 4.

All the best for preparation!!!
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