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June 24th, 2014, 08:48 AM
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SAT Exam Model Questions and Practice Test paper

Will you please provide me question paper for Scholastic Aptitude Test for admission in colleges of United states ?

Here I am giving you question paper for Scholastic Aptitude Test for admission in colleges of United states .

17. When are they farthest from each other?

18. Starting from the same initial positions P and Q walk at 1 m/s and 2 m/s respectively, find the
shortest distance between them.

19. With same initial positions as earlier and the speeds of 1 m/s and 2 m/s, if Q were to move
anticlockwise along the path, find the largest distance between them.

20. A thin long rod A revolves at 300 rpm about a vertical axis. Another rod B is held vertically with
it’s lower end just above the horizontal plane swept by rod A during it’s rotation. Find the
maximum length of rod B, if it should fall without being hit by the rotating rod after B is released
from rest. (Assume g= 10 m/s2)

21. Using 3 identical wires each having resistance 30 Ω , letter ‘B’ is formed . Ends of the straight
wire are connected to a cell of potential difference 220 V. (i) Find the effective resistance of the
circuit (ii) find the rate at which energy is delivered by the cell?

22. A cube of side 10 cm is made of a material of density d/2. It is floating in a large vessel containing
two immiscible liquids whose densities are d and 3d/2 (i) Find the depth of immersion of the cube
in the denser liquid (ii) Two opposite faces of the cube are pulled apart such that they are 12 cm
apart and the resulting cuboid floats vertically in the same vessel, find its depth of immersion in
the denser liquid?

23. A ray of light is incident as shown on the face AB an isosceles right angled prism ABC. Find the
angle of deviation of the ray emerging through face BC. Ray partially reflected at the face BC
emerges through AC. Find the deviation of this ray too. Refractive index of the material of the
prism is √2.

24. If 2 g of ice at 0°C is added to 2 g of water at 60°C, Find the temperature of resultant mixture?
What are the resulting contents?

25. In a nuclear fission reaction 0.01% of the mass of the nucleus undergoing fission is converted in to
energy. Find the energy (E) released in the fission of 20 g of fission material, if the energy
released per reaction is 200 MeV. A square meter of the earth’s surface receives 1400 J every
second from the sun. Find the area which receives the same energy E from the sun in one second.
(Assume normal incidence

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